Reviews for Bombardment
LadyGreatSkullZero chapter 1 . 5/9/2011
That was thooughly enjoyable - ah sign puns... So lame they make me cry xD

You've managed to incorporate so many cringe-wrothy signs into this piece and yet... The reader finds them funny but isn't distracted from the narration's subject - of course being Deckard and his thoughts on the life he now lives.

If anything, the signs seem like ironic statements purposefully put there by those living the high-life in the off-world colonies - what better way to kick those below you than with 'empty promises' as you put it.

The advetisements also seem hollow in their declarations, almost mocking themselves because of the impoverished situation they are in; whilst the 'proverbial angels' dangle salvation in their faces.

That's how I interperet your prose - and by gum is it brilliant. Cleverly done! And courageous on your part for tackling such a difficult subject. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere near puns in any of my prose xD I'm not witty enough to place them appropriately as you have!

Also, Deckard's acceptance of the pitiful lifestyle is apparent - and I would imagine him to feel this way. You caught his character well :)
Macbeth 7768 chapter 1 . 7/2/2010
Very nice. I loved the last ad especially.
Quirel chapter 1 . 7/26/2008

Seemed a little rushed, didn't quite flow together all that well, but I still liked it.

Wasn't a fan of Blade Runner, but I definitely remember seeing a lot of advertisements... everywhere. The odd ones here definitely fit in.