Reviews for Another Brother
Elise chapter 25 . 6/14
Fantastic read. :) Ty.
Unstorpable chapter 25 . 6/16
Oh man, this story is so good on every level! I hate to see that it was abandoned. Please, think about coming back and writing again some time.
Scarviex chapter 25 . 6/4
Please continue! This is a great story.
Guest chapter 24 . 5/22
I wished you did a few more chapters, it should end with Azula loses in trying to take down the North Pole. Just like in the episode, also Azula sees zuko.
Guest chapter 25 . 5/22
Ronden Kiagre chapter 6 . 5/21
So, are we talking the "Paddle faster, I hear banjos" kind of eventful canoeing accident? Kidding obviously, this the fifth time I'm rereading this story, and it's still amazing.
patberpal chapter 25 . 5/16
Please PLEASE update this story. I can't wait to see what happens next :))))))
Paperman0 chapter 25 . 5/14
I read the whole story in an embarassingly short time. It was worth every minute and more. The characters are perfect and the modifications to the original storyline are absolutely seamless.
I think my favourite part was chapter 13: can't wait for Toph to join the voyage.
I'm also looking forward for the return of Suki.
I won't ask when the story will be updated, but know I'll be waiting.
Good work.
Vanessa Masters chapter 21 . 5/12
Oh iron, only you and Jess really care for Zuko.

But at least Zuko and Song left on better terms than in the show.
Vanessa Masters chapter 19 . 5/12
Oh crazy good chapter. Lots of drama, Agni Kai between Zhao and Zuko, katara learns earlier than before to use tears.

And AANG does a fire bending move, so impressive! He's got a head start _
Vanessa Masters chapter 14 . 5/10
Oh Von...I don't think Iroh will be pleased with that sacrifice.

Lu ten!

And showing sokka a moment between Zuko and Iroh. Love it.

Oh katana, so worried for Zuko. I mean, I'd be worried too if I heard townspeople were sacrificing boys my age. But it shows just how deeply she feels, and how much of a brother Zuko is to her now.
Vanessa Masters chapter 13 . 5/10
Meeting took early on? Fantastic!

And of course she believes Zuko when he tells the truth, she senses those things.

Oh, I hope some water healer, or katana learn to heal fast. Or we can only hope sokkas concussion heals properly on own.

But great chapter, full moon was lucky for Zuko, he makes a friend and got food for his family.
Vanessa Masters chapter 12 . 5/10
I loved this chapter. Sulks talk with Zuko, making a point of his throat cut and nearly dying. Did it happen intentionally, or did he survive a near death and not a faked death?

And SUKI smooches Zuko on the cheek, I love that nice twist.

And Suki learning not all firebenders are bad with Zuko proving her different.

Terrifying bit I. The temple.

But Zuko seems calmer and less revenge fueled with Aang around.

And the statue of Roku protecting sokka? Very nice.

Makes sense, Sokka is technically his great-great-great grandsons brother. Zuko is sokka and Mataram brother, so that makes sokka family to Roku.
Guest chapter 25 . 5/7
*strangled cry* Where's the rest of it?
Vanessa mAsters chapter 7 . 5/6
It begins!
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