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Shadow315 chapter 7 . 10/25/2008
At first I wasn't sure I was going to be liking this story 'cause I usually don't read 'twin' stories but I took a chance and I'm glad.

This story is very well written and I can't wait to find out what happens next!

Tawariell chapter 7 . 10/18/2008
I think he would be more comfortable if he went with Cedric over the summer. He IS like a brother to him, anyway. Also, please include the Erised scene. Another idea would be that if he went into the forest, he could befriend the centaurs, thus gaining another ally for the future.

Cute story, by the way. There aren't enough Hufflepuff Harry stories.
majorbookluver chapter 7 . 10/16/2008
wow, you are an amazing writer! i LOVE your story! hm... is Tonks old enough for him to live with? or is she still in school? hm.. is sirius out of the question? what if she went to live with Hermione? their muggles so dumbledore wouldn't have much control over them. or Cedric, you already said harry thinks of him as an older brother. I think that Hayden, Harry, thier groups, and the weasley twins should do a massive day of pranks on Malfoy. Harry should learn how to defend himself, that's the second time he's been attacked. Maybe snape could teach him karate or something... Over Christmas break i would like to see the rest of the potters come, and Harry's reaction to them. Would they notice him, would he spend all of his time avoiding them? would dumbledore then get suspious? speaking of which, will dumbledore be catching on soon? all though i have to say i like your protrayal of dumbldore. if it doesn't mess up the story line too much, can he be kept in the dark? and will snape be officially let in on the secret? please update soon!
Lexi Kaye chapter 7 . 10/11/2008
please update soon
hemotem chapter 7 . 10/5/2008
An interesting take on the Twin-Who-Lived story I like what you have done and hope to see more in the near future.

AoMorigirl chapter 7 . 10/1/2008
I really love this story! Maybe hayden could invite Hary over for the summer? Or Snape could find some clause that is old and no one knows about that would let him adopt Harry?

As for the payback issue, maybe there could be a food fight. haha. I wish you luck writing the next chapter, and love this story, as I've said before. Yay!
Shygirl077 chapter 7 . 10/1/2008
Love the story. And my cousin has answered.

1. Cedric or Herminone

and Midnight should poke Dumbly in the eyeballs and eat all his leamondrops (Whahahahaha). XD

3. Hang Malfoy upside down in the reat hall with the help of Fred and Gorege in only his boxers, covered in chocolate pudding., XD

4. Harry should get lots of presents.
Wapher chapter 7 . 10/1/2008
I still say Sirius takes Harry, but iif that won't work, which it probably doesn't, why not the diggory's? he see's Cedric as an older brother, why not? or theres always the grangers, but they're muggles, the tonks family? they haven't come into yet, but Sirius could find out, and refer thwem?

something should happen over christmas, but i'm at aloss to tell you what

good chapter, hope to see another one soon! ~ DiamondFang
cetacea89 chapter 7 . 10/1/2008
Another great chapter smile.

To your Questions, I thin the Diggorys would be good for the summer, seeing that Harry sees Cedric as some sort of older brother or Hermione maybe, as they are having quite a connection.

Any Particular event, dunno at the moment there is nothing on my Mind.

Payback against malfoy, some sort of Prank definitely,embarass him in front of the whole school, let him loose his influence in slytherin better sonner than later.

i would like it if there were some conversations with Minnie over Christmas, or even some with Snape?

Hope you have fun with writing, i appreciate it, that you are asking for our opinion, whether you can use it or not.

Serpent91 chapter 7 . 10/1/2008

I think Harry should go to Severus Snape. Snape could take on a second name and a glamour charm when he sets it up at the ministry and then just take it off when he's at the house with Harry.

I think you should include when Snape confronts Harry about who he really is.

Payback could be something HArry works out with the twins.. for example them testing their newest pranks on him all year long or something.

again. Great work!
rosiegirl chapter 7 . 10/1/2008
Good story so far.
Vukk chapter 7 . 9/30/2008
Cedric's family is the obvious choice to stay with. Harry goes to Cedric's house to test the possibilities of staying with them over the summers, or he stays at Hogwarts. The only event I want to read between Halloween and the Battle for the Stone is the first time seeing the mirror.
Lientjuhh chapter 7 . 9/30/2008
With cedric or with Hannah or with Susan... I like it... Well done... ;) Big spranking against Malfoy, his hair green, clothes pink, skin purple, and every 3 hours the colours change... He can only speak backwords.. so instead of yes sir, he will be saying ris sey... give him a tail en elfenears and pigsnose... Well done... ;) Christmas.. Finding a secret room like a secret room of Helga Huffelpuff or Rowena Rawenclaw or even Godric Gryffindor... Just for the 2 of them... Hsrry and Hayden should be both at hogwarts when it is christmas... Well done... ;)
Sonia120462 chapter 7 . 9/30/2008
really good...update!
Vampirezdarkgurl chapter 7 . 9/30/2008
Hey just wanted to say that I'm enjoing your story.

As for your questions:

I think Harry should go with Poppy over the breaks since she isn't a teacher, and it will be a way to stick it to Dumbledore.

Revenge against Draco: I think that Hayden (maybe collabed with Harry) Sneaks into the SLytherin dorms and shaves Draco's head and uses a potion or something that stops the hair from being magically returned.

An event I'd like to see: Eventually I'd like to see the Potters get what's coming to them for sending Harry to Lilys sister since she knew how Repulsed Petunia was with magic and anyone with the ability to do it. Like maybe Hayden gets taken away from them for knowingly giving their other child to someone they knew hated magic.

Again, I like your story and I look forwards to reading the next one.
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