Reviews for The Sun Also Sets In The East
SilverTurtle chapter 1 . 4/26/2010
Sad for Chiyo. But wow! What a way to say goodbye Sakaki. I feel like I've been waiting years for that kiss to happen and it was as satisfactory as watching it in a movie would have been, just wonderful.

I really liked Yomi sort of obsessing over what was causing Tomo's unusually sober behavior, but that she was willing to be distracted first by Sakaki and Chiyo kissing and then by Kagura's explanations.

Osaka was interesting here. Her comment about pigtail air tanks was spot on and quite amusing. I'm a little surprised at how observant Osaka was to notice that Sakaki and Chiyo had been holding hands, especially since none of the others had noticed.

That last bit, with Chihiro and Kaorin, is disturbing and foreboding and completely awesome. It's obvious that Kaorin has gone off the deep end, and poor Chihiro will have to deal with that. But I wonder what Kaorin will do?

Very emotive piece. Though you didn't focus for long on Chiyo or Sakaki their heartbreak at the separation was very clear. And Yomi's thoughts about their getting together were just about the perfect explanation "The two had become as close friends by the end of high school the year before as any two girls of such widely differing backgrounds possibly could. Being away from one another for a whole year must have somehow brought things into sharp focus for them, and so - this!" I can see that happening, how an absence would be the catalyst for them getting together (though I know it's a combination of the absence and the events of your previous pieces that actually got the ball rolling there).

Excellent addition to the previous parts. I look forward to reading more.
duke69 chapter 1 . 8/1/2009
not bad but it really lacks something

thats all i can really give, (note this is not a flame and im sorry i couldn't be more helpful but thats is really all i got)
s1886x chapter 1 . 6/28/2009
i suppose that it could be considered beautifully poetic how you torture the reader with a lack of resolution. your story is full of premises, left and right, but no ideas as to what any of it means. so many blanks yearn to be filled in, left for the readers' imaginations. if you ever considered a sequel or continuation, i'd love to come to understand it better. also, as a personal interest, i'd love to get to know more about kaorin and chihiro's experiences.

brilliance is sparse in this world,

LEDlorien7 chapter 1 . 3/4/2009
Aw, poor Chiyo-chan! *Hugs Chiyo* I can totally imagine Osaka handing her one of those tissues packets that she got from those people on the street.

I love that you tell this in flashbacks. They're subtle too. You're really good at subtlety. Wait... Tomo, being calm AND perceptive? This must be a brand new Tomo! _ I like that she's grown so much.

1. YES! THEY'RE KISSING! 2. Oxygen in her pigtails? Osaka would say something like that.

"The very first chance she got she'd have to give her the old uppercut and knock her on her butt so as to be able to question her. A sensible Tomo Takino was distinctly unnerving!" Hahahahaha YES! SO TRUE!

Yes, I wonder what would have happened if Kaorin WAS there? Disaster much?

The conversation they have afterwards is interesting. Osaka not being oblivious, Tomo being sensible, Kagura being perceptive, and Yomi being slow? This is all so strange! Hahaha, I like it!

Aw, poor Kaorin! That ending is really awesome, but it makes me think there's going to be another chapter or a sequel or something. Or is your other story the sequel? I could totally see that.

Anyway, I think you write wonderfully. Great work! _