Reviews for Harry Potter and the Soul of the Hero
Gexorian chapter 35 . 3/31
The first two books were good, this one dragged on for too long and lost its self towards the end. The end made the first half of this book completely pointless, what was the point in raising an army if Harry was just going to fight it all himself?
the deathstick chapter 35 . 1/10
This story has raised the bar of fanfiction stories that the creator himself would be struggling to top ;-)

You are an inspirational writer and have a skill most dont. Use it well and keep on writing
darthyuthura1 chapter 35 . 1/6
Thank you.
Whiteknight29 chapter 35 . 10/13/2013
Just finished. I suppose this could be where I say what I thought of this story, good or bad, or mayhaps brilliant or dull. But I suppose that all there really is to say at this point is, as you so aptly put it, farewell.

However before I do. I would thank you for this tale, yarn, epic, that you have woven. In all the fan fictions I've read, I think this probably hit home the most, had the biggest impact. Mayhaps this was simply because this was an actual story, something which reminded me of the Lord of the Rings, rather than the romance novels that others have written, where Harry and Tonks get together, or mayhaps Ginny and Harry have a bit more heat, if you know what I mean. I will return to those stories, because I like them. Relationships can be an entire adventure all on their own, as I've learned, however this story was more than worth reading. Now, I must return to the stories from which I came. So once again, farewell.
Potterhead12 chapter 35 . 8/22/2013
One of the best fanfictions I've ever read! Fair play.
Reader chapter 35 . 5/5/2013
Beautiful. Truly beautiful, and moving, and although I find myself left with a profound sense of closure, I still miss the story. Already.
sesskagluver09 chapter 35 . 4/24/2013
Ahhhh Joe, your stories always consume me, always sweep me off my feet and into Eternity, or perhaps Twilight is a better expression... Or perhaps there is no real expression for the world of Imagination. Four or five times I have followed Harry to Twilight and back, I don't even know if you pay attention to these emails anymore. But I have followed you to the Crystal Tower, to Mars, to The Library, to Brazil, even to Atlantis and the Forbidden Door. It is always a pleasure, and there is nowhere I wouldn't follow you to. Although I would love to find what happens after the next reboot. But your original stuff comes first, I understand that, but the story needs an end even after it all starts again. Oh well, the Reader will demand but it is the Writer who makes the Universe. I wish you an indulgent muse and bottomless scotch.
Wizco chapter 12 . 4/21/2013
I was planning on reviewing when I got to the end, but I had to mention this now:
- 4 Executioners
- 13 Death Eaters
- 300 a kill
- 3*600 900 3 kill 2 and 1 kills 3 9 DE
-13 / 9

Nice story, though. The first half of the first part of the Trilogy was rather bad, but I have to say things got better.

ArcaneMaverick chapter 35 . 3/29/2013
Recently, I've been thrown into turmoil. Such an EPIC journey... I've been reading many of them lately it seems. My heart can't take the emotion and I find I don't know what to do with myself. I crave an adventure like these stories. My only solace, and it's not much of one at all, is that I'm trying, really trying, to make my own dreams come true. I want to make ground-shaking, mind-blowing, personality-shredding epics in video games like I have read here. My imagination is so wild, but in the face of all the daunting tasks in front of me, I feel naked in the dark, alone and confused. Wish I understood how one makes things like these...and I never will until I do it myself, but some kind words would help.

You are amazing and have been one of my greatest inspirations. I wish I was a better person because of what I have read. I have no further words. Thanks.
Iamcarollee chapter 35 . 3/24/2013
Kind of strange ending, but I liked it.
GaiusEmidius chapter 35 . 3/22/2013
Just have to say that these stories have really changed my life. This story has taught me a lot of lessons that help me in life, Never give up, and the power of imagination. Though your writing wasn't always the best, I didn't care, the story just sucked me in and still hasn't let me go a full year and a half after I first read this story, now on my second read through I still loved it just as much as the first time.

Thanks for writing this story that brought me such joy and excitement. The ending left me feeling something I've never felt before. Not even the original series made me feel like this. It's an aching in my heart. But not a bad one. The ending was perfect. It seems like it could continue but I find myself content with the ending.

So, Thanks Joe.
samowu chapter 35 . 2/17/2013
Ok, so I'm going to write something negative in a minute, which makes me feel like I need to preface this with a few things. First, I've only written a review for one other piece of fanfiction, no other work has gotten me to react enough that I felt a need to say something, so clearly it's very powerful. Second, I was hooked on this fic. Kept me up at night, pulled me through every page, tell my friends about it absolutely love kind of hooked. So, obviously, kudos for that. Finally, Ethan is one of the best OCs I've ever read.

That said, look I am happy you read the Dark Tower series and enjoyed it. I myself loved it. I don't even inherently have a problem with you blatantly ripping parts of it off. After all, we're in the fanfic world, where we make these kind of combinations. That said, you overshot. You went back to that ponderous, folksy, break the fourth wall narrator too many times. By the end, I was just numb to it. And the idea of Harry more or less becoming the Creator, or whatever was going on there, is a pretty ridiculous idea.

Those complaints aside, I read this story as fast as any story its length, so again, bravo. But next time, make it...less epic?
ArcaneMaverick chapter 32 . 2/17/2013
You send a lot of mixed messages and it's hard to tell what's good vesus fluttery words and prose. It really is all destiny and fate because the golden love magic representation of Ginny said he has to refill True Magic at the Ways again.

Lampshading always works. You add a 4th dimentional layer that really transcends all I've read before. I'm thankful for this experience and hope it never gets taken down. Get ready, I'm borrowing a lot for my own stories I want to tell. I wonder how popular you will become or what you'll think of next.
ArcaneMaverick chapter 31 . 2/17/2013
In the light of such a colossal and complete ending sequence, all my complaints fade away.
ArcaneMaverick chapter 28 . 2/16/2013
You push the boundries on what is feasible even in this fiction.
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