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Imnotinsane chapter 26 . 10/12/2014
This fan fiction is absolutely amazing! It pulled at my heartstrings, brought tears to my eyes of both joy and sadness. In a way I could really relate to it, which frightens me to no end but also makes me proud. You're very good at writing in a way your readers can relate to. Right now I'm in such a dither I can't even finish the last chapter, because it is so relatable I've actually taken advice from it to help me through my freshman year. Hell, hockey gangs and smoking in the bathroom might not seem like very good characteristics in a person, but the things and feeling behind them all remind me of what it's like to be in high school. You got the feelings and emotions spot on, and to be honest I can say that this has taught me a lot. It often seems as though the things that teach you the most aren't even real. Keep up the good work, maybe I'll gain the heart to finish the last chapter x3... Even though I have serious detachment issues when it comes with finishing things through and through!
astarinlife chapter 1 . 9/29/2014
I cannot express how much I enjoyed this! I laughed out loud quite a lot, and for me that's a hard thing to accomplish! All the relationships were also absolutely excellent. Great job!
fuzzball-lemur chapter 26 . 9/14/2014
Great 3 3 flashback to 90's childhoodfavorite fandom... cannot get better. Very funny writing, a lot of laughs while reading :) Really well written. I enjoyed this story so much. Love looovee the part where Sora keeps thinking he's lost his skates! (laugh just thinking about that part haha)... And seeing Sora portrayed as masculine and tough is the best thing seriously ever... because he is! bottom or whatever, he's still tough and about time someone acknowledged it xD (And your AkuRoku wins)
Imnotinsane chapter 2 . 9/4/2014
This fix made me nearly per myself in the middle of class it was so funny. And I'm only on ch.2 XD
DestinyCrusader chapter 20 . 8/27/2014
Just gonna throw in real quick here how well you use repetition "According to school legend..." and other instances to unify the story thematically.

DestinyCrusader chapter 19 . 8/26/2014

Or at least, maybe like, the most well-written one, anyway. I loved the way you jumped around with time, how easily the reader could understand the gap. I also ADORE how easy it is to realize where that last scene fits in. I'm not even kidding when I say that reading this reminds of literature. Actual literature, not just a YA romance (which, in itself, is a great thing). You say everything at just the right time, have dialogue at the best moments. I laughed a lot in this chapter as well, like in the part where Axel basically mistakes himself for a girl.

Also, hearing parts of the story from Axel's point of view was both awfully saddening but also kind of refreshing. Good call on that, it totally gave the story even more depth.

And aw man, Roxas's whole rant about the world and it being fake and - do I have to ask you again whether or not you are a real person? No one writes this well. And then there was the whole Roxas "raw and open" and visibly suffering, and the way you described it through Axel's eyes, through the gaze of a loved one... HOWW!?

ANYWAY. One of the best chapters so far. Then again, they are all the best,

Why are you doing this to me.
DestinyCrusader chapter 18 . 8/26/2014
Who are you.
Are you real.

Okay, so, honestly, I totally think you deserve like a huge-ass review from me for every single chapter I've read so far. And you might get that. You might. But right now I want to gush about how wonderful your story is. And how wonderful your writing style is. And the characters. And the plot. And the scenes. And. You're messing with my mind and my heart, and my words are getting all messed up because of you, Jeez.

Even now, I have to force myself to continue writing this review and not rushing ahead to the next chapter. But then, this is just one review within more than a thousand. Might not even men anything at all. But I have to tell you. I must tell you how amazing you are. First, I was not expecting to get so hooked into this story. Because, to be honest, I am more of a SoNami shipper, and not a SoRiku shipper. But, honestly, it doesn't even matter what you ship. Because your writing is smooth and flawless and full of similes and metaphors and symbols and hidden meanings, and I've nearly cried at how amazing your writing is, because it's somewhere I crave to be one day. I aspire to write even moderately as good as you.

What's more, you have this special way of making characters the same lovable characters we know, and yet so very different. And it makes sense, because they're in a different setting, but there are layers and layers to their personalities, to who they are and their dreams and their fears. This story is just very real, and I think that's one of the things that makes it so much more appealing.

I almost want to say that sometimes Sora feels OOC. But then you have these moments where he is so unguarded and sweet, that I forget I ever had any doubts. Sure, he's had fighting issues, but then the way you explain it, that to him it's protecting his friends... Well, that's exactly who Sora is.

And man, the way you capture every character through different POVs, their different reactions and their thoughts, and their own personal mechanisms (Sora's Fake and Ownership, Riku's constant fear that Sora will change his mind, Roxas's annoyance and memories...) is so absolutely, frustratingly perfect that I just. Can't. Get. Over. How. Good. You. Are.

I think I'm gonna stop for now. I could talk forever. Seriously, I could. But right now I have to read more.

One thing to point out though; this chapter, you MAY have messed up. It may have been intentional, in which case I just may be confused, but you said:

"The second kiss was slower. Longing. And Roxas really did shiver..."

I'm guessing that "Longing" needs to be "Longer"?

Anyway. Amazing story. You're amazing. The fact that you exist also amazes me. I'm gonna continue reading now. Expect more fangirling, and more reviews. And love. I hope you feel my love showering over you. Because it is.
Blackbyrd chapter 23 . 4/13/2014
This. Damn. Chapter. Omg. Sora is just on point. Roxas's confession. "I think I fucked up." 6 years since this story was posted and I've just gleaned this gem.
Guest chapter 26 . 2/5/2014
Kaxian chapter 26 . 1/13/2014
You left me heart broken. This is the best SoRiku fanfic I have ever read for many reasons. These characters aren't even yours,but you OWNED them. You made them yours. At some point, I forgot this was a KH fanfic, I could change their names and still fall in love with the story. I identified with Riku (which is not even your original character!) Although not for the same reasons. You had me hooked to this story. In fact, as I'm writing this in my College's lobby, I'm fighting off sleep, because I didn't sleep a damn thing trying to finish this fic up. I sympathized with the characters. And this fic had so many memorable moments. Roxas crying. Riku's family. That epic fight in the bathroom (Sora's a gangsta) and...really. Everything about this fic is perfect. I was gasping, laughing, confused, got all kind of reactions from me.

"PDA no way!"
"Get a room!"
Oh, stfu. LOL.

But, what I liked the most about your fic is that it actually says a true story (most likely, anyway.) People are being more acceptable (or at least decide to leave it alone) about the gay community these days. Many teenagers have gone through what Riku went. And that discrimination infuriates me.

And finally, I am genuinely happy for Sora and Riku ') I was a little disappointed that we didn't get to see much of them in action. But in the other hand, it leaves more to the imagination, whohoho! I was like, so fangirling over that Riku and Roxas kiss. Somehow, I didn't see that as betrayal. I really don't have the brains to go into a discussion on that matter. Someday, when I re-read that fanfic, I'll come up with a coherent reason. But I can't now. I'm currently picking up the pieces of my shattered heart.

...why? Well, I got this awful pang in my chest as I read the last two lines of the last chapter. I got so attached to the story and its characters (which I remind you, aren't yours, but you still OWNED them), just thinking about not getting to know more about their lives after high school leaves me with a longing feeling and ache. The ladybugs, skateboards, smooching, safe pins...*sighs*
Well, looks like it's up to my imagination now...and in 2013, when they're past their 30's, Sora and Riku will get married (just like Haru insisted) because same sex marriage will be legal then! Rejoice!
Animeblossom chapter 15 . 12/22/2013
I still can't get over how down to earth this story can get. That's a great skill you have and you really aspire me to write like this someday. Keep on writing! And happy holidays!
Guest chapter 26 . 10/23/2013
It's a shame such a wonderful LONG story was ruined in the very last chapter by one complete and total unnecessary moment. I don't know why you had Riku and Roxas kissing out of nowhere but like the reviewer said below it was in fact a betrayal.
Deleted-Account-0101 chapter 24 . 10/10/2013
I really enjoyed this entire story, and I can't say I have any problems with it...except the part where Riku Kisses Roxas. My reaction to reading that is as follows, "Lolwhut?". I understand that they COULD have had a "thing", but that doesn't mean there is really anything between them. To me, it just felt like a betrayal, on both of their parts, to Sora for no good reason. I like to just pretend that didn't happen. But aside from that, and maybe I'm the only one who disliked that and was confused by it, I enjoyed this story immensely and it was very well written.
Mimi the Brave chapter 26 . 9/15/2013
Oh God, the ending was perfect.. I feel like crying, this fic has felt like highschool times again, only with more fun and more skateboarding. Thanks for this awesome story... You rock!
Mimi the Brave chapter 19 . 9/12/2013
"They were on a date. So, that meant he should-no, wait. Roxas paid the check, that meant he was the guy. So what did girls do on dates?

Wait, that was fucking stupid. He wasn't a girl."

somehow that cracked me up so bad xDD I love your version of Akuroku!
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