Reviews for You Don't Know Me
sef1029 chapter 1 . 3/30/2001
Richie and Rebecca, and Sandra writing to my spec...who could ask for more? ;-)
Dana chapter 1 . 7/15/2000
You Don’t Know Me is the sequel to Seeds, and re-introduces the character of Rebecca Horne. Rebecca Horne, Amanda’s teacher, was introduced to Highlander fans in the episodes of “Legacy” and “Methuselah's Gift”. You Don't Know Me is a wonderful story!

At a wedding of an immortal friend of Duncan MacLeod’s, Richie Ryan meets up with Rebecca Horne. She has the strangest feeling that she knows this young man and feels a connection toward him. This continues the premise of where immortals come from that was started in Seeds.

Sandra McDonald shows that she has a definite feel for the characters and the relationships in the Highlander universe. Her portrayal of Duncan and Tessa’s relationship is wonderful, she captures its essence in the sexy, teasing banter of the couple. You feel the love and special relationship that they have for each other and it becomes more poignant when you realize the ultimate fate of Tessa in the Highlander Universe.

The story however centers on Rebecca Horne and Richie Ryan meeting at a wedding. Rebecca Horne only appeared on two episodes of Highlander, but she is a Highlander fan favorite. Rebecca Horne is a 3,000 year old immortal and the author continues and builds upon the character that was portrayed in the series.

If you loved Seeds you are going to love this story and want more. Luckily Richie and Rebecca's story is continued in Getting to Know You.