Reviews for Now
Guest chapter 1 . 7/5/2010
Ouch. That stings. That really stings. Oh how I love angst, and you've done it so well too! I'm really jealous! (Teach me please? xD) I still love how the emotions are changing with each story, and how their personalities change but they're still...themselves. It's like a cycle Brilliant!
quinnalyn chapter 1 . 3/7/2010
So very sad. I find it hard to picture Noon crying, but when I do, it makes me wanna join him. Once more blown away by your writing, now off to read New and No!
SprinkledWithDusk chapter 1 . 1/26/2009
Oh you're so mean. I was feeling all light and fluffy and now I'm all mushy and got the woobies.

Very clever though, I shall have to read Mister Monday again now, when I finish the other book I'm reading.
debatable chapter 1 . 7/26/2008
(I apologize for the ridiculous length of this review... Might want to get comfy, maybe grab a snack.)

I'm a little bit in *love* with this series you've come up with- I am proudly(/sadly) a pre-Monday persona supporter (because the series really started going downhill after that), and I regularly poke around the new KttK submissions, so upon seeing Know, and then Knew, pop up, I had to resist the urge to dance.

(Yes! Dance! Because who's to say a worth-reading submission in one of your favourite fandoms doesn't deserve dancing?)

The first story basically just flew by me the first time I read it... I had to reread it approximately three times before I actually got a firm grasp on anything but 'Dusk' and 'hipbones' and 'unbutton', etc etc.

(I know you'd probably appreciate it if I'd left *individual* reviews, but that'd just be a waste of time. Excuse me if I babble... Your writing induced babbling. Despite how strange that may sound.)

Okay, right off the bat, you captured one of my favourite Dusk aspects- the fact that his voice is *raspy*, not clean and lilting like I've heard it described so many times. He's quiet and semi-shy and he *hisses*... M. Okay, moving on.

Another thing that endeared me to the story: You named the creatures of the House properly. The bit about the Grim's seven servants actually hurt my heart.

(Oh, and: '"I would rather die," Dusk replied huskily, trembling.' Oh, Dusk.