Reviews for I'm Still Here
Asj Johnson chapter 14 . 7/5
It was a nice fic. I really liked it. The ending might be slightly confusing, but I think it's just because there's so many possibilities. That he died and was either another alt. version of Danny himself or that Clockwork could somehow take him back despite dying, and then he wakes up, and there's the possibility he's home, but then he's not but he has all that stuff that Vlad gave him without even mentioning wanting to be friends (or something) and the possibility of Danny going to him, but then he doesn't do that either, and even throws away some of his stuff (not sure if he's forgoing the whole identity or not, but the debit card would've been nice to keep). But then there's still the possibility of him being the primary Danny and Clockwork taking him back after he figures out how to get rid of Dark Dan (since there's the possibility that the little things that led up to this universe were put in place because of Dark Dan and it being the only way to get rid of him for good). ...Just think, if Danny had lived out his life, and then the ghost threat was somehow eliminated and he and everyone else retired, and then Dark Dan showed up when Danny's rusty and no one else was around who could even help... But anyhow, it's been a neat fic.
Asj Johnson chapter 10 . 7/5
Aw, you have a nicer end for Lancer. That's nice. (though, I'd always assumed Lancer's memorial had said 'Gone but not forgotten' just like the other one, but that most of the words were buried beneath the ground.)
After that talk at the cemetery, I feel like it'll be more satisfying (than I used to think) if Danny doesn't get back to his home time. I guess because he's feeling like staying in this timeline is starting to be a real possibility. Kind'a coming to an understanding.
Asj Johnson chapter 8 . 7/4
man... if this really is just Vlad's hologram then he's playing a really dirty trick on Danny by doing this to him.
Wow... to be there while the ghost zone was melting... Sounds pretty horrible. (but I'm still confused on the timing. That happened After the incident with Danny's thermos. How could he have had anything to do with stealing and burying him?)
Aww... Box Lunch. :( (also, why wasn't He desolving like the other ghosts? I thought he would've fled to the human world after seeing what was happening, but he seems untouched by it.)
Wow... so it was the Box Ghost all along - and he was going to turn him loose, but forgot. ...Kind'a like how Vlad wasn't really mean enough to torture Danny with the 'ghost' of his mother.
Oh... so it's not a continual thing, but more like... one blast of poison that quickly faded. ...but still, how could he just assume something like that? Did someone tell him?
What exactly did he do to Dani?
Asj Johnson chapter 7 . 7/4
...I wonder if the old fenton thermos survived the reformatting because it's a real-world object. But he must've been outside the thermos before that point if he was able to steal Danny's thermos and bury it.
Wait, he killed Danielle? It wasn't just her outliving her stablization like they'd assumed?
Aww, Vlad's too smart to be taken by complete surprise at the kid being Danny later. (but, from the last lines, maybe now he'll actually go talk to Danny)
Asj Johnson chapter 6 . 7/4
(blank stare for a moment) He does set off the sensors? Does that mean Sam and him have been messing with them? And then what about the one that Danny had set off? And if someone was sabotaging them then why didn't Vlad notice that someone wanted to remain hidden? I assume Vlad doesn't know about him, at least. If he does, I'd think he would've wanted to be around the closest thing to a halfa that was left. ...Poor Vlad, all alone.
...That's not another Danny, is it? At first I thought it could be Vlad or Clockwork in the Ghost Zone watching Danny, until he mentioned something about being stuck in a thermos.
...Whoever he is, he's the one who buried Danny? How did he survive the ghost zone getting wiped? Why didn't he do more in the human world within that 70 years? Why am I writing so much for a fic that was completed 8 years ago?
Follow them, 'Matthew'! These so-close encounters pull at me in such ways.
Asj Johnson chapter 5 . 7/4
So now the question is, how did Vlad disguise himself that well? If he ages more slowly because of his ghost half, then it'd make sense to fake dying, but not so much faking gradual aging so well. Unless he did the opposite and had plastic surgery of a sort to look younger instead.
...iris 'prints'? That sounds painful. :/
Aww... Sam had it on, waiting for Danny to come through it, but he never did. I like the dedication. His family and friends cared about him much more than it first seemed.
Vlad seems rather grumpy. Is he destined to become a hermit, no matter the future? (though, thinking about that episode again, and the idea of flying cars, in my fic idea I was going to use the excuse of Dan's existence for why Amity Park ended up with those in that timeline. They had to adapt, and they were separated from the rest of the world.)
Oh wow, so Danielle had a kid. I wonder why Jazz doesn't know (or doesn't seem to). ...and, wow, that sentence has so many Dannys in it. If Danny was still around, it would've been worse than my dad's family. "Oh, let me introduce you to Danny's couson Dani's son Danny." (I suppose the ghost DNA isn't passed down genetically then, if Little Danny didn't set off Vlad's sensor.)
I wonder how surprised he'll be when he finds out it's an Old halfa instead of a new one.
Asj Johnson chapter 4 . 7/4
Wow, Danny sure thinks thoroughly when it comes to people connecting him to a decades dead Danny Fenton. I probably would've just assumed no one would even think to figure it out. ...or maybe wonder if it's possible to even get by with a fake identity if social security numbers and birth certificates still exist. ...I might would even not fool with changing my name, since it's not really uncommon to have five or six people with the same name in the same family. Like, my dad didn't want to name my brother after himself because there were already too many family members who just so happened to have the same name. But then he was born on his birthday, so he did anyhow.
Wow... they gave up ghost stuff altogether. (but what happened to Danny? Did someone like Skulker or Vlad steal and bury the thermos? And if so, why in their backyard?)
...Makes me feel bad for evil Dan. Possibly locked in a thermos for centuries, a mindless, timeless, blankness.
Heh. I like your newer technology. Sounds very realistic. Something both easier and harder than our present technology (since, let's face, it we'd all be like Danny was with the computer and wishing we could just type it in and open windows for ourselves instead of telling someone else what to do for us). ...and actually... with things like Corona and Siri... it's not that far off from now.
Heh. Telling her she looks like her grandmother. I like Danny's hints.
The map doesn't sound too bad. Pretty good idea. though... how would it work if he's flying above the city... when other people would be on the ground? Well, unless there's the flying cars that were seen in the Dan episode, I suppose. Or jet packs or skates or something.
Ha, I like how the phone (thing?)'s smart enough to re-route him in a straight line. It kind'a reminds me of Bing Map's 'walk' feature, only better (since that just refuses to cut across empty lots or anything, which is annoying).
"three days ago when you were my age" :P I like that sentence. It tells it from both perspectives so well.
...I could so imagine Sam having had a daughter who absolutely hates anything goth and loves pink. I'd wondered about it before, but seeing that Sam still likes stuff like that house (which does sound kind'a cool), the thought returns.
Well, I guess that flying car line means the map thought's back to 'how does that work?' It's still a great idea for a map, and I can kind'a see it working from the street, too (in a more limited way), but I'm not sure how it can do both perspectives. ...I guess it's part of that holographic technology thing. Maybe it was made from above, to get everything right, and then is turned 90 degrees for normal use, leaving the aerial view because there was no reason to delete it. Especially since holographs are 3D.
Half-ghosts specifically. Huh... so oddly specific indeed. That probably never reacted before (well, maybe for Dani?).
Wait. 'Even Vlad is gone'? ...then who... (jumps back to the start of that line, since the name Vlad had caught the corner of my eye right before I got to that part) Calling Danny 'Daniel' cannot be an accident. It's either Vlad or a close relative of his.
Matthew? Is that Vlad's new identity or Vlad's son or something?
Good. He's going.
Asj Johnson chapter 3 . 7/4
Wow... they left him buried in the backyard after Jazz told them the ghost was their son. Would they have opened the thermos if they hadn't known? (also, the Nasty Burger: an explosion waiting to happen. Not surprised. I do wonder if Sam and Tucker were there, though. And, right after I left the last chapter, I realized that the ghost zone had been wiped clean during Danny's natural lifetime. Well... when he wasn't exactly old. Which would be kind'a weird. But at the same time, it may not have happened if Danny Phantom hadn't suddenly left the town to fend for themselves. And, nice that Danny did manage to get with Jazz on that second chance-meeting instead of barely missing her again - for apparently the third time. I did kind'a have a brief, half-thought of something about Jazz's family when Danny looked for the ghost portal there, but hadn't thought of the possibility when Danny saw the kids when released.)
Kind'a funny, for a fic I'm working on, I was thinking of future!Vlad phasing into an empty hotel room, and also stealing clothing (though the latter in a tricker way than Danny here). I guess it's a pretty obvious thing for one of the halfas to do, but I hadn't seen it in a fic until now.
You even have Danny take a shower in the room. ...oh right, of course you do. He already talked about that and needs one anyhow (but ha, bet he won't shave, too).
Aw... poor Danny. I'm sure there's some reason for him to have been left in the backyard like that... Not sure what it could be, but there must be something... (uh, besides the thought of 'they figured their son was already dead, and thus needed to be buried properly.')
hm... dreams... I need to remember to add a nightmare to two to my fic.
Asj Johnson chapter 2 . 7/4
I was amused at the 'old model computer' Danny had trouble with. Danny's like an old guy who can't figure out new technology, but also could look like a young kid who's too used to having simplier technology in order to understand old things.
Also, even though I was kind'a semi-expecting it after Danny started his search for ghost zone portals, hearing the ghost zone was 'collapsed' kind'a sent a shiver down my spine. I guess I'd thought of them taking care of the ghosts once and for all, but not to that extent.
...And now, even more horrible-sounding stuff. 'Reformatted' sounds... I donno, kind'a painful and scary? (oh, and I'd been thinking of Clockwork since near the start. It shouldn't hurt anything for Danny to pop back to the past, and would explain why the thermos was abandoned so easily. But now... Can't figure out how this can end.)
Danny really needs to watch how he uses his powers. If ghosts can be wiped from existence, then it's pretty dangerous for him to be seen flying around. By the way, you have a lot of nice fics. :D Really good writing.
zephyr hb chapter 14 . 6/16
Ok, this was reeaaly good, keep me up until 5:30 am.
Sparkling Hobbit Hoe of M. E chapter 14 . 4/13
My tears... this was so good! :'D
Sparkling Hobbit Hoe of M. E chapter 5 . 4/12
This fic is coolio.
Esherymack chapter 8 . 4/10
I haven't legitimately cried over a story, ever. Until today, that is. When Danny's world cracked in two, as you put it, I just couldn't hold it back anymore.
Also, this story is incredible so far, I'm so glad I found it! Very nice work. It's hard to find quality fics some days, but this one (and all your others) have me absolutely captivated. Thank you!
Selena chapter 14 . 2/9
...what an epic, awesome, emotional rollercoaster of a ride.

I felt for Danny, waking up in that horrible future was...well, horrible, awful. The whole time, up until the end of the last chapter, actually, I wished and prayed for Danny to make it back. Still hoping he will eventually and preferably close enough that he still looks sixteen at the very least...and can reinsert himself into his old life without much difficulty.

Also felt terribly sorry for Jazz, Tucker, Sam, Danielle and Jack and Maddie. Though when I thought the latter two had deliberately kept Danny captive, burying him in their own backyard, I was beyond furious. So glad it turned out that wasn't what happened in the end, that Jack and Maddie loved their son. Gosh, must be so terrible to loose their baby that way. So glad that in that dead-scene, Danny could speak to his parents, at long last, tell them they were not at fault and be hugged by them.

Sam and least those two could see him one last time and now, as much as it hurts, they know he is dead. Well, think it's a fact anyway. Though I wish it wasn't so, I agree with is better this way. Those two are not his Jazz and Sam, they've lived their life- and done it well, apparently. Loved Daniel, Sam's adoptive kid. Hope he gets born, whatever happens. Just hopefully, the poor kid gets to see his mom next time round. He can still have a beautiful relationship with Sam though . Wonder who is the father? Besides the genetic "father" Danny himself, that is.

Danielle's was awful and tragic, made all the more so because she died thinking her baby boy was going to die. So glad Clockwork (love that guy) saved him. Sad he couldn't rescue Dani herself, but he had to regroup after the GiW's stupidity in leveling the ghost zone though.

Those guys make me furious (the GiW). They deserve imprisonement in a dark forgotten cell with no way to escape...or, even better, a lesson that actually sticks about how to not meddle with the Ghost Zone. It's their fault Dark Dan escaped. Yeah, that might not have been their intention but really? Destroying a whole world and not expecting it to backfire on them at some point? Genocide, that's the word for it. I hate those guys as much as I do Dark Dan and "hate" is too gentle a word really. Assholes. I still remember how in Reality Trip, when the whole world learned Danny Fenton was Danny Phantom, a human with rights, darn it, those guys still went after him with letal weapons and wanted to dissect him. At least Dark Dan has a sort of "excuse" for his missing moral compass: he's formed out of a teen ghost merging with an evil older ghost and getting overwhelmed. There was no humanity left. But those GiW? *Furious*

That Vlad saved Danny in the end...well, you've made it believable. Glad he didn't force Danny to carry his name though.

Epic fight against Dark Dan btw...what a collosal asshole...(and that word truly is too kind) - Danny was awesome. The end was tragic though. Poor Sam and Jazz.

As for Boxy...well, tbh, I can't truly hate him for what he did. He never meant for it to get so out of hand. I want to smack him around a bit though for forgetting to free Danny from that Thermos before it was too late.

Gonna miss those Ghosts (excepting Dark Dan)...eradicating the Ghost Zone was WRONG. As I said before, it was genocide. Those ghosts didn't deserve to go this way.

Still hoping Danny can return to his own timeline and stop that from ever happening...and destroy Dark Dan permanently in the process. Have you written a sequel? Haven't looked yet. Really hoping you have...Can't wait to see what'll happen next...and see Danny finnaly be reunited with Sam, Tucker, Jazz, Maddie and Jack. With Danielle, too.
notoriousnight chapter 1 . 1/6
Its astonishing how emotional your writing makes me. I need to go read something happy now... thanks for messing with my emotions... AGAIN.
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