Reviews for Seducing Ms Swan
k1942 chapter 11 . 3/1
Dear Lord, what a place to leave this narrative! A tiny ray of light in the darkness and then this horrifying accident! I hope Edward got to her in time to save her life!
k1942 chapter 10 . 3/1
At least Edward is taking it out on his piano instead of strangling Tanya. Too bad Bella keeps lying and they both keep misunderstanding each other!
k1942 chapter 9 . 3/1
It is slowly becoming more clear just how much guilt Bella has carried around all these years! Jasper had it right when he told Edward what Bella was feeling all the time. Too bad someone didn't get on Tanya's case about embarrassing Edwardl like that!
k1942 chapter 8 . 3/1
I suppose Edward was so focused on Bella's arrival that he never considered what Tanya would pull to ruin everything!
k1942 chapter 7 . 3/1
Well, that went wonderfully, for a minute! It really makes me wish that Edward could read her mind, just for a couple of minutes, it would make life so much easier!
k1942 chapter 6 . 3/1
Maybe there is hope for these two yet!
k1942 chapter 5 . 2/28
The thought briefly crossed my mind that Ms. Swan might benefit from a swift kick in the ass! She's being incredibly block-headed, rather like Edward! Wonder if knocking their heads together might help?
k1942 chapter 4 . 2/28
May I please slap them both? Please?
k1942 chapter 3 . 2/28
Thankfully he listened to the voices of reason! Better to find out for sure before concluding the worst!
k1942 chapter 2 . 2/28
It must be something pretty awful if Bella is that guilty after five years. Nice that Jake got the happy life Edward wanted for Bella and she got sadness! Hardly seems fair, to my way of thinking, but that's just me!
k1942 chapter 1 . 2/28
Here we go again, she assumes she knows his feelings, without ever asking! About as bad as him assuming he knows best!
Iarisa chapter 11 . 2/5
I liked everything about this chapter but the way Bella used slangs.. I mean she was not 'those' types frm the beginning...
Iarisa chapter 4 . 2/5
I really wished Edward would say that he loved her in this particular part! But... It was perfect!
RubyDee chapter 17 . 1/27
I love that I sit on the edge of my seat as I read each chapter not knowing for certain which direction the story will take. Edward still holds his resolve to keep Bella alive and remain in her life. He did, after all, have the perfect opportunity to change her.

If we define HEA in the Twilight world, then yes in canon, Bella becomes a vampire. But since this is AU it only seems natural that Edward's HEA would be for Bella to remain human. Either outcome is an HEA.
RubyDee chapter 16 . 1/27
Oh Rialle, do you have any idea how very much I adore you? So much talent in one so young...and I hesitantly use the word young. I like to think that you are an aspiring writer destined for great things.

Before I forget, the song Lost was a perfect choice. I can only imagine what the thoughts in Bella's mind before she completely came to.

Jacob and Edward had quite a go round. Jake in all his glory is actually quite fun to read. When he referred to Bella as a casserole for Edward I nearly lost it with laughter. Oh hell, what am I saying, I did lose it. The whole interaction between the two of them could have come directly from Ms. Myers books.

The whole one on one conversation Bella had with Jake was excellent. Bella and Jacob are so attuned to one another. The facade was there for the world to see but she saw right through it giving him a voice of reason. And it's not to say he didn't and or doesn't want her to come home with him. He would rest a lot easier if she were there as he feels he needs to protect her even if it's from herself. It is nature as an alpha and as a man to protect his own. I love that Bella held her own and let him know she is perfectly capable of making her own choices.

Now as we wait for the much anticipated convo between Edward and Bella I am not what sure to expect. With a bit of a giggle I think of things like cardiac arrest and he changes her...yeah, not gonna happen. I am also prepared for her to remain human.
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