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Whispy Tang Foxhunt chapter 27 . 2/28
Alright, I gotta say I just found this, read the whole thing in a day, and love it. Hope to see more.

I'm definitely interested to see how the Swimming Dragon Style goes once the kinks are worked out.
Kari Twilight Mist chapter 27 . 2/28
Oh wow. It seems like everything hat could go wrong did. Poor everyone. I love how you made it so Zuko invented lightningbending.
JinyiWei chapter 27 . 2/28
wow this chapter was really a piece of work, can't wait for more
silvermoondemon16 chapter 27 . 2/28
Oh man, I am feeling for everyone in this chapter, Iroh is just trying to save his nephew who he thinks has been hurt and wants him to come back to his family.
Sokka had to make a hard choice and leave his brother behind, I am so excited to see how interacting with his father and tribe now is going o affect team avatar, and how his father is going to react when he finds out about Zuko actually being a prince

I loved how you wrote the whole azula and how to deal with the water tribe, I thought it was really interesting that they ended up loosing this battle, Hopefully the can save ba sing se? And now Azula is the one that has lost her honor and Zuko is credited with a win...though Iroh is right he isnt going to take that well

And poor zuko, its harder to hate an enemy when you actually know them, and now he is going to be living with them, but I am so extremely excited to see if Zuko can learn some firebending from Iroh, since he did train with the sun warriors that type of bending might work better with Zuko
Man I want something really good to happen to Zuko especially after all this! Maybe he can get his dragon early? I always wished that they said how he got his dragon in LoK

I am very new to this story but I adore it so much! I am so looking forward to reading more!
TheQuietCoyote chapter 27 . 2/27
Oh it's so cool to see another chapter! And so good! I really enjoyed it. Iroh continues to impress!
Charbonne chapter 27 . 2/27
...You know, I should have realized you were back to writing this when you gave my story kudos on AO3. As always, it's really good. I'm glad to see you want to finish it too, since it's a really good premise and I actually liked rereading this back when I first found it. Nice job!
Black Lotus13 chapter 27 . 2/27
Well...that was a Rollercoaster from start to finish.
Blume chapter 27 . 2/27


Wow! well, you really learned how to make dramatic exits! D

this whole chapter! I really don't know which part I liked more! I think the fact Zuko remembered Katara's teaching him to iflow/i right before being electrocuted was awesome (and I'm sure all this secret training he has been doing lately helped too!) because Azula really didn't expect that!

...and then you somehow made it into an Agni Kai and Oh dear, is Iroh one devious fox! not only did he manage to score Zuko a certified match between him and Azula but also the victory over the North tribe! (which btw, probably will support the northern tribes theories that ihe/i was the spy if they ever find out!)

Bummer, I really thought someone would rescue Zuko or he'd rescue himself before the ship sailed away... now I see they probably started moving the moment Zuko was inside, so I guess there was no real hope there. :P

And have I told you recently how well you portray Zuko's inner conflict beutifully! Sure, a logical part of his brain knows it was wise to leave him behind and save both the Avatar and the North Tribe Princess, but it must hurt.

And you know what, I'm prety sure standing while people are still eating must be disrrespectfull in the water tribe too, (and oh! Zuko I really hope you never actually get to meet Azulon, and if you ever do, I really, ireally/i hope he finds all your lack of respect endearing, otherwise you'd be itoast/i :P) but I can forgive this kid practically anything because he has just been kidnapped by a semi stranger who claims to be a relative.

Oh look! Hakoda is here! that must be so nice for Katara and Sokka, and yet I know how bad Sokka must be, leaving his little brother behind... I wonder if Sokka would tell everything to Hakoda (inclusing his conversation with Lu Ten...)

So now I guess Aangs spends a few days comatose, Katara and Yue get to bond, Sokka grows older under the pressure of being the leader, and I guess Zuko gets to spend a few days eating really good food and having every memory of his time with the south tribe reevaluated under the lenses of their enemies, right? cause I suspect that once Iroh decided Zuko had been abducted and brainwashed, now he sees an offense in everything Zuko has learned...

oh dear, o dear! the suspense! D
Ruby of Raven chapter 27 . 2/27
Dang! O.o OMG! This was an amazing chapter! Holy crap did a lot go down! XD I cannot wait for more! Please tell me you have more on the way. Holy cow! I loved this!
Unformal Sorrelle chapter 27 . 2/27
So this is fantastic, just like always. So fantastic I read through it again. I don't have the words to describe how much I love this.
Shad0whuntress chapter 27 . 2/27
Okay, let me just say:
Normally, when I read a fic, when it ends on the note that you left this chapter, I usually go "Oh cool!" or "Oh, wow!" and just move on with my day. No concerns, nothing. And when the chapter is updated, it's a nice little change of pace.
But, holy cow, am I on the edge of my seat! I don't remember the last time I was this invested in seeing what happens next in a fic. It is a really well written, well paced story, and I am so glad you decided to finish it. I can't wait to see Gaang rescue Zuko, or Zuko to escape somehow, but I really have no idea what will happen next!
I hope you update soon, and to borrow a quote from a friend of mine, "break a keyboard!"
Golden Racehorse chapter 27 . 2/27
Damn. At least you didn't end it on a cliffie- again.

This story is amazing and that chapter literally gave me shivers. Amazing work, keep it up.

I have so many theories- Zuko's past, next chappie(s) and so much more. Looking forward to more :)

Zuko is on point, Sokka is so relatable, Katara is just... Katara and Aang... not much screen time, but we ge the idea. And Yue. Is that your way of apologizing that you replaced the Suki/Sokka parts with Suki/Zuko parts? Either way, I like.

And of course you had positive reviews! This story is great, you're great and you shouldn't be shy to write. Who cares if someone flames? They're just jerks.

Waiting eagerly for more,
Devientity chapter 27 . 2/27
Wonderful chapter and so glad to see you continuing this story.

I can't wait for Zuko to start shattering Iroh's beliefs
AnonymousReader chapter 1 . 2/26
reads the first chapter
Ooooooohh nifty writing style and AU - good character development
looks to see how many chapters have been written
NO SLEEP TIL BROOKLYN! (or at least until I'm caught up... coffee exists for a reason!)
Ronandhermy chapter 27 . 2/26
[Screaming because it's so brilliant] I love it! The build up, the battle, the cultural implications of what being an Allie or a clansman means. Azula, even half dead having enough insight to strike a known enemy of the fire nation (Aang) as opposed to her brother before other fire benders. The death of the chief of the Northern Tribe. The conflict in Sokka and Zuko as their concept and understanding of family is going to be tested. Yue and Katara are sure to have some conflict. Sokka making the right choice for the group even as it eats him inside. Zuko, once again, on a strange ship without those he thinks he can trust. And Iroh, brilliant Iroh, crafting the situation to benefit Zuko. Oh man, I hope we see a reaction of the Southern and Northern Tribes at the announcement that Zuko is claiming the victory in the north. It's so good. I love it so much. I just want to sink into the prose like a kitten sinking into a fluffy blanket. Keep up the wonderful work.
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