Reviews for Broken Dragon
rev chapter 74 . 3/1
wonderful fanfic, loved it, helped lift me up in bad times.
SmarmySmirk chapter 74 . 2/17
This is a great story! I love it!
Guest chapter 74 . 1/17
one of the most captivating things I've had the pleasure of reading. thank you so so much
Charl3mange chapter 74 . 10/20/2021
That was a good read. I enjoyed this side of everyone's character, except maybe Zuko. Thought he was way to cold and stubborn. But it was really good.
Charl3mange chapter 16 . 10/17/2021
Oh ok, so Ty Lee has some Stockholm syndrome going on. Like originally I am like ok she just wants her to be better and get those good times they had back, but the justifications of the wrongdoings Azula has done to her are fascinating.
BellaBerry12 chapter 71 . 6/9/2021
this story is ping ponging me from YES... NOOOOO...OMG THANK GOD... WHYYYYYY PLEASE STOP THIS... YAY... NOT LIKE THIS... FINALLY...NO NO NO... IM SO HAPPY... SOMEONE KILL ME THIS IS SAD...such a good story so angsty too ugh
BellaBerry12 chapter 68 . 6/9/2021
fuck me I'm crying OMG THIS SHIT IS SADDDDD
BellaBerry12 chapter 64 . 6/9/2021
THIS IS SO GOOD...I never noticed how fucked it was that zuko locked azula up tbh, she was only 14 and UNDER ORDERS even in the show... wow
BellaBerry12 chapter 33 . 6/9/2021
toph is like the best thing ever GOD I LOVE HER
BellaBerry12 chapter 31 . 6/9/2021
this is so SAD OMG
BellaBerry12 chapter 27 . 6/9/2021
I feel so bad for Ty Lee I feel like Azula is using the fact that Ty is in love with her to manipulate her
BellaBerry12 chapter 16 . 6/9/2021
this is actually really good wowee
Guest chapter 10 . 1/25/2021
Unfortunately I couldn’t help myself and skimmed the next chapter .

“She’s never going to see the outside of a cell again, nor should she!”
Ummmm... why? What exactly did Azula do that was so bad that warrants life in prison as a 14 year old? Remember when Zuko burned down a village? Remember when Mai lgot away with everything she did during the war and only changed sides for dick?

Yeah nah this author is too fucking much
Guest chapter 9 . 1/25/2021
So, what. Mai gets to be sadistically verbally abusive to a helpless prisoner she’s keeping in horrible living conditions and then if that prisoner doesn’t accept her crappy “apology” then Mai wouldn’t have given her a more humane cell? Mai literally just forced Azula to give her forgiveness she didn’t deserve by threatening to continue torturing her.

This story is already way too sadistic and written by someone who’s obviously got a weird thing for Mai. And after reading some other reviews it seems you don’t ever ease up on your Mai wank and Azula torture. I’m out.
Guest chapter 74 . 1/15/2021
Just got finished with your first story, on to read the other. Loved every bit, new to the whole fan fiction thing, I was hooked from start to finish. your an amazing writer! Thanks a ton!
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