Reviews for The Wanting
TJ Sparkles chapter 5 . 1/19/2009
Candice? How can Edgey possibly cheat on Nattie with Candice? More importantly, WHY would he cheat on her with Candice? Never mind, I don't even want to know. But I really expected Edgey to have better taste than that. *sighs*

I had a hard time with this song, but again, you seemed to be able to do a lot with it. I didn't even use a lot of the lyrics because I wasn't sure if I could do anything with them. So Nattie kissed Maria? Well, she's pretty...thank heaven Nattie didn't drink too much and kiss someone ugly, like Michelle. Barf.

Haha, Randy's remarks were just priceless. PRICELESS! OH BABY I'M PRICELESS! Sorry. I couldn't help doing that. Thanks to you, my hatred for Mr. Orton has softened a bit. LOL.

Well, twinny, I'd tell you again how awesome you are and your writing skills are, but I think you know that by now. Great job!

TJ Sparkles chapter 4 . 12/13/2008
Poor Edgey. He just hasn't had the best luck in this series, has he?

Edge and Nattie is quickly becoming one of my favorite pairings. I really want to write something else with them. You do a great job with them, twinny. What am I talking about? You do a great job with ALL your stuff.

You know what I thought was the saddest part of this chapter? The flashback. It really showed how happy they'd been together, until Edge started focusing more on getting the WWE title, and it changed him so much that he didn't even want a relationship anymore. Poor Nattie. She didn't deserve that.

But I love Edgey, so even though he was being a jerk, I couldn't hate him.

Nattie giggle. "Well, I know why we're both going to win. Now, let's see if your so called 'awesomeness' is going to help you guess." she said playfully.

"Because we reek of awesomeness?" The Rated-R Superstar guessed, smiling.

"Or, is it because we're 'that damn good'?" he teased again.

And people say that Edge can't be funny. I'm sorry, but that right there proves them wrong.

I'm so jealous of how much this sounded like Edge. Are you sharing a brain with him or something? LOL. No, seriously, I could hear it coming out of his mouth.

Nattie & Maryse getting beat by the Bella Twins? Wrong, I tell you. Wrong. Ugh. It disgusts me to see a woman who is part of probably THE most legendary family in wrestling, losing to people like that. And I love Maryse-she's improving!

Aw, I knew Edge yould give in and come help Nattie! But, too little, too late, I guess. He really messed up.

Even though it almost made me cry, I loved it.

Love you!
Kat RoadKill chapter 3 . 11/10/2008

OMG that was great Mariana!

I could feel the emotions of Nattie and Edge as I was reading. I think I am hooked on this and I look forwards to the fourth chapter!

Please Wrote more soon!

Love ya. Kat
TJ Sparkles chapter 3 . 11/9/2008
You know I would have reviewed this earlier, but the review thingy wasn't working for some reason. But, I'm reviewing now!

Because you updated this, I have now decided to finish writing the last two parts of my I-Pod Challenge. I wish I could write really long chapters like you do, and I also wish that I could make the lyrics work with the story like you do. I liked the song. FOB is awesome :D

Michelle is WAY too skinny. She does set a bad example, because girls are going to think they should look like that. I think Nattie is much prettier than her and more wholesome. I don't buy that "All American Girl" crap that she's selling. Sorry.

The reason this song fit so well w/the chapter, I think, is because it has the word "Memories" in it, and this chapter was all about memories. Adam and Nattie had some good memories, some bad ones, and I love how you went from flashback to the present and explained them. The flashbacks did a great job of helping explain what happened with Nattie and Adam.

They're such a cute couple. And, they are both Canadian and awesome wrestlers! I just love the pairing to death!

I think Edge has a good reason to be nervous about returning, because of what he did to Nattie, but if they can be alone, hopefully he can tell her he's sorry and really talk to her and show her that he still loves her. It might take some time and a lot of apologizing, but Nattie will probably come around (at least I hope so!)

This was sad, but really beautiful. Kind of bittersweet, you know? Both Edge and Nattie were reflecting on the past and the mistakes they made, and wishing that they had never happened. They need to make up already!

I don't know why, but for some reason I laughed at Edge being drunk outside of Nattie's hotel room door, and not wanting to be quiet. Poor Nattie, she had her hands full! Although, for some reason, I think it was cute. Aw. He felt bad for being an asshole to her. Bless his heart.

At Backlash, Nattie's team was so much better than the other one. Except for Ashley and Cherry, I didn't like anyone else.

I don't know why Edge was being a jerk, but he definitely has some explaining to do, and apologizing. If Nattie forgives him, he better realize how lucky he is. I think she will, though. She loves him.

OH, A CLIFFHANGER! I liked it, actually :)

I am SO GLAD that this is no longer on hiatus. I missed reading my favorite pairing! You write them the best.

Love you x a million!

Bienniel chapter 2 . 8/21/2008
Great update
bluesnowball24 chapter 2 . 8/21/2008
First off, all I have to say is: you have done it again.

Unfaithful, Tears like Mine, and the Wanting, are personally your best work. Poor Edge:(

Your first two songs are so great. They fit so good. Can't wait to see the other songs!

He sounds like an amazing guy, but he's just not good with the ladies. I can't believe Natalya cheated on Edge with Batista.

Edge thought he had a friend, but in reality, backstabbing one.

I wonder what he's talking about when he'll make her pay.

Please update soon!
TJ Sparkles chapter 2 . 8/21/2008

Oh wow, I absolutely loved this chapter! Seriously, it was just mind-blowing and so descriptive. And Edge's emotions, his pain and his sorrow, radiated off the page. I love H.I.M., and I think it's cool that you got "Vampire Heart" as the second song. It fits him, you know? Makes me remember when he was in the Brood. The lyrics are so powerful and fit the situation perfectly.

Oh no, poor Edgey :( How could Nattie do that to him? He loved her so much and she took advantage of that and used him and broke his heart. I was so mad at her in this story. Aww, I wanted to give Edge a hug. And beat Dave up for him!

Wow. The way you wrote Edge, I could just hear him saying this in my mind. It was that vivid. I love him and it made me so sad to see him hurt like that. Hopefully he can move on. And Nattie's the dumb one, not him. How could you turn that man down?

Beautiful work, twinny. It was so captivating and mind-blowing. Your writing is just so much better than mine, LOL. Seriously, great job. I cannot wait for part 3.

Love you!

Kat RoadKill chapter 2 . 8/21/2008

That was great!

I loved it and I felt terrible or poor Adam.

I couldn't imagine Nattie doing that to anybody.

I cant wait for the next chapters!

And dont give up!

Love Ya!

bluesnowball24 chapter 1 . 7/22/2008
Wow!That is all I can say! I love this song !I think that you made it fit perfectly with the story. Can I say I love your pairing. I love Adam and Natalya. Thxs for getting me into her! She rocks!I also love Edge when you put to good people together what do you get a good...NO great .. No wonderful story! I love this story because of Edge and how he doesn't realte to wrestling in anyway. Poor Adam he is stuck with that nasty Vickie! Ew! I am so sad that Adam has to see Natalya With Matt. I wanted to cry for Adam. I hope he can get to know Natalya and I hope she can get to know Adam. I think that if they get to know each other they would be happy together. Are Natalya and Matt going out? I am wondering? I think if they are that poor Adam is going to have a breakdown. I hope that Adam can make his move on Natalya but I think that he needs to clarify things that she could have heard of him. I think that most people don't like Adam but I bet he is the type of guy that if you get to meet him he is nice . I hope Natalya and Adam can talk and become more than friends. Can't wait to see the next song,cahpter,and what is going to happen :) I LOVE this story so much :) Hope You Update soon :) Can I have a little spoiler for the next chapter can I know the next song ? Hopefully ! PLEASE UPDATE SOON :)
Kat RoadKill chapter 1 . 7/22/2008

That was great!

You did so well on this chapter. :)

Im looking forwards to the next ones.

Hehe I like Edge in this story, its hows a different side of him that not many people would think he had.

I loved it girl!
TJ Sparkles chapter 1 . 7/22/2008

Yay, you posted this! I was looking forward to it. You are an amazing author and I love reading your work. I'm really looking forward to your other oneshots as well. If you need any help with them, you know you can ask me :)

Wow, you describe Edge's feelings so well. It's a shame that he cares so much about Nattie and will probably never be able to tell her how he feels because of what Matt did. That was very immature...just because he and Edge had problems in the past didn't mean he had to try and ruin Edge's life like that. It was very mean.

I love these two as a pair, thanks to you! They are both beautiful, skilled, and blonde Canadians and you write them so well!


Ms. T