Reviews for Reality
harrellgirl chapter 2 . 3/13/2012
Loved it! Hope to you update soon!:)
Ella Unlimited chapter 2 . 12/15/2011
Hi there stranger!

Loved the chappie, your writing has become absolutely BEAUTIFUL over the past years, something that I really enjoy reading no matter what you may say :)

The chapter itself was great, you easily transitioned from the original house, to traveling, and into Charlie's home; something not many writers can successfully do. The character's were lifelike, just real enough to believe this might actually happen in our lifetime. The humor was perfect, just the right balance for a few chuckles in a normally serious scene while not over-doing it.

Anna seems like an interesting character, though I would like to see her a bit more fleshed out, she seemed more of a wallflower than anything else- but if she's a wallflower, then she's a wallflower, that's your call as an author :)

Overall wonderful read, very good and I hope that you can update soon!

Red Moon Ninja chapter 1 . 5/30/2009
Please update soon! It's really really good. And I love imprint stories!
Pudding-Chan chapter 1 . 9/16/2008
I like it, Update!
Ella Unlimited chapter 1 . 7/30/2008
Hey, i think it's really good, you need to keep writing! so good!