Reviews for The Purple Black
Gerenuk chapter 50 . 4/3
I liked this fic a lot - a really interesting 'what if' scenario done very well. Thanks!
Another-Purple-Dinosaur chapter 50 . 3/31
I obviously really enjoyed this story and I'm very excited for the sequel.
NarcissaMinerva chapter 50 . 3/30
I love it m! Thank you so much for this amazing story
PurpleNymphTonks chapter 50 . 3/30
I'm sad that this one is ending, but am quite excited for the sequel! Thank you for continuing the story.
JessebelleSilver chapter 50 . 3/30
Omg, that made me tear up. I really love your story, and I can't wait to see the sequel. Thank you so much for updating and completing Part 1! I look forward to your next installment. _
Thespianpoet chapter 50 . 3/30
Thank you, for Bella's ending. I look forward to seeing the sequel in the (hopefully near) future, I know it will be as riveting and addicting as this was! I love where you're going with this, and I wish you all the best in whatever lies ahead for you. :)
Another-Purple-Dinosaur chapter 49 . 3/29
I loved this chapter! I'm really looking forward to the sequel and I'm gutted this story will be coming to an end.
NarcissaMinerva chapter 49 . 3/29
Yess a sequel! Pmg noo Bellatrix poor Dora. Pls update very soon
dftbamda chapter 49 . 3/29
Simply wonderful. I can't wait to finally get the ending to this story, but I am especially excited for the sequel!
Trixie Black Lestrange chapter 49 . 3/28
It's very interesting that this chapter occurs more inside Dora's head than it does in dialogue. :/ Although it does seem that for someone caught in the middle, the Battle of Hogwarts would seem to have happened in a blur. I guess I don't have much to say about this just happened.

Trixie Black Lestrange
Thespianpoet chapter 49 . 3/28
I'm 7 minutes into my 21st birthday and I'm crying my face off. What a beautifully written end to a woman I didn't realize I'd come to adore. Thank you for giving Bellatrix dignity in her final moments. Defeated but with honor, in a sense. I can't fathom what will happen to Dora, but I can rest knowing it's going to be a long, carefully crafted tale to tell.
PurpleNymphTonks chapter 1 . 3/28
I loved the chapter and can't help but have mixed feelings about Bellatrix' death, but I've never been sad about it until reading this story. That's how good this story is. You've taken the character I dislike the most and turned her into someone who I nearly cried for at her death. 3
btvs22 chapter 49 . 3/28
Why! :( nooo! Wow you make me be in tension all the time, in some way I just knew this was going to happen. Poor Dora. I think Weasley need to watch her back in the future because the war could be over but Dora is out there and not happy. Good idea about the sequel. Looking forward the next chapter.
NarcissaMinerva chapter 48 . 3/28
Omg I need to read more! Pls update very soon
Another-Purple-Dinosaur chapter 48 . 3/28
This chapter made me so happy! It was well written as always
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