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I think you story is pretty good. Nice storyline, prolouge, charaters, and all of that.

- - Rose Scimitar Emeraldfay the squirrel
Rose Emeraldfay chapter 10 . 5/17/2010
I like this story too! I think that you are being very creative. Your only problem (and I mean this as a friend) is spellchecking your only problem is spellign errors. Don't worry, you have your fans ;)

And remeber! My full redwall alter ego's name is Rose Scimitar Emeraldfay!
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Oh and when did I become a she? o.O
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Quavera_Tava: WO WO WO M0 WO!1
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...A CANNON! WHAT! What are you thinking bringing human technology into the Redwall universe. Soon enough you're gonna bring in motor boats and guns.

Sorry, but human technology and the Redwall universe is a recipe for disaster.
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