Reviews for Fifty S
Vera-Sama chapter 1 . 9/4/2008
Interesting. Where'd you get the topics/prompts from? 've always wanted to try something like this, but never have.
Kanki Youji chapter 1 . 8/28/2008
Two quick mistakes:

15) frog

Sayu once caught a wild frog, but she let it go when it wouldn't eat and Light sad it would die.

'sad' should be 'said'

27) RolePlay

Matsuda suggested that roleplaying would be a good way to get into Kira's head; as usual one listened.

I'm assuming 'one' should be 'no-one'

I like nuber 49, adn 21, but my favorite was 19 because of how true it was and on how many levels.
WithABunny chapter 1 . 7/23/2008
I saw the update for this hours ago and read it.

Then, of course, I reviewed it.

To my complete chagrin, it turned out that I couldn't send my review, or add this to my Favorites list. This error occurred with practically every story I came across. Ugh.

Hopefully, I won't have this problem again. So, onward to the review!


2) I simply have to laugh at this one. So apparently, Mrs. Yagami had been encouraging her son's future homicidal tendencies, then? Lol!

5) xD Well, whatever Mello's pants are really made out of, they must be magical. I mean, Mello's gun just disappears when he stows it down there. Now, if that's not magic polyester or leather, what is?

6) For some reason, I love it when DN is compared to a dance, or play, or something of the like. :D

9) Ah, if it isn't our favorite egomaniacal, crazed, mass-murdering idealist. Can anyone say "God complex"?

13) I concur, just plain agree with that. Lol.

16) Did you, by any chance, think of Mikanis' stories, "Violins, Light" and "Concerto in D Minor" while writing this? I was just reminded of those when I read that sentence, that's all.

21) Lol! This makes me wonder if Mello gets jealous of Matt's cigarettes too.

23) This one, I think, is my favorite sentence. Enough said.

27) Poor Matsuda! He's ever the sweet, adorable goofball no one pays attention to. One must feel sorry for him sometimes.

28) That sentence sounds like a prelude to another brawl between Light and L. xD

29) Kira...and unicorns. I never made the connection between the two until reading this sentence, and I have to say, I agree wholeheartedly with your analogy.

30) Yay, a Thirty K reference! Hm, I wonder how Sayu got her hands on the cow in the first place.

31) True, very true. How does the guy survive while eating all those cakes?

32) Cupid may have missed Light, but he managed to get Misa and Kiyomi. I feel sorry for all the women Light used in the story.

34) Yes! I love puns! I wonder how much thought Ohba put into giving Light his name. Was he/she doing for the kicks? xD

36) So apparently, Light's anti-drug is mass murder. Eek.

37) Oh, no! Bad memories all over again! Well, at the very least, Mello went out in a blaze of glory, right?

42) "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer" This sentence just reminded me of that.

44) *Struggles to keep back the oncoming giggles* Furries? Oh, what I’d give to see the expression on Light’s face at that. Lol…maybe Light will repay him by getting him rickroll’d.

46) Yup. The guy has homicide down to an art!

47) Do I sense a vague L/Misa here? How cute. :)

49) Ironic, yes, seeing as he’s plunged the entire world into darkness.

50) I have a friend who said that wearing socks made her feet feel trapped, or something like that. Perhaps that’s L’s reason, too. Lol.

Reading these gives me more inspiration to keep writing, even when I'm feeling down and slightly out of it. So while you may not have received many reviews on this story thus far, which makes no sense, just know that this reader certainly appreciates your fic.