Reviews for Hiding
Isis chapter 1 . 7/29/2010
Love it
Ra chapter 1 . 1/30/2010
heheheheheheheheheheh! I love it! This is great!
KJS93 chapter 1 . 1/3/2009
kalyn19 chapter 1 . 10/31/2008
aww! very cute! run, Zuko, run!
Burning Ice chapter 1 . 10/12/2008
hahaha! I would be hiding too! Jeez, sounds terrifying! Hormonal Katara? A pond? Oh boy!
hducudusjfjei643 chapter 1 . 8/1/2008
haha aww, cute
AnimeFTW chapter 1 . 7/25/2008
This story is really funny! I had a smile on my face throughout the story, and I laughed a lot. Poor boys, having to deal with a very pregnant Katara! XD
AvatarAiris chapter 1 . 7/25/2008
haha, awesome funny ;P

nice work with it too ;)

hehehe, poor little Aang

and Zuko ;D
Vampire Miko 159 chapter 1 . 7/25/2008

That was so funny!

I loved it!
Bishieluver01 chapter 1 . 7/25/2008
...Awesome...! XD Hilarious; noone can stand the might of a mighty pissed off pregnant woman, none the less Katara! *laughs* This is a fav in my book; great work!
Requiem17 chapter 1 . 7/24/2008
ah tht was fun to read. very avatar-ish. i'm so glad you included all the characters.

"then what in agni's name are you doing here guffawing and giving our hiding place away?"

best line. maybe just because you used the word "guffawing" or because it just summarized the craziness of everyone so far through the fic.

very funny!
alkaaa chapter 1 . 7/24/2008
hahahahaahahahhahah very cute
ash chapter 1 . 7/24/2008
very nice and very funny!
Sunbattle chapter 1 . 7/24/2008
Oh Cute. More, maybe?