Reviews for Carnival of Dark and Dangerous Creatures
SourceOfAllKnowledge chapter 32 . 10/9
This is the second time I have read this story and I’m not sure why I keep coming back, because I cry every time. My heart aches and my throat burns with grief and fear for Remus! You have created a story that is so heart breaking and depressing! I honestly love this story! You explore Remus’ psych and his mental journey. I think you portrayed him in an unusual way where he isn’t just the kind responsible one, but he is the planner and the sarcastic wit and the one who is underestimated. Remus is so much more then we are led to believe and I think you captured his character beautifully. This story will always be one of my favourites, and I have to ask; did you ever write a sequel to this set in PoA? Anyways, I love this story and your writing! Thank you!
AshenMoon42 chapter 32 . 10/6
This is amazing! The despair of Remus' life after the war shows really clearly in the way you write about his isolation. The situation with werewolves just makes his life more miserable. The plot itself is great. I love the whole concept and the hopelessness when Remus is captured hits hard. I think the PTSD is really realistically presented, and the banter between Remus and Moody is priceless.
And somehow, after all that, a happy ending!

Just brilliant. I love it.
EllabellaMaria chapter 32 . 8/30/2018
Wow! This was so good! I absolutely love your story. My heart is bleeding for the unjustness that remis had to go trough. Thank you for this story, it truly touched me
Kaplan Au chapter 32 . 3/31/2018
This story was so intense but really well done! I love the interactions between Remus and Moody, and I thought the dream seuences with Sirius were brilliant! Great story!
G chapter 32 . 3/31/2018
Hjfukyuoytuhjhiigh. The end. This fic. So well written i’m in a daze️
G chapter 16 . 3/31/2018
I’m still really angry at you. But grateful I could be exposed to this fic. and crying honestly. Your writing is doing this to me.

I hope you’re well and that you freaking ensure Remus will be.
G how dare you chapter 12 . 3/31/2018
I’m so angry at you. I’m so



tell me you named someone after him.
and the freaking mermaid too
I’m so angry at you
G chapter 11 . 3/31/2018
Hey hey hey
Don’t let Libertas die. Don’t do it. I’m
G chapter 10 . 3/31/2018
I think this was a few chapters ago, but this part and the parts leading up to it, when Remus was drugged, made me cry:

"’Wolf,’ the centaur said quietly.
‘Horse,’ he shot back, without quite knowing why.
The centaur smiled, which seemed wrong, somehow, as if he didn't usually smile. ‘At least they didn't take that away from you...’”

As for everything else? I’m astounded at how you write the characters, and *do this*, I want to hear more from Remus and finally see him escape, and I want to hear from moody simultaneously. I love this and what you’ve written so, so much- thank you
G chapter 4 . 3/30/2018

Guest chapter 10 . 3/24/2018
Ahhh oh my god this is so good! The characterizations are incredible and the whole story is so well written!
TheLoud chapter 32 . 3/13/2018
Wow, you’re even crueler to poor Remus than Rowling is, and that’s saying a lot. Great story, though. The werewolf laws are impressively horrifying. And there’s no cure for PTSD quite like having someone shouting “Constant vigilance!” at you.

I like your explanation of how Remus came to believe in Sirius’s innocence. I knew there must be more to it that Rowling showed us.
bkaddictjk chapter 1 . 3/11/2018
This will always be my favorite. I reread it every couple of months. Thank you for writing this.
dhasenan chapter 23 . 8/31/2017
So, I appreciate a lot about this story. Its themes, its technical writing, its portrayal of trauma. But how is it so masculine? There have been about 30 OCs with at least one line of dialogue at this point, and I'm pretty sure they were all men.
Kiraling chapter 32 . 8/1/2017
I have to say that this is one of the most enjoyable and well written Remus-centric stories that I've ever read :) Great job!
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