Reviews for Chasing You
Blue Heart 98 chapter 6 . 9/18
You can't just leave it at such a cliffhanger! I'' dying. You are really talented, please please have mercy and update soon
Darknessdawns chapter 6 . 8/5
This definitely interesting and I'm really enjoying the storyline so far. I do hope you continue writing it. I really want to see where this goes and what's up with the well. Not to mention what has happened between Kagome and Inuyasha.
HalfBlackWolfDemon chapter 6 . 6/27
Oh gosh! I can't wait for the next chapter! *squee*

tomorrow4eva chapter 6 . 6/11
Souta through the well! This story is a lot of fun.
Momomiya Ichigo Loves Inuyasha chapter 6 . 5/1
Oh my gosh! They went through the well! I don't think I've ever seen a story where Souta could pass through, this story is awesome. And the comments they make literally make me lol, great job on this fic so far :)
Momomiya Ichigo Loves Inuyasha chapter 3 . 5/1
This story is great. I'm loving the banter and just everything in general. I'm dying for Kouga to meet her future friends!
Momomiya Ichigo Loves Inuyasha chapter 1 . 5/1
Oh my gosh! I haven't read one of your stories in so long! Love it as always 3
kouga's older woman chapter 6 . 3/8
Oh no! Send more soon! PLEASE!
Razell chapter 6 . 3/6
Ginta, Hakkaku and Souta in the past. So far the only Youkai he's seen have been friendly, on the other side (and possibly in the well itself) are many who are less friendly. He might finally get to meet the whole gang.

Kagome will, of course, be pissed Ginta and Hakkaku took her little brother with them, but they had no choice (in bringing him with them, they didn't have to go in the first place). I like how serious they are portrayed, they acknowledge that they used to eat humans and kill for sport, though I find the latter hard to believe, as a predator killing for pleasure is endangering his own food supply. They were actually offended by Souta, I don't remember them ever becoming offended, even at Inuyasha. They are fun, energetic, loveable guys, but they are also Youkai from world where it's kill or be killed. They've had to be cruel and vicious to survive, and the kindness towards humans is a new development. You shown that well, they're not simply cheerful, harmless idiots. They're dangerous, highly intelligent predators from a merciless period in history. They can be serious, and they can be dangerous. They deserve respect.

The Wolves' reaction to the play fighting was great, they were thinking Souta might be possessed, only natural, considering recent events. And, naturally, the refrigerator was a wonder.

Great update!

I wonder if the jewel has brought Mistress Centipede back yet again?
Pointy Objects chapter 6 . 3/6
You updated! I'm so happy I could hug you!

First things first, welcome back. This was well worth the wait. There are several things you did very right in this chapter, and I would like to discuss them at length. First, I have to tell you that you have a real knack for what I call 'silent moments', where there's no actual dialogue. Those can be tricky, because if there's not a lot of action going on (like in the first portion of this story where Kagome is resting and Kouga is standing guard), it can easily slip into an unnecessarily prose-y few paragraphs, that serve no real purpose. Not the case here. Your descriptions are vivid and important and SOOOOO good. You showed it again when Ginta and Hakkaku were in the kitchen as Souta made he sandwich. Somehow you blended their sense of wonderment with Souta's childlike duty to his supister, and I never felt confused. It was pretty great.

You also did two things in this chapter that I've never seen addressed in fanfiction before and I think it's brilliant. It's in that tackling of Souta's character and Gitna and Hakkaku's. I don't think I've ever read anyone address the results that Kagome's in and out, time travel sing adventures would have on her little brother, and I love that you did that. As I've said before, I get the feeling you have very big plans for him (if the ending of this chapter is any indication) and I love that you've fleshed him out so well. And Kouga's lieutenants have their own voices! Why don't more people do that?! Their exchange with Kouga in Kagome's bedroom was hilarious! I just think that's so smart; it's so easy to make a K/K story where they're the only two people in the whole world with character quirks and interesting dialogue, and this is NOT that story. I just feel like this I the Kouga Gets To Go Time Traveling Too story I should have been reading all along.

Wonderful chapter, as always!
Lady vampire of vampires chapter 6 . 3/6
More soon, please! :D
Lady vampire of vampires chapter 1 . 12/31/2015
More soon please
Pointy Objects chapter 5 . 11/5/2015
This story is brilliant. That's not a word I like to throw around a lot, but this is. How is it that you've taken features from almost every "Kouga finds his way to Kagome's side of the well" story, that I thought I loved (and that I thought made total sense), and not only debunked them, but made them better? Of course she wouldn't like him being all handsy, and staking his claim, and watching her sleep. Of course they'd fight because they don't really "know" each other. Of course her grandfather would get involved and turn things all upside down. These are things I've NEVER read in a story like this, but now I can't figure out why; they make perfect sense. Maybe you're just that good.

Anyway, I love this. This last chapter has me genuinely terrified. Can't wait to read more of this.
Pointy Objects chapter 1 . 11/3/2015
How have I never read this? I love it! I really like that this brings in a lot of seemingly 'background' characters and makes them part of the entire narrative. Like Ginta and Hakkaku being linked to Souta. That feels important for some reason. Great job!
Nymphetamine0verdose chapter 5 . 10/25/2015
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