Reviews for Getting to Know You
Rebecca chapter 1 . 6/15/2014
Very good fic. While Rebecca learning about Richie is good, my favorite aspect is actually Rebecca learning about Immortal childbirth - the horror of forgetting about the children, of possibly leaving them to die. Her fears about her own past children, and also the real possibility of having committed incest. Following her realization about Richie, her self-conflict, to speak or remain silent, was well-played. It felt very genuine.

I found Darius' reaction a little surprising, to be honest. With him having been out of the game so long (remaining on holy ground), I'd have thought he be more likely to want to expose the information, end the game. I'm also curious as to whether Rebecca was right to doubt him when he said he didn't keep records. She could have told him who Monica's dad was, but didn't (but there really wasn't reason to if he didn't keep any records).

One thing that does stand out to me greatly is how long after birth Adrienne remembers in comparison to Amanda and Rebecca in previous stories. Is hers so much shorter, only a few minutes, because she's much younger than they are? Or does it just vary by individual.
Kitty2228 chapter 1 . 8/28/2006
What a fascinating idea. I'm looking forwardd to reading more of your work.
Dana chapter 1 . 7/17/2000
Getting To Know You is the sequel in the universe that Sandra McDonald created in Seeds and continued in You Don't Know Me.

Rebecca Horne discovers the shocking secret of where immortals come from while visiting a friend in Paris. And then confronts the impact of that knowledge on her own life when Duncan, Tessa, and Richie come to visit her in Chartre.

After reading Seeds and You Don't Know Me I couldn't wait for this story... and I wasn't disappointed! The characters and relationships are so well written. Sandra McDonald is really able to capture the special relationships that exist between Duncan,Tessa, and Richie. And get inside Rebecca's head and create an intelligent, compassionate, and complex woman who has to confront and deal with an amazing truth.