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ohanacchi chapter 1 . 4/19
I know this is an older fic (like hell about 9 years ago), but I just have to comment because I'm so happy right now that I cried. I don't know other words to perfectly describe how I feel right now. I'm so touched. I can totally see this happening in canon. You wrote their relationship flawlessly. This is my ultimate ship since a decade ago till now. Thank you for this wonderful well written fic.
asdfghjklcostelle chapter 1 . 3/31/2011
I'm used to read girl's friendship, and here I read the boy's friendship!

arfh, awesome, they're just like JackGlen (pandora hearts) or KanonEyes (spiral)! :D and honestly, this fic's veeery awesome! :D

heeey aiy-nee! how do you know that I love friendship genre? OwO

hmm.. i don't know any rules of tennis ._. about how to score it too.

at least this is very beautiful friendship! XD

keep writting! XD


MoonLuna2009 chapter 1 . 4/4/2010

This fic is utterly awesome! :O

Congratulations for this very well-written fic! :D

I really like how you mixed the plot with the song.

It fits so well!

And I love the way you show Fuji and Tezuka, too.

Thank you for this gem of a fic!

Best regards,

doy.doy chapter 1 . 1/28/2010
Nice story! I couldn't help but listen to Koko de Bokura wa Deatte Shimatta. It's one of my favourite Tenipuri songs. _

The tennis parts were really good, as with the rest of the fic. I can imagine how hard it is to put tennis into it, but you've done a great job with it! *favourites story*

Oh yeah, Fuji and Tezuka are my top two favourite characters in PoT. Hehe. :)

Overall, I love the story! :D
actors-heroes chapter 1 . 10/5/2009
I just love this fic! One, I love the pairing, two, it is well written, and three, it just has that touch to it, that draws the reader in. I wonder what will happen after everyone graduates?(I'm only on Episode 149 and finished the manga hehe) That match, don't they play one in the anime? I'm not quite sure cause I haven't seen it if there even is one? Anyways, after I read this, I felt different. I don't know why but I just love fics like this, friendship, and it looks back on the past, with the characters not OOC, you know what I mean? And even as Future-selves, they seem like that how they really would be, 10 years from their 3rd year in Junior High. Well anyways, fantastic story, I jsut love it! Keep up the great work and cna't wait for any new stories! _

P.S. I LOVE you Aiba/Shirota fics on your LJ! They are amazing! I just love that pair! both can sing, dance, and have amazing looks! Anyways, just wanted to throw that in, hehe.
kakaknya si Neko chapter 1 . 7/20/2009
Hi, just want to say congrats for the 2nd place in UFO awards '08 in Prince of Tennis category

Actually, saya sih ga baca ceritanya -menghindar dari timpukan-

cuman mau ngucapin selamat, so selamat ya...

Best regards and salam kenal
Slashyme chapter 1 . 5/29/2009
Thin-K chapter 1 . 3/5/2009
I can't believe I haven't reviewed this before.

It's so cute and well written and amazing! *hugs the boys*

I couldn't stop smiling ans squeeling and...

I just love it! It was ... It was ... Hoenstly, I'm at loss for words. *hugs you*

*hurries off voting... XD*
Arthisa chapter 1 . 2/2/2009
I love it~~ So nice! I felt really sad during your description of the graduation day...
Dave chapter 1 . 2/1/2009
Blah, bleh... bleeah... *speechless* mleh mleh mleh...

*still speechless*

You, just, I... never... but, yes, you... Agh! !IWORSHIPYOU!

Usually, I have something to say... but this was just... so well done, I think I'm going to die. *twitches gleefully* It was ridiculously sappy, but barely a hint of actual shonen-ai relationship. Homg, I'm just... speechless. So many thoughts and things running through my head, I can't make sense of them.

You did really well with the tennis bits. Congrats.

I love the way you left it vague and indefinite at the end, so we can use our imaginations as to what happens, if they get into a relationship, or are just friends... Just fabulous.

I think a bit more fluff would have been nice. It would have held my attention better. I was kinda spacing out in the middle, but that's just me.

And it dragged on a bit. I went off to read other fanfics multiple times while reading it, cause it wasn't going anywhere. I think that's about the only mildly bad thing about it though. The rest is just... !SQWEE!

yuushibari chapter 1 . 12/17/2008

two thumbs up!
Azureila chapter 1 . 9/4/2008
Halo, halo, a1y-san..! *nyengir2 innocent* Maafkanlah saya karena lelet mereview fic ini, tumpukan tugas menggunung dan saya masih dipusingkan soal itu sampe lupa *digampar*. Oke deh, saa... hajime you ka? Shall we begin? XD

First off, I have to say: nice choice for putting Koko de Bokura wa Deatte Shimatta! That song represents all elements from TezuFuji's relationship so perfectly! And I'm truly grateful that a1y-san has interpreted the song smoothly! Yes, the subtle but profound bonds, that's the true TezuFuji we know very well .

And the characterizations are nice too. Hmm.. I can picture how Fuji and Tezuka searching the real themselves in each other's presence... because through times and odds, they will achive the most important thing: self-actualization. How thoughtful of you, a1y-san! Because, for the time being, there is nobody that can trigger Fuji the most except Tezuka, and vice-versa. Koneksi yang terpatri di benak mereka berdualah yang semakin mengukuhkan kenyataan kalau segalanya memang pantas diperjuangkan. Tezuka selalu penasaran di mana diri Fuji yang sebenarnya, bahkan di anime *jangan gampar saya kalo salah* Tezuka mengakui kalo ambisinya adalah mengeluarkan potensi Fuji yang sesungguhnya XDD. *dancing around the tennis court like a maniac* Deskripsi English a1y-san juga gak terlalu sulit diikuti, bahkan yang gak terlalu expert Engligh-nya *baca: saya* bisa baca tanpa harus dipusingkan dengan vocabulary-nya .

For Fuji, well, he always conceal the real him, even to the breaking point where nobody can predict what he will do next. But he's willing to break his mask little by little to step into Tezuka's territory . Yes, he does make efforts to do that, and I'm glad those efforts won't end in vain. Pertandingan tennis-nya pun ngalir dan flowing-nya enak banget... bahkan saya yang gak gitu hapal peraturan dan segala tata caranya bisa menikmati sambil santai di depan kompie . Thanks for those details, senpai! Saya sendiri gak kebayang kalo harus mendetilkan teknik-tekniknya, hehe... dan saya ingat persis pertandingan Fuji versus Niou itu! Haha, Niou was beaten poorly by Fuji, yang sekaligus mengindikasikan betapa kuatnya ikatan antara Fuji dan Tezuka, ohohoho..

The ending part is so... harmonious! Hya~ pas banget, a1y-san! Cute! Dan saya suka deskripsi bagaimana rentang waktu pun gak mempengaruhi atau pun mengurangi pengertian mendalam yang tercipta di antara mereka. Mereka memang personifikasi kata 'soulmate', ne? I can't help but smile when Tezuka says,"The bond we have is really strong, and it connects our hearts even when we’re apart and barely communicating. At times, we might not see it, but once we get in contact, that ‘bond’ is actually still there." *hearts you* Tezuka, let me hug you! *dodges Hoshi Hanabi from Fuji* Endingnya terkesan seperti open ending, ya.. membiarkan khayal pembaca melayang untuk memprediksi apa yang akan terjadi XD. That's okay, gak aneh, kok... malah lebih bagus kalau...dibikin lanjutannya? *ditampar, kebanyakan minta yang aneh2*

Domo arigatou gozaimasu, a1y-san, for your willingness of writing and sharing this lovely piece of work with us. You have saved me from the dryness of TezuFuji, hohoho... keep spreading all of TezuFuji's beautiful love, senpai! *bows*


HalfMoon-Smile chapter 1 . 8/11/2008
Hey, aiy-san! Sorry for long delay as I was searching a right time to read your fic! So lets just fulfilling your needs in rambling XD

Its totally awesome! Description is great, it almost like I don’t need read PoT manga *yes, I haven’t read PoT manga, a little bit hard for me to adjust myself to this verse, but its only for beginning. After several paragraphs, I was started to enjoy*…TeHe.

I very felt their platonic love! Its so sweet*run hysterically*! I think the same way too for TezuFuji’s case. Flash Back made their reunion means even more. I see your effort to make the lyrics into the story. It perfectly match each other, congratz ne?0

I’m really happy that they had their own live, I mean they’re not end as husband and wife or lover *or it just haven’t happened?* They still searching for their true meaning of other presence. It will be more wonderful than love.

Tapi Sori, kaenya kita punya kesamaan tema. Antara fic Aiy-san ini dengan ’Eternitas’ saya. *Apa cuma perasaan saya doank nyama2in? XO* Pembahasannya hampir mirip mulai dari Fuji yang ingin menunjukkan true-selfnya dan Tezuka yang menariknya keluar, perkembangan hubungan mereka dari rival, menjadi sahabat baik yang saling mengerti tanpa kata-lata, dan hubungan mereka yang lebih dari sekedar cinta, tapi adalah keabadian. Tapi saya bukan lagi klaim ide atau apapun yang offense, siapapun bisa mencapai pemikiran seperti ini dan menggambarkannya dalam bentuk yang berbeda-beda.

Yang pasti kesimpulan kita satu: Tezuka and Fuji are destined to be rival, friend, and something larger than love, eternity.
vierblith chapter 1 . 8/10/2008
Yay, I finally got to read this.

This was especially... sweet. In it's own way. I mean, it's not overly sweet and it's not even really shounen ai. But since I am me and I give color in everything that is TezukaFuji... IT IS SWEET!

I know how difficult it is to write tennis so... GOOD JOB!
isumi 'kivic chapter 1 . 8/10/2008
aiy-senpai! Gomen, I'm late! I printed this out and read it at my dorm...I carried it with me all the week because it's like my doping after the tiring school and stuff!

This is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. How could you actually write the match? How did you do that? It's so unbelievable, because I'm sure it's realyy hard! Two thumbs up because you kept the suspense up in the match! I realy like it! Great job as usual! It was... INTENSE! It's such a yummy-licious night snacks!

The idea was incredible. For real, by making the match as a flashback, it gives the impression of how much they all changed and yet they all still are the same.

I love the ending! It just fits the song so much! Isnt it? It's really perfect if I read it while listening to Koko de Bokura wa Deatteshimatta. The perfect, beautiful harmony... and this story just fits it perfectly. It's utterly perfect, perfect!

I love Tezuka's characterization. You really are a master on writing Tezuka. You can make him sounds like he's really warm and sweet and stuff, and yet, he isn't out of his character. It's amazing! *hugs* Thank you so much for writing this. Isumi bersyukur Isumi ngga jadi nulis fic yg tadinya mau pakai Koko de Bokura wa Deatteshimatta itu... *lega*

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