Reviews for All That Glitters
JumpingTheMoon chapter 2 . 5/28/2009
I don't have any rounded critique or nitpicking for you - this was a beautiful, beautifully written story, period. -
LibertyBellJar chapter 1 . 8/2/2008
Thank you both so much for the reviews. I really do appreciate getting feedback, and it's all the better when it's positive. -'

I did consider making the relationship a little more "physical", but I decided to keep it (somewhat) family friendly (in case my parents happen to stumble open this :P). And the little snippets about wondering who Dawn's mom is...that was Candice's thoughts and ramblings, although, in retrospect, that part was kind of vague about whether it was the character or the author narrating.

The TwinleafShipping was definitely one of my favorite parts about writing this, since I'm a big Jun fangirl, and I'm glad it was enjoyable. I had some trouble with the ending, since the whole thing seemed to be rambling on a bit, and I'm something of a perfectionist, so I had to revise it a bit before I was satisfied.

Anyhow, I've posted the extended ending, which explores the characters a little bit more and supplements the original. Again, thanks very much for the reviews. Merci and au revoir!
Whiscash chapter 1 . 8/1/2008
Glittershipping! _

This was just lovely. Everything was really beautifully described, the Twinleafshipping was handled in a way that made it interesting, but not too sad, and the ending was just adorable. Great work!

-Whiscash SPPf
Pendar chapter 1 . 7/25/2008
Oh yeah Yuri baby! What man doesnt love it? I have never read a DawnCandice story before but this is really cool. The only problem I had with the story is that Dawn and Candice should have been more "physical" lol. Too bad Jun didnt get his feelings returned and its not true that shiny things distract boys well unless its a shiny new Video Game.

P.S: Dawns mother name is Johanna just to let u know.