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orclev chapter 32 . 10/6/2018
I love this story so much! Please write more!
garland of eden chapter 31 . 6/28/2017
awesome fic! i just read the whole thing
Arkylie Killingstad chapter 31 . 1/9/2017
I've been reading a lot of intriguing fanfic this past week, and this is by far the most interesting, both conceptually and in execution. Too many stories jump headlong into relationship, forgetting the amount of ground that would likely need to be covered to get these two into anything like a friendship, let alone a romance - Zelgadis being hardly in a stable friendship with his ACTUAL friends even after all this time.

The setup and plot have pulled me in since very early in reading this, and despite a certain amount of repetition (that seems a little too overdone to me), and some minor OOC bits from various characters, it's one of the most immersive fics I've read from this fandom. Immersion - the characters staying in character, the plot and setting and details feeling like possible canon elements instead of outsiders - is a big deal for me as a reader, and you've done a tremendous job at bringing most of it together.

In particular, you seem to have struck a useful balance among the various aspects of Xellos: smiling trickster who doesn't give straight answers, helpful teammate who still can't be counted on, evil demon who delights in destruction, Mazoku who provokes negative emotions to feed on them or use people for his own ends, talented spy who balances the flow of information while serving desires not his own, serious character who happens to indulge in comedy as well (if only to keep people off-balance), and now evolving powers and a new place in the world that he's unsure of how to deal with. Even his sudden anger doesn't seem out of character here, where in other fics it often does (a character this skilled in hiding his true emotions doesn't randomly fly into rages).

Lastly, the idea of Xellos evolving into a sort-of Mazoku Lord through developing a Will, and of L-sama Herself taking on both him and Lina as Priest and General, that's really interesting. I know it hits close to OP Mary Sue / fanwank, but with the use of L-sama in canon I don't think it's far off the possibilities the series could conceivably develop toward. And that's hard to pull off when you're dealing with an actual God-figure! So kudos for that.

I see that at one point you took off for five years before continuing, and I hope this absence (Sept 2015 to now (Jan 2017)) won't be as long, and that you're still planning to finish this tale. I'll check back now and then _
Guest chapter 31 . 11/26/2015
This is beautifully complex, even the the magic is explained in an understandable way and the emotions are so in depth and thought out. And you captured the characters perfectly. Please tell me you're writing more, I love it!
Katherine chapter 31 . 10/10/2015
I liked Lina in this chapter, especially. There are a lot of ways to simplify her character. Sometimes she seems like a straight up sociopath who only has friends to use as objects, and destroys entire populations of cities because she's peeved about something. Other times it's like the exact opposite of that, or she's a perfect caricature of cartoonish greed, or a scared child in over her head. People don't like to write her as complicated, so they usually pick *one* of those things... but she's simply a little complicated haha.

Most of all, between her temper and all the other Lina-ness, people forget the 'genius' part. I really liked that you showcased that, not only having her analyze a tricky bit of magic, but making that magic do what she wanted it to do against its own wielder. It's an interesting idea.
Katherine chapter 24 . 10/10/2015
Funny thought from yesterday.

(I'm going back through this story and randomly commenting again.

/sarcasm/ You're welcome!)

I was hanging out on St. Mark's last night with some old friends; an area near the East Village, particularly one of the Korean fun parts of Manhattan by the film academy and a few other schools - it's full of Asian stores, little bong bodegas that also sell fedoras, flashing lights for bars and karaoke rooms, a few comic shops... Always super busy and great for people watching. A young homeless girl walked by us while we were waiting outside a restaurant... she had a 2 liter Coca Cola bottle filled with what was clearly not Coca Cola, and this was definitely tragic. But then she started shouting things into the doorway about cut out faces and how the restaurant was '-something something- PENIS and vaGINA!' But like, way louder than you're imagining that right now. It was sad but I could not stop laughing. The kind of laughing where something strikes you with surprise-funny so hard and suddenly that your diaphragm just freezes so all you can do is breathe funny and hide your face in your friend's shoulder. That's New York, I guess. And yes, I felt bad, but those moments overrule compassion for at least a couple minutes even though you know it's wrong...

On top of the usual weirdness, it's also comic con in NYC right now, so there are people walking around the whole city all awesome and looking weirder than Zel on his worst day, and I couldn't help thinking about how easily he would pass as one of those people on nights like that (not the drunk yelling ones, the ones specifically not doing that), and everyone would think it was wicked. Or at other times, people would just think he was one of those guys who modifies their bodies with tattoos and skin implants and such that we always see on tv (or on St. Marks, I guess) these days. I even have seen people with their ears surgically pointed. That's a little over the top when we have spirit gum and foam rubber, but to each their own, no one says anything about it here.

Point, I guess, if I have to make one, is that Zel should see NYC at St. Marks during a Comic Con weekend and he would literally never feel weird about himself ever again.
Katherine chapter 4 . 10/8/2015
I totally agree with your meta-reason for Zelgadis' weight (though I just wanted to say that 90kg is almost 200lbs - 198lbs and some change, not less than 180. But 20lbs plus or minus isn't the range we're talking about, so it's all good.) I think the idea of a ton is also ridiculous, regardless. As you noted, he can't be solid granite, he has extremely lithe and quick movements/reflexes, which means his muscles are freer than whatever a golem uses ('magic', I guess). Plus, in the novels, the first time we see him, he goes against Rezo and rescues Lina (well, after kidnapping her, but still... He's adorably young in that story, and Lina's first thoughts about him are actually that he's strikingly attractive, 'If you like blue guys made of rock' or something like that, to paraphrase), carrying her while running for hours without rest, which means his endurance is something unique.

And yeah, there's no way *only* his skin is augmented; the weight of that much thick stone attached to a normal human musculature and skeleton would crush a person, so you're right - there's something going on with his tissue but considering the way he moves, I don't know what it is. (I don't know why his hair is wire, either, since that's metal, and the kind of stone he's made out of doesn't seem to have veins of random metal in it lol, and whatever follicles he has now can apparently turn whatever he eats into metal hair... high iron diet? -rolls eyes-, but these are the things we have to think about, I guess, when analyzing impossible things that don't exist haha. At least he doesn't get a five o'clock shadow).

I don't remember too much of the shows, though I have seen them many years ago, but I have the English translations of the novels (and my husband has the Japanese ones, since he can read them, but only up through 8. There's a site full of people who've translated the newer ones, too, way way past the Aqualord, which is exciting, even if I've never gotten around to reading them) and I consider those to be the 'basic' canon. So yeah, I think 500lbs sounds right, regardless of what the 'canon' number is. It's why we have fan fiction. Some authors don't write their own creations as well as we'd like. ;) Heck, we even have the comic books with Lina and Naga in their early years, but I have no idea what they say lol.

There's a lot of weird things about his physiology, and anything I don't get, I just shrug and think, 'must be the brau demon part,' haha. Deus ex Brau Demon lol. Because if he's faster, stronger, and has way higher stamina than a human, he should have a metabolism close to Goury's, at least, but he needs way less food, so... Must be the brau demon (brow, blow, people spell it tons of different ways, because technically everything translated from Japanese is phonetic, so it's all valid.)

Anyway, we actually have some official Slayers role playing guide, like a D&D manual, that I vaguely remember puts him at the possibility of 100 years old or some kind of nonsense? so I wouldn't use anything in that, though it would be nice if it made sense, or I remember it wrong. I know some Batman ficcers who saw that Catwoman's official weight (according to whoever was deciding that day, and I know DC has no intention of ever getting their act together on anything whatsoever) was 90-something pounds or an equally ridiculous number (it had something to do with someone saying the Riddler or another character had fifty pounds over her, and with his canon weight, it ended up being just a stupid number, if I recall), and since her strength and height, not to mention curves, make that entire idea insane, they joke that Catwoman does not actually have a skeleton. XD it still cracks me up.

All that said, at least Xellos is kind of a free for all when it comes to his abilities and stats, so we have that. If Lina is Level 50 without the Lord of Nightmares, then he's Level 4000, it just depends on how he decides to use it haha.

If you want, I can go back over the RPG manual and send you stats on whatever you like, it's been a while since I even glanced at it. Obviously, I'd take those with a grain of salt. I don't remember the translation website, but my husband probably does, if you want I can send that info along, too.
Katherine chapter 30 . 10/8/2015
I'm really glad to see this updated. It's an old favorite.
Staid waters chapter 30 . 9/29/2015
Much enjoyed! Thanks for adding to this. I read the whole thing over again and found it to be a great deal of fun.
RudyMK chapter 30 . 9/26/2015
I'm so glad to see more of this story! Thanks for posting.
aliz chapter 30 . 9/20/2015
Yeeee now don't make us wait 5 more years for the next chapter! XD
Guest chapter 30 . 9/15/2015
Was quite happy to see you back :)
arccie chapter 30 . 9/16/2015
Really exciting to see an author update a stoy after 5 years.

Even better is that the new chapter still reads like the same story and actually seamlessly fits into the pace of the other chapters. Fantastic.

I like Xellos' existential crisis. It's very well rounded and I'm enjoying the progression of his realisation of his changes.

Hope there will be more updates.

A chapter 30 . 9/13/2015
Yes! I was waiting for this! keep going o
Desiree1717 chapter 30 . 9/12/2015
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