Reviews for The Prisoner
Tranquil Girl chapter 1 . 12/4/2010
It's an interesting thought, Manna.

All because of love.
Josie chapter 1 . 10/28/2008
I liked this short and sweet. Poor Marie. How foolish we can be when we have power.

Love is so beautiful, but also oh so painful.

OkOk I'll go to bed now!
Kasia.T chapter 1 . 10/16/2008
Well, today is 16th October – the Day that Marie Antoinette was beheaded. The beautiful Austrian Butterfly was killed 215 years ago. She was a tragic queen and I must admit that I do not condemn her as most RoV’s fans do. I think I can understand her at least to a certain point. Let me just quote a couple of sentences that Oscar used to justify her in front of Andre (in episode 12 of the anime, after Fersen’s departure to Sweden)):

„What would a rose smile at if it lost its Sun?

When there are no stars and moon at sea, what can a sailor set sail towards? (...)

She is trying to forget her loneliness.”

Indeed, LONELINESS was the feeling that ruled the woman. Sent to a foreign country as a mere child, she got trapped and locked in the golden cage of Versailles Palace, surrounded by two-faced, corrupted and greedy French nobles who only looked for a chance to fool her or use her for multipling their wealth. And all she desired was true love and real friendship. She longed for them so desperately that believed they could be bought with money. And when she finally found the love of her life, she knew it would never be fulfilled.

Being so emotional and naive was not her fault. Remember that she was raised in a vain and artificial world of luxury, separated from commoners’ everyday reality. I can’t blame her for the mistakes she made. What is more, I feel terribly sorry for her. In fact, Antoinette and Fersen are my second favourite couple (right after Oscar and Andre). I sympathize with them a lot. And I am glad that despite all the suffering and tragedy she went through in the last years of her life, she had had at least few moments of real happiness with Fersen. And he proved his love and devotion by being one of so few who did not leave her in misery.

So, please guys, don’t be so cruel and strict with the couple. According to what Manna wrote:

[She, Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, was now nothing but a prisoner. A prisoner of love.] Let me add: And so was he, Hans Axel von Fersen, Swedisch Count, who dared to fall in love with the only woman he could not possess.

Rest in pace, both of you...

lunascorpio chapter 1 . 7/29/2008
I agree with loulou.k about Marie Antoinette. I don't understand her at all. I recently saw Sophia Coppola's movie and it left me even more intrigued about her character. A mix of childishness and other aspects that left a lot to be desired for a queen. But we are all human beings, I suppose, and in my view that's one of the strong points in Ikeda's work. It sucessfully paints portraits of really human characters with strong emotions.

Even though Marie Antoinette is far from being my favorite character, I just have to say congratulations for your wonderful work.

Keep writing please.

loulou.k chapter 1 . 7/28/2008
Hi Manna

Well..I stared for few minutes at my PC screen after reading this,and then read it again...

Love could really makes us do a crazy and disunderstandable things.

I don't understand Marie Antoinette!she had a pure heart, I mean she wasn't that evil woman or had a heart made of why she did that?why she could not bay attention to the people ..her people ...and only thought about stupid stubborn woman she was!

Even if the people that she loved and trust tried to open her eyes to the reality she choose not do see,and stuck with her pride !

Yes she was foolish..too foolish..she is the only one who had the blame on of what happened France..

Oscar, Andre, Fersen, Louis, and her children all died because of her... ( Oh my God I didn't know that I hate her that much!)


I could see you wrote with a new style, right?a telling style?

It's very good...

(Her beautiful hair was gone, her children were gone, her husband was gone, and Fersen might as well be gone..)It reminds me with this:(The horse is dead. My dream is dead. Our future is dead. André…is dead.

And… I wish I…I want to die):* sniff*

And then I read this(and Oscar François de Jarjayes was the furthest gone of them all, her body likely eaten by worms. She would be a part of the soil of France by now, perhaps)o_O !

WELL that is too ROUGH picture ): how could you?

But (It is better this way, though, isn’t it?)...well I guess so...

Interesting fic..good job

Xirysa chapter 1 . 7/27/2008
Ooh... Manna! I've been excited! Now I know what to look forward to when I get back from band camp!

Couple of favorite lines here... Let's see now... Ah, here they are:

(She had shown favor—for love—had tried to buy the love of friends…had been foolish enough to ignore the love others had for money and position…had fallen into a forbidden love.)

(And the greatest of these is love.)

(...was now nothing but a prisoner. A prisoner of love.)

Personally, the third one was my favorite. C: Hehe, angsting is fun.

You've got me excited, love.