Reviews for Painted on My Heart
Take Me To My Fragile Dreams chapter 1 . 2/25/2012
I love this! Its so dark and beautiful.

...The only issue I have is... the pairing. You have it listed as Sakura and Ino instead of Sakura and Sai. ...But other than that... this was wonderful!


Kaiyo-Chan chapter 1 . 8/17/2008
I thought it was Neji ; Or Sasuke... Who really knows, eh? Good story so far, Keep it up!
whimsicaldream chapter 1 . 7/29/2008
Holy crap I definitely didn't expect it to be Sai! I'm mad at myself for not seeing earlier though, "Painted on my heart" and all. That was *beautiful*, by the way. It's really upsetting to hear that you don't get as much recognition for your prose because frankly, you're one of the best writers I've ever read from.

Heh, well if the manga's bothering you as much as it bothers me, *don't* read it. It's more fun to think up your own plots and storylines anyway, hence fanfiction. I'm really not loving how Kishi really seems to be winging the story-telling right now. Maybe he did plan it all out, but even the way he tells it is so...blargh. Sasuke needs to #&$%! get over himself. I can't get over how sexist the manga is too.

Anyway, I'm off to reread SYWBL ;] Do update soon!