Reviews for NU: RedX Rising
Tepheris chapter 43 . 8/20
So Duela has Cosmic Awareness? She just became an even more interesting character. She must have been a fun character to write.
Marcus De Gabriel chapter 25 . 8/16
I know its finished. So can we get the cannon teen titans read this story. Like the other "Reading" stories.
The Fox Sage chapter 35 . 8/14
its not called smilex its called joker gas
Masterx01 chapter 23 . 8/13
Well, the arkham is fancy and all but really with the skillset that Naruto have he should be able to in and out from that place very easily with nobody knowing a thing about it.

One thing that nobody seems to use in the Narutos skill set is the Kage-henge, the jutsu is practicaly a ridiculous useful asset infiltration and spy bussiness wise, just think about it... diferent from the E-rank one that just cast a ilusion on you this one allow a very physical shapeshift that allows you transform into whatever you want. Now think about this, if this jutsu allows a very physical shapeshift imagine in what thing you can transform to enter in a place without be detected. You can transform into a very inconspicuous object that everyone carry like a pencil for example or you could just transform into a some comon house pest like a insect or a rat or whatever you find in the place that you want infiltrate and move without alerting anyone in that place.

btw, it seems that Naruto also forgot that his suit can turn invisible D: has been a while sincethe last time he use it.
Masterx01 chapter 21 . 8/13
Uhmmmm this Naruto to have killed Obito is pretty weak here... So much that i dont know how he even killed him in first place considering that he is a kage lvl menace very capable of give Minato problems and Minato have a -flee on sight- in the bingo books for wipe out an army of angry Iwa ninjas... So i dont know how anybody capable of kill someone like Obito lose to someone like batman in a pure taijutsu fight... batman is only peak human lvl while Naruto is a kage lvl shinobi and the ninjas of that lvl are pretty much capables of move and fight into supersonic velocities...

Also Naruto throw his X-shurikens to batman and he deflected them easily with his hands then he does the same and Naruto cant do the same and had to evade? when he has spend the half of his life avoiding sharp pointy things? that doesnt make any sense, and the power lvls of this Naruto are everything but consistent going from ninja lvl to lame human lvl and vice versa in every diferent fight. If he wasnt the MC having the nigh-impenetrable plot armor that his kind had (The race of the MCs) that stupidity of never going all-out should have caused his dead already before this fight with batman, he for all the intents and propuses is death in this fight having let the bat having that cheap shoot in his neck for that stupidity of his and will be dead in the future if he didnt have that plot armor D:

And no, that isnt deception... you use deception to imprint an ilusion of your skills or the aparent lack of there of in the mind of your oponent to deter him of attacking you with all his might, to keep them of forming a counter mesure agains you and more important, to give you a chance of caught him off guard. But what is the use of this if youre caught as stupid easy like this? No, Naruto wanst using deception he was just stupidly lowering all his power down to even his reactions and because that batman put him out of comision... if he were the Joker then like i said Naruto should be dead.
The Fox Sage chapter 29 . 7/28
you're really milking the solid snake cameo
Masterx01 chapter 8 . 7/23
Ok... this doesnt have any sense... This Naruto could put a fight agains Kakashi and Neji and both are jounin and maybe Sasuke is also one and all the others before that portal fiasco and before that was stated that he was capable of fight Madara(Obito) and the others akatsuki that are S-rank nuke-nin aka Kage lvl ninjas... if he can do that then that mean Naruto is way over the lvl of the Teen Titans. High to Top lvl Jounin are pretty much capable of fight at velocities higher than Mach 1 and Kage lvl ninjas are pretty much supersonic lvl fighters that can dish-out almost all the cast in the Teen Titans serie just using taijutsu... and i dont wanna know if they take out the big guns. So if Naruto is this powerful how is that he is having problems with Robin when he is only Top lvl normal human? Naruto should be pumelting Robin like a punching bag like when Rock Lee pumelted Gaara in the chunin exams using the eight gates.
Masterx01 chapter 6 . 7/23
uhmm why Naruto used C4 when he can do explosive tags with only paper and ink? Also it would have been a lot more cooler if he put explosive tags in all the academy and later make it blow sky high snaping his fingers like Roy Mustang from Fullmetal alchemist.
IamOminous chapter 1 . 7/7
Except a bunch of broken cameras
DARK WARRIOR'S MIGHT chapter 58 . 6/21
It has already been too long, when are you going to update the next chapter.
guest 77 chapter 58 . 6/20
i only read this now so love this work cant believe no continuation love the way you ended it thanks
FosterFarms chapter 24 . 6/18
Before I go any farther my assumption from chapter 24 this pink X has to be inner sakura taking over
Michael Edgeworth chapter 58 . 5/30
thex if it j it will j keep. it j. I'm I'm I'm snot j. not bjbsuresure sure sure
dra3c0s64 chapter 1 . 5/29
I can't wait for the sequel, continuation, next chapter, whatever. it was great.
Guest chapter 58 . 4/28
I just cant do it. I gave it a shot. Got completely though the first seven chapters. Had to skim up to chapter thirteen. Now i cant continue. You had a great concept but you muddled it up with extraneous material like the konoha team and the red x suit. Further more, you have absolutely no sence of proportion. Pittin characters like robin against your supposedly s-rank naruto shoul be like pitting superman withought any weaknesses against batman. Instead he always ends up struggling. I get it. You want it to seem like he's just having fun. Toying with his opponents. Instead it just just cones off as ineffective and uninspired. Too bad. This could have been an absolutely amazing fic. Nice try though...
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