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Bzs9M chapter 1 . 9/3
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She Who Loves Pineapples chapter 14 . 7/28
Ah, I wonder what it will do to Joshua. And I wonder what the deal was with the tattoo - I’m assuming it’s a vulnerable spot (though I have no memory of whether that’s consistent with TWEWY lore.)

I like how the dialogue in how they were fighting in this chapter - yet again a good mix between realistic people in general but also uniquely themselves.

They basically just tortured Neku for (What at least felt like) hours; Joshua should have known better than to push buttons. But I guess he doesn’t have much practice being empathetic in hopes of getting some emotional support in return.

I’m excited to see what you write for TWEWY bang!
GamerTomato chapter 13 . 7/14
Okay, this story is easily one of my favorite fanfictions for this fandom and basically just for any other too. I like to think that everyone would be happy in the end but that's not very likely at least for Joshua, so regardless of what I think would happen or want to happen, you did a great job writing what at least could happen. It's so exciting and stressful and Neku keeps making these slightly questionable decisions which just makes things even more stressful but also exciting. I love how in character everyone seems, Neku with his freaking out and yet still being able to seem so done with everything just as he was throughout the game and Joshua with his snarkiness and outward calmness. The relationships are wonderfully written as well. I love how everyone keeps questioning like "oh are you and Shiki together?" and "ah, you're clearly in love with Joshua," but that's not it and Neku just doesn't know how to explain because his relationships with them are so much deeper and more complex (not that love isn't deep or complex) than that, and also just so not that at all, but no one that didn't go through what he did could possibly even begin to understand. That scene a few chapters ago is still one of my favorites where Joshua and Neku just sit in their shared mind space talking and it feels so intimate but not in a romantic way. And then there's his utter closeness to Shiki who he finally tells everything to and she does her absolute best to understand because she's Shiki and he needs her to. Then I just feel bad for Beat and his freaking out at seeing his "was/ would-be/ could-be" killer? and i just feel really bad for Neku's stressed mom who can't do anything about her son being constantly in danger. Anyways point being (sorry for this book of a comment) and, this is wonderful and thank you for writing this.
She Who Loves Pineapples chapter 13 . 7/9
So, not only is he telling his mom things but now he’s actually showing her he can disappear into thin air…
I really liked Hanekoma’s POV in this. Perfect mix of pragmatic and empathetic that he has. I’m interested in seeing your take on his relationship with Joshua – looks like Hanekoma was the one who tried to get Josh the Composer seat, maybe? Maybe he’d had to do that to save him?
Augh, I love how you write Joshua so much. He’s so witty and mostly calm on the outside and he lets himself be a little less visibly calm but only if he thinks the cause of his feelings can be mistaken for another cause… I love his snarkiness in this. And also how he sees one step ahead. So, he’s just got to mislead Neku about whatever is going to happen to him, so Neku won’t become upset about it…
And hm, I wonder what it was that Hanekoma did when Joshua was still alive.
Aw… Neku’s mom. T_T
(reads the part where we learn she’s been in a hospital.) THAT’S EVEN WORSE. T_T
In response to the author’s note… it’s hard to say what works and what doesn’t when I don’t know what you were trying to do. As far as I can tell, it all worked.
Ladyfnick chapter 12 . 6/13
That ending! I don't even have any words, this whole fic just flows from one thing to the next so naturally it's hard to comment on just one part of it!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/10
Wow, this is great! I really like it so far!
Actually, I just beat "The World Ends With You" last night, so all the characters still hold the original glory from the game, which makes reading this much better!
She Who Loves Pineapples chapter 12 . 6/6
Oh shit. I didn’t think he would actually tell his mom anything. How do you even start to explain something like that? His mom might just be in denial about the weird stuff that’s happening and think Neku is trying to manipulate her. And I’m not convinced by Neku’s reasoning that the angels won’t do anything to his mom... maybe TELLING HER will affect his mom.

But I get why he’s trying to explain. It would be the only way to make things right between them. He wouldn’t want to have a bad relationship with her before the game, that would be sad regardless of results.

What Kariya was saying about Joshua is very true - and once again, I relate to Neku not appreciating the lecture because he KNOWS that and he knows what it looks like on the outside but he needs the space to figure it out inside his head and not Kariya’s or Shiki’s perspective. I’m continually impressed by the authenticity of people’s feelings and reactions in this story. You have a rare ability to capture very genuine reactions to situations that aren’t even possible in real life.

[The phrasing—removal from the board—pinged off of something in Neku's memory, but he didn't have time to think about what it was, and brushed it irritably aside]

Hm, I wonder what this is about.

In response to your PM (my phone isn’t letting me respond to PMs right now) I totally agree about those things being a lot more confusing in real life than they usually are in fiction.
blackkyu chapter 12 . 6/6
wowza! This story is hitting so many heart strings! I love it! Thank you for continuing to update!
Tears Parallel chapter 12 . 6/6
Great to hear back from you, I hope everything’s been okay IRL! As always I enjoyed the chapter, though to be honest I’m really worried about Neku’s psyche right now (pun not intended). How does Beat not being your fault equal to you not having any consequences at all if you were to tell Shiki (fine she’s still somewhat okay) and your mom (?! RED FLAGS EVERYWHERE) what is actually happening?! Like woah do you want to traumatize and break her into pieces?!

Okay okay, to be fair she is an adult that is trying really hard to be a good parent after realizing something’s wrong. Nevermind that it’s too late for that and she’s way in over her head. But Neku why does your teenage rebellion have to start now?! I’m freaking out just thinking about it... really hope everything turns out fine but wow that was a plot twist. I’m so used to everything being secret and “the main character (or maybe just Neku) must pull through himself!” trope that this was a huge surprise.

I can imagine Joshua making fun of him about it in that snarky way — like wow shut up Neku do you know what you’re doing? Did you even think? Are you creating all this chaos just for me? (Especially the last one. With that annoying giggle.)

Jokes aside, I just feel so much sadness for Beat. To unexpectedly meet your murderer and instinctively try to kill him... I can’t imagine the pain he’ll feel once he realizes what he tried to do. And I’m sure he’ll come back and get that chance, no way you can convince me otherwise nope.

Thanks as always for the lovely chapter, and apologies for the slightly rambly (is that a word) comment. I am sleep deprived and probably not the sanest of persons right now.
Rudolphsd chapter 12 . 6/5
Great chapter as always. That cliffhanger aaaahhhhhhhh!
Tears Parallel chapter 11 . 4/1
Thank you for another chapter! I always look forward to reading it as soon as I see the notice in my mail.

Neku’s been dealing with a lot and it’s frightening to see how everyone pressures him on all sides — I don’t blame him for running, especially if the Higher Ups are bringing his mother in to use as leverage and a reminder for everything he has to lose in their “Game”. I’m not surprised that Kariya imprinted on her but wow, way to be the terrible guy he always is. (Neku’s snark is always 100% accurate)

In contrast, Shiki’s worry and her attempts to understand Neku and his actions (in leaving her out of the picture, trying to protect her etc) without attempting to give him any pressure are probably a relief for Neku. I’m sure he’s reminded of all the reasons why Shiki is important to him, yet at the same time it further cements how much he has to lose ... let’s hope his resigned and angry act (although the emotions are very much real) is enough to fool those stupid Angels. Poor Neku, he never gets a break does he... With his luck, him running off will probably just get him into more trouble.

Once again thank you for the chapter! I pretty much typed my thoughts as I read so apologies if it’s not coherent. See you next time!
She Who Loves Pineapples chapter 11 . 4/1
Ah I was just thinking about this story recently! I’m glad to see another update!

Poor Shiki and Neku don’t have the time to get in a full conversation. And even when they do get a chance to talk, poor Neku can’t tell her wjat’s REALLY going on. That must be hard for him since he’s just barely started being able to confide in people but he can’t talk to either of his most trusted friends. And with Joshua even though there’s that trust and something of a bond obviously they can’t just spill their feelings at each other yet.

Asking Neku about his feelings for Shiki is such a mom-ish thing to do. It’s easy to feel Neku’s frustration there, it’s relatable and something I’ve felt similarly to before but I’ve never really seen it put into words before so I’m really impressed by how it was handled. he doesn’t like her romantically but he knows that he would be EXPECTED to and right now he’s in no position to sort out why his feelings don’t match with expectations and people like his mom pressing him for an answer is just making it worse.

Kariya’s Hostility here is interesting. On the one hand, they’re somewhat on the same side now. On the other, Kariya’s not going to play nice if he doesn’t think Neku is going to act in Kariya’s interest.

I can understand why Neku would snap and run. Poor kid can only take so much.

I liked the comparison of a wrecking ball and how Neku questions Hanekoma’s advice to enjoy the moment, knowing that it could very well lead to more pain down the road.

This line made me laugh

[Neku wanted to be offended by that, but he… couldn't be, really.]

Though this is more of a somber Chamorro overall you don’t fail to deliver that classic Neku snark

Sorry if this review isn’t coherent; I’m sleep deprived.

Great update! Eagerly awaiting the next one!
She Who Loves Pineapples chapter 10 . 1/21
Every time I see this has updated it makes my entire week!

This was another excellent chapter. I am so glad to see more interaction between Neku and his mom. I'll be interested in seeing how it plays out; so far it feels very genuine. She truly loves Neku and wants to help him even though she doesn't quite know what she's getting into.

I'm continually impressed by how you pack such emotion into such short lines. "I don't want to lose another one" really got to me this time.

Why was Neku building psychic energy in his hand when the angel appeared? He wasn't going to attack him right? Was it a subconscious reaction to a threat?
Xyrlea chapter 10 . 1/21
WELCOME BACK! I missed this story a lot and I didn't realize it. I saw the update email and I was like "Quis Custodiet? Hmm..." then "OH! Who watches the watchers!" Needless to say I was so excited to read the chapter and it didn't disappoint! The scene with the dream(?) hallway was /so cool/ and the idea behind it is so interesting. And also Neku talking with Joshua is the best and now I'm seriously wondering if Joshua knew about what happened the night before hmm. Then there's Neku's parents. He doesn't really care much for his dad and that would be something interesting to explore if it had anything to do with the plot (which maybe it does or doesn't but still-interesting). I hope his mom doesn't go crazy though-that would be sad. Neku has enough on his plate already so a mad mom would probably give him so much stress that he'd accidentally destroy the world or something. Or maybe city-wide amnesia. Same differences. I hope your life is getting a bit less cluttered, and I'll see you in the next update!
tetsu chapter 9 . 1/12
Oooo! I love it! Excellent writing, everyone being in character, nice plot? Sign me the fuck up! Ohh I can't wait for the next chap! Do take your time, stay hydrated and don't stress it, the chapter was great.
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