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btlmotormouth chapter 39 . 6/6
I loved this but I wish there was more on just Harry and Legolas after the war
Bo chapter 39 . 3/21
I agree with what Nova99 and 01NJ10 commented. Harry was supposedly destined to come to Middle Earth, as Gandalf said and then what? Just for Legolas? Well, I can tell you he was right sh*t at that. I mean honestly, the amount of pain Legolas was put through, I pretty much wanted to help end this poor guy's life before he could fade, because Harry was absolutely awful to him from beginning to end. And he called Legolas selfish? Ha! What jokes! What laffs! In wizarding matters, harry is truly selfless. In matters of the heart, well he pretty much just is awful (and yes I get he has a bad past and self-esteem issues and what not, but later in their relationship, he was pretty awful).

And then in this chapter, he decides, 'Oh! I guess it's time to tell the truth!'...after he died -_- I agree with the comment this Harry was not only a mary sue, but constantly getting hurt. Seriously after awhile, I just skimmed cause it was a bit overdramatic.

This epilogue just felt rushed, specifically on Legolas and Harry's relationship. Seriously, I get there soulmates, but Legolas deserved more than what he was given. He deserved more than a rushed apology.

Sorry, but not sorry
Guest chapter 3 . 2/12
Just... how old is your Harry? I keep thinking he's 14 or 15 and that's actually very disturbing. I'm surprised he hasn't asked ANY questions as to why he's been expected etc and it's weird how he lets Gandalf tell him what to do like that. I guess you can say your Gandalf is even ooc in this fic.
afhSVJNKcxm chapter 23 . 2/12
pascale.charette chapter 20 . 1/25
haaaaaaa. ok guess I should have expected it.
pascale.charette chapter 19 . 1/25
lovely... yep being appart helps making sense of emotions.
Razeus1 chapter 3 . 1/2
OK, here's my thoughts:
1. Where does Gandalph get off telling Harry he can't know whatever it is that Elrond wants to tell him! G isn't H's father or any other authority figure to H...I'd tell G to bugger off it concerns H so therefore it's H's right to know! I get it that at Durskaban he has been conditioned not to ask questions, but at Hogwarts he was growing out of that (in canon at least)
2. How old is H? So far I peg him around 13 or 14 just after 3rd year before 4th year at Hogwarts.
3. Has he seen the Grim (Sirius Black) yet? Does S.B. have any place here?
carry on...
01NJ10 chapter 39 . 11/11/2015
Hey there! I was actually reading your latest story Strange Connections and i must say i really really liked it. However by the time i finished chapter 18 i was still craving more and decided to check your author page and lo and behold! Another crossover story! And FINISHED one at that!

I read the entire thing in one setting, even reading through my classes and it was a lot of fun. Truly i enjoyed it, especially since it is hard to find one in which the characters aren't too OOC or is left unfinished. Thank you for writing it.

My only problem with it was that the way you left it made no sense in the over-arching story line. Harry was destined to come to middle-earth. Why? To only love Legolas? I understand why it was hard to go back because it meant Legolas fading, but since he had no reason to come to middle-earth Legolas fading becomes a moot point. Till the end i though Harry was important because he had some main or at least significant role to play in the war. We see no evidence of this. His presence changed nothing. The events happened almost exactly as they would. Poor Legolas was put through the ringer though.
Why does Sauron want him? How does everybody know about Harry? What was the prophecy? A wizard will arrive and will be the love of the mirkwood prince? And? That is no reason for Gandalf or Elrond to be so concerned over it or even keep it from Harry. Was it because that if the wizard falls into Sauron's hands middle-earth would be doomed under their combined might? Okay. Except Sauron wanting Harry only started in the last half of the story. And was a surprise to Gandalf.

I don't mean to bring this story down. I honestly don't. I liked it! But it's not complete. Neither Sauron nor Voldemort was defeated. An epilogue would help but it feels like only half the mystery. Like the story was centered on the one decision Harry had to make: go or stay. There is so much potential for more here. For example: The dark side of himself that Harry's discovered. Sauron could try to take advantage of that. Or the manipulation Harry's felt constantly. In the story he often says he feels like he's a puppet to some unseen forces. He could decide to take control of his own destiny.

In the book when Harry gets killed in the forest, it affects Voldemort too and knocks him out for a second. It could be tied in with the story: the moment Harry dies is around the time Voldemort appears on Hogwart's grounds and starts wreaking havoc. Harry's death i.e. the death of the last horcrux causes that one vital moment of distraction which leads to Voldemort's death at the hands of Hermione, or Neville even. Dumbledore's army is Harry's army so Harry's wish of not being forgotten comes true.

I'm just blathering on now. Sorry. If you ever find time to write the epilogue i would love to read it. Thank you so much for writing this story. I clearly became very invested in it.
Lady Asrai chapter 39 . 9/29/2015
The perfect ending to this story. I didn't expect it to all be wrapped up so well, I thought one group or another would be left, and be grieving.

This was such an amazing story, and so well written.

Thank you for this amazing read.

Guest chapter 19 . 9/22/2015
Guest chapter 39 . 8/18/2015
Oh... the poor elf finally gets his love.
RatherFabulous chapter 10 . 8/17/2015
Gosh, I wish Harry was a wizard. It'd make things so much easier.
Amu4ever chapter 23 . 8/13/2015
I just realized: I posted your 1,600 review.

So, do I get a reward? :)

Oh and as dramatic as I expected the chapter end to be. You have really a thing for drama, don't you?
Amu4ever chapter 22 . 8/13/2015
Marcus makes the 'previous chapter' buttom really look tempting. Maybe I will press it :)
Amu4ever chapter 21 . 8/13/2015
Hehehe...still pointing towards the "previous chapter" buttom :D

Why are you so insistant, that I press it dear review fairy?

Oh and Legolas won't be happy, that Harry prolonged the time 'till they meet again by busing his exhausted body to do magic.
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