Reviews for Letters From Home
Kemowitch92 chapter 6 . 10/10/2008
Oh I never even thought of Tristan taking her to Harvard, but I loved the idea. PLZ update soon.
Wolf Jade chapter 6 . 10/10/2008
My only major complaint is that I can't figure out who is saying what. When you do dialogue, there needs to be a new paragraph for every different person who speaks.


“How did you…”

He shrugged modestly. “I’ve been in your room remember?”

I laughed at that and then turned back around.

This was one of the only parts where I could figure out who was saying what...I don't like having to read something I know I'll enjoy, but can't continue reading because it doesn't make sense.

Another thing, I think you're going a bit fast. Slow down the story line a bit. I feel like you're rushing it. And Rory would probably never make out with someone on the first date. Other then that this is a great story.
Curley-Q chapter 6 . 10/10/2008
nicely done
Jeremy Shane chapter 6 . 10/9/2008
good chapter & more please
toastloaf93 chapter 6 . 10/9/2008
that's so sweet i love it
Curley-Q chapter 5 . 10/8/2008
good job, please continue
Kemowitch92 chapter 5 . 10/4/2008
I really like Tristan in this chapter plz update soon.
kylielink chapter 5 . 10/3/2008
good chapter,I hope rory's dad is going to be ok.
LoVe23 chapter 5 . 10/2/2008
This was such a good chapter...that last part was the best!
Jeremy Shane chapter 5 . 10/2/2008
good chapter & more please
toastloaf93 chapter 5 . 10/2/2008
oh my how romantic i love it update soon please
kylielink chapter 4 . 10/1/2008
I liked that,please continue.
LoVe23 chapter 4 . 9/29/2008 sweet!
Jeremy Shane chapter 4 . 9/29/2008
good chapter & more please
rocknflorida4lif chapter 3 . 8/2/2008
loved it! update soon
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