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Quacked Lurker chapter 28 . 3h
Found this lovely gem, binge-read, and shocked to discover that I reached the end.

I do love the concept of Zuko being the (adopted) son of Chief H. in the water-tribes. LOVE the idea of Zuko and Sokka being raised together as brother-warriors. LOVE the writing of Zuko and Kara learning bending together.

And the changes - while it does follow the cartoon, it isn't word-for-word, scene-for-scene.
Not a bad choice of mixing it up - using General Iron where Prince Zuko was in canon - and having Yur live (but not her father - well, someone had to die, and while I am saddened it was the chief, I am gladdened it wasn't one of the main heros or heroines).

Intrigue and Politics become lethal around the Fire Lord and his family.
True in almost any RL nation throughout history (and some current countries).
But assassinating one's own father?
Well, having Azulon live as long as he did - because Zuko disappeared, perhaps? - and now that the lost Prince is back, fitting that Ozai is now FireLord.
Which makes Zuko's uncle's hopeful wish (not a prophecy, nor a warning, more of "he doesn't go to battle, so as long as his body holds out - which could be for ages seeing he's a powerful bender - you will not be Fire-Lord" BE PATIENT exasperation.)

All in all, this is really good.
Long but fun.
(Oen of the more entertaining scenes - before the battles and the constant escapes by the barest of margins - was Aang's cluelessness when he mentioned Winter Solstice - and the family's worried looks. Related to that, Yur's discussion with Zuko and his forshadowed reveal of firebending powers, when the Princess said only some of the mixed-tribe children survived the winters)
yoursafetyisassured chapter 28 . 7/8
Oh please finish this! I want to see the dads reaction to zuko missing and the reunion of the family! I’m so in love!
Clovergirl100 chapter 28 . 7/8
Omg what happened?! i love this story please keep written. I seen avatar so many times but when i read ur work its like i am watching avatar for the first time again and its blown my mind
Goldglow chapter 28 . 7/1
I love this story, I'm so happy I came across it
LucidKren chapter 28 . 6/30
This interlude was so intense. I love the parallel between Ozai and Zuko here "I am your loyal son!"

This story has been amazing. I hope one day to see what else you have in store for it.
Guest chapter 28 . 6/26
Omg I LOVE this story its amazing please update!
The Best Guesst chapter 28 . 6/25
Oh my god this is beautiful! Please update soon! I need to know more about my boy Zuko and everything!
LucidKren chapter 18 . 6/25
This chapter had me on the edge of my seat (metaphorically) and irritated at the interruptions I had to endure while reading. So exciting!
LucidKren chapter 14 . 6/24
I'm glad that those soldiers got some justice. Human sacrifice is never the answer, yo.

Excellent work. I love that Lu Ten is Sokka's spirit guide.
LucidKren chapter 6 . 6/23
This chapter was extremely well done. I like that you included the elephant-wasp story; it really does read like a traditional oral history tale. I think you really captured tribal life well. It reads as smoothly and with a similar voice to some Native American stories I have read. Your handling of spirituality in the story is fantastic too.
LucidKren chapter 2 . 6/22
The story of their forming friendships were wonderful
Claire chapter 28 . 6/6
It's been a year since you've updated this, but I'm really hoping you'll pick it back up again.
efn chapter 28 . 6/6
and there it is. finally azulon dies, 6 years later than he was supposed to. he had a good run. also, lol, that next chapter is gonna be reeeaaal long.
...sorry i just love this fic and im bitter that most of the good fics out there are abandoned.
Karlina101 chapter 1 . 6/7
Hi it’s been a while so I was wondering are you going to upset? I really appreciate this story and it would be a shame to leave it hanging like this. This really has potential; great story, developed characters, and the flow is nicely done. I’m really hoping for an update someday
UnmemorableHermit chapter 28 . 6/5
i ended up using more than an entire day reading this fic in one shot because i couldn't put it down. thank god it's the holidays or i would be so behind in my homework.
i love the strong bond between the water tribe siblings! it warms my heart. and hurts me when i see Iroh because Iroh and Zuko's relationship is so different from canon, and that's only emphasized when juxtaposed with the water trible siblings' relationship. it's actually quite funny (and makes a lot sense) that in the water tribe, they just accept zuko and nothing much changes in their lives, but the fire nation, who never cared zuko, has changed so much.
i really love how you handle zuko's struggle with his identity too. poor zuko i hope everything ends well for him soon.
also song is a really good girl? she's strong and kind and will we see her again? i grew a bit attached.

i dont know if you're still working on this fic, but even if you're not, i enjoyed myself reading it so thank you for writing this!
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