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theliznach chapter 28 . 2/27/2009
This was truly wonderful! I'm also very sad this has so few reviews, it certainly deserves them. Your writing is incredibly well done and the story was just so original and perfect. I loved your Kate and Sawyer (and everyone, really) thanks for sharing your story with us.
xXxUnReQuitEdxXx chapter 28 . 2/7/2009
Great Story! this definately deserves much more reviews :D I love your plot!
angelfan86 chapter 22 . 1/19/2009
O! Nice twist in making Penny the bad guy. :)
Boo chapter 20 . 1/19/2009
This is a really good fic, keep up the great writing! It has so much depth and detail. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Please post again soon or my brain will have withdrawal symptoms... :D
PirateKnightoftheRings chapter 20 . 11/10/2008
Wow! This is really amazing! Please keep up the great work!
angelfan86 chapter 17 . 9/16/2008
This has got to be one of the best lost fics i've EVER read. Kudos!
medras chapter 1 . 9/5/2008
Amazing story. I love the way all of the characters act and interact...and of course, all of the wonderful Skate! :)

Keep up the good work! (I'm dying to read the next chapter!)
nolongeractiveignoredelete chapter 12 . 9/1/2008
I've been awfully lazy with my reviews lately, I'm making an attempt to catch up ;)

I liked this chapter, the first paragraph was my favourite, the way you described her dreams was perfect, it sounded like poetry.

I'm glad Desmond was in this chapter again, you did a wonderful job of writing him the way he is, somewhat quiet, respectful, uncertain, that type of thing.

It was so sweet how Kate wanted Sawyer to sleep with her :D The romantic tension continues... ;)

Brilliant, in conclusion, as always.

ChosenNo chapter 12 . 8/21/2008
I just wanted to let you know that this story is amazing. Just started reading it today and you have no idea how frustrated I was when I realized I'd have to wait another second for the next chapter. Keep up the good work, and soon!
nolongeractiveignoredelete chapter 11 . 8/20/2008
Firstly, sorry it took me so long to review this chapter! I've been swamped lately, and I've only had time to read it in bits and pieces over the last few days. I must be one awful cheer squad ;)

Okay, I changed my mind, THIS is my new favourite chapter. Which is a bit strange, considering nothing extremly drastic happens in it. It is definitely the best written though, the whole thing flowed flawlessly for the most part, and the descriptions were simply perfect, although the ones in the first few paragraphs were my favourite :)

I liked how you showed a bit of a softer side to Sawyer, it seems like total "Sawyer-ish" thing to do, the way he carried her. So sweet :)

And yay, Desmond! I love that slightly insane love sick Scottish man ;) It's genius how you are managing to bring all these characters into your story so easily, brilliant job.

I only have one ITTY bitty complaint. At the very end Desmond says 'brother', but in the show he doesn't really say the 'er' at the end so it comes out more like "brotha". For some reason, I love "brotha" , but of course it's up to you ;). I will most certainly settle for 'brother' if that is what you choose :D

Any who, lovely chapter, as I said above, my new favourite!

nolongeractiveignoredelete chapter 10 . 8/12/2008
As always, very entertaining ;) I think this is actually my favorite chapter so far, the way Sawyer faught so viciously to save Kate was both beautiful and touching ;)

You wrote the action scenes particularly well, very intense! It seemed very in character of Sawyer too, to fight with so much determination.

I'm glad Ben's plan didn't succeed, although I felt kind of sorry for him when Sawyer kicked him in the face. That would have hurt! :)

I loved this line in paticular:

"The tower, which had seemed so imposing, was small in the distance, he could see the old ferris wheel on the south bank, rotating slowly, making its ghostly cycle, and the gothic structure of the old houses of parliament, pure black against the orange sky."

Beautiful, it created the perfect image in my mind.

Wonderful job ;)

By the way, thank you for sending me the website to the rest of the story, even though I know what happens I still enjoy reading your story here!

nolongeractiveignoredelete chapter 9 . 8/6/2008
Very nice chapter ;)

I'm glad Sawyer and Kate finally were reunited, although the meeting was a bit bittersweet. I can only hope that it was a key Kate slipped Sawyer. That fiendish little devil ;)

Glad we got to see Locke in this chapter, even if he only had a small appearence, I was beginning to miss that bald headed jig saw puzzle. Please excuse the horrible nickname, I'm glad he's back okay? :)

Just a tiny bit of CC, make sure you try and avoid starting too many sentences with the same word. For instance, at the start of the chapter, many of your paragraphs all begin with 'she'. It's not really that big of a deal, and compared with the excellent story line and well developted characters you really needn't worry, just don't be afraid to change the sentences up a bit ;)

I'm still enjoying this very much ;) Update soon!

nolongeractiveignoredelete chapter 8 . 8/6/2008
My dear, let me start by apoligizing for not reviewing earlier

:( School has kept me on my toes ;)

I can't believe you killed Hurley! That was so sad, especially when he thought about Libby :( I suppose I can forgive you though, as it does add quite an interesting bit of suspense to the story. ;)

Hmm...Ben finally found Sawyer didn't he? I liked the way you described their interaction, and your description of Ben was spot on. Poor Sawyer :( It's such a pity those guards got to him...

The description of Central was quite lovely too, it's beautiful how it is such a stark contrast to the slums.

I loved it how you managed to keep the romantic chemistry building between Kate and Sawyer, when Kate wasn't even in the chapter! It was so sweet how Sawyer kept thinking about her, and how he secretly hopes she will find him ;) I almost wish she would, but then again, that would be all part of Ben's plan wouldn't it?

Quite suspenseful and clever as always, looking forward to an update! ;)

M. Pond chapter 8 . 8/4/2008
Okay so where do I even start? You've yet to write a chapter that doesn't make me feel like a million emotions in one big rush!

You killed Hurley! I mean I knew they'd put out a contract on his life but I didn't see it coming. I love the fact you made him darker than he is in Lost. And the fact that his final thought was of Libby... *love*

Ooh Ben is out to get Kate! And he has Sawyer locked in a tower! I didn't think he'd get Sawyer.

I just can't wait to see what happens next. As always it was brilliant written and I gasped a number of times. I'm just looking forward to more. And as I always say, this story deserves more reviews.
nolongeractiveignoredelete chapter 7 . 8/3/2008
*smacks head* I can't believe I didn't find this sooner, my inbox had been absolutly flooded lately. But now that I read it, I'm glad I did! ;)

I must say that the Skate chemistry in this chapter was HOT. Period. Everything from the way Sawyer watched her as they were climbing through the sewers to when he was ready to protect her with his gun, to when he actually kissed her, all brilliant. And I must admit, I was worried that you were going to make their first kiss overly dramatic (like it is so commonly done in Skate fics *gag*) but you pulled it off perfectly and managed to make it romantic but realistic at the same time, if you know what I mean.

The story is really starting to get interesting now that the war between the Blades and the Central has "officially" begun. I can't wait to see what happens ;)

And the figure in the shadows, very nice. My mind is running wild with possibilites. Could it be Ben? Seems like something he would do, but you can never be sure...

I am glad you added that bit about the city's history with the subways, it made the whole thing so much more interesting.

Overall, brilliant chapter, update soon! You really deserve more reviews ;)
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