Reviews for Hello, Old Friend
JerichoGirl chapter 7 . 7/25/2008
I like it. Who is Lei? That poor kid had been through a lot in his life, but I like how in the end he found solace in death.

Rowen Ravenclaw chapter 7 . 7/25/2008
haha, funny ending.
Rowen Ravenclaw chapter 2 . 7/24/2008
cool, update please.
Blind and Painted Avatards chapter 1 . 7/23/2008
Oh my goodness that was so intense! Yeah I don't think anyone in the gaang would tolerate this kind of cruelty especially the Avatar. I hope they heal the boy and help change the cities' law-enforcement to something more humane.

I am very curious to know what Katara's "terrible secret that could unravel the group forever" so please continue writing. I love your style, your writing is a good mix between description and dialog.