Reviews for Seducing Ms Swan
Guest chapter 22 . 2/22
In whose POV is the epilogue written ?it's confusing.
Guest chapter 12 . 2/3
I'm sorry but I simply cannot read any further. I have never-in all these years on FanFiction-read anything so dripping with anger.

Bella and Edward are completely and totally ooc! You have given them anger that is irrational and at times ridiculous. It is simple not enjoyable for me to read a story that is so heated and negative in every chapter. It's not fun, and most of the time, it simply doesn't make sense!

I'm sorry, but I cannot continue.
Psyche101 chapter 22 . 11/18/2017
Congratulations for writing this amazing story! It was a very hard subject and you really nailed. I love how you wrote Bella, really well done I’m off to read more of your stories! Btw, I’m sure you’re a famous author o soon to be
looking4inspiration chapter 1 . 9/25/2017
After re-reading this years later I realize I needed you to write Bella's proposal acceptance speech. This speech made so much more sense to be now then it did in my initial read. I think this is my favorite chapter just for the sheer clarity of it.
Fluffyrainbow23 chapter 22 . 9/10/2017
I've been rather busy so it took me a few months to finish this story but I'd have to say I'm so happy I did. Though this story has a few grammatical errors I'm in love with it. It's well written and the plot was a little wonky to start but it got so much better. I honestly couldn't tell that you started writing this story at 15. I'm glad you finished it even if it took you so long. The hardest part of writing stories for me is the ending. So I admire that even though it took you awhile you completed this one. I hope you continue to write your voice is beautiful.
AjaSs chapter 22 . 7/23/2017
Omggggg so good. Like baby. I got mad and teared up a couple of times and even though this was posted like 7 years ago, I just got ahold of it, and I am genuinely happy the way this was written. Sure I wanted her to be more all over Bella, but she and I desperately liked the maturity. I think 6 years was a stretch. But I LOVED THE WAY IT ENDED!
ImYours1901 chapter 1 . 7/6/2017
Hi! This story popped up while cruising through people's favourite lists to look for new fics to read, the reason I'm writing this review is to thank you. This was the first twilight fan fiction piece I ever read, way back in 2009 and I fell in love. I am just so grateful to you for writing this story because if you didn't I may never have found this fandom and the wonderfully amazing stories I've been able to read as a result. I was never all that into reading so after I devoured the twilight books I was looking for something else to read but nothing ever caught my interest the way the twilight books did. So you can probably imagine how happy I was to find this fandom. I know that I would have been a COMPLETELY different person had I not read as much as I did. And that's down to you! I never would have found twilight fanfiction which has helped me through so many hard times in my life, it's my best escape from everything. So I just want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart. xx
neelix lee chapter 22 . 7/5/2017
Thank you for a wonderful story
Enjoyed this so much
Guest chapter 22 . 3/17/2017
The end already no wedding bells? Hahahaha..want more..
Guest chapter 17 . 3/17/2017
Aww this is sad...this is too good..makes me cry
Guest chapter 17 . 1/10/2017
Oh. How wonderfully refreshing. Good job! Wooohoooo Bella is rockin
Guest chapter 12 . 1/5/2017
I hope she dies
Guest chapter 11 . 1/5/2017
She's such a selfish unforgiving bitch! I could go on
Guest chapter 10 . 1/5/2017
Well Bella seriously is a bitch! Not like she wasn't one before. A selfish one!
purplefreakanonymous chapter 12 . 11/18/2016
ughhhh this story is soooooo addictive! great job!
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