Reviews for Can't Get You Out Of My Head
Krulla Chief chapter 72 . 5/30
How does Lark being glad that a petty bitch like Twila is dead make it so she had her own heart of darkness? Seems like normal behavior really. Seriously, if I knew someone like that that died, you would see me dancing in the streets from pure joy. Depending on how said person would die, I would tweet out "It's not that they died, it's that they suffered." Also the final line was really funny.
the childrens crusade chapter 65 . 5/12
That was something I'd wondered about while reading 'The Goldfinch.' How the hell did the priceless works of art keep if they were constantly being rolled and unrolled for every new buyer?
the childrens crusade chapter 64 . 5/12
I love hearing more backstory about Grace! One minor quibble- most of my Chinese friends do go to Chinese-American restaurants, they just order things like fried chicken wings. But then, I could see a foodie like Grace avoiding restaurants like that if there were other options.
the childrens crusade chapter 59 . 5/11
Nice! I like hearing a bit more of Graces backstory. Suitably intriguing.
the childrens crusade chapter 53 . 5/11
Great story! Really enjoying the elements of Asian culture in this as well. I grew up in Flushing (basically a second Chinatown in nyc), so I'm finding many of your references familiar. I love the idea of a Ju-on chick just out to have fun.
Guest chapter 48 . 5/7
Almost one in the morning on a bloody school night. Thanks a lot for my sleep deprivation! But it's beautiful agony, and so very worth reading this wonderful story. I started only a few hours ago, and am truly excited to finish. Cure you and thank you lovely author.
Veedramon chapter 100 . 4/13
Well, remove the gameverse fic from here, and please update this story.
Veedramon chapter 99 . 4/13
Yeah, once he adjust, Bozo is gonna be dangerous.
Veedramon chapter 98 . 4/13
Break it, you can always put "Read Can't Get out my head" first in the other story so is less confusing.
Veedramon chapter 97 . 4/13
Ah, yeah, that won't go over well.
Veedramon chapter 96 . 4/13
So, can a Joker kill another Joker? I think it can...
Veedramon chapter 95 . 4/13
I hope Grace kills Victor.
Veedramon chapter 94 . 4/13
Oh, this will be fun!
Veedramon chapter 93 . 4/13
Ah crocodile shoes, uh?
Veedramon chapter 92 . 4/13
Ah, so there is a disadvantage about having those shoes.
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