Reviews for OMFG CAFFEINE!
LilyRosetheDreamer chapter 1 . 9/18/2009
Wow. This story is crackers. Read mine 'cause it's nuts too!
Sonic Phantom chapter 1 . 7/24/2008

Ahem, very funny and nice job! (Hugs)
TwilightPrincess012 chapter 1 . 7/23/2008
Holy snapkick! There's more randomness in this fanfic then I am normally! *watches Shadow do sexy poses* *high pitch fangirl scream then faints*

*5 minutes later*

Yeah Sega should make more girlies more the guys. I know Amy can't handle ALL of em. That's why I created Ivy, Sky, and Rayne! Especially Rayne cause Knuxie doesn't have an echidna girl. Poor guy. :(
The Authoress of Heartbreak chapter 1 . 7/23/2008
Me: Awesome! I laughed my head off! And Midnight started drooling, too.

Midnight: hey, wait, aren't we the same person?

Me: Uh, yeah...

Midnight: Never mind...

Me: okay then...

Midnight: *fangirl squeal* SHADOW-KUN! *tackles Shadow*

Shadow: Yay, fangirls!
Pokelad chapter 1 . 7/23/2008