Reviews for Heroes and Timebombs
mamabot chapter 1 . 3/2/2012
oh holy cats this was delightful and absolutley wonderful! Magnus realllly deserves a delightful mate and you did a great job. I'm gonna link this to a friend who is a huge Magnus fan. She's just gonna live the "conversation" at the end. CHromia and Ironhide? Nice one, Major General nice, wrong paint scheem, but nice one!
fantasyaddict101 chapter 1 . 1/19/2010

And i would love to know just how famous Chromia and Ironhide are (wink-wink-nudge-nudge)! Tell me if you ever write about that!

Love ya! (in the friendly way)

Bunnylass chapter 1 . 7/31/2008

Damn...that was SCORCHIN'! Were having the hottest, muggiest weather we've had in a while here and reading that...

I think the temperature has just risen to totally unbearable! Hehe.

This was brilliant and the last part was just the icing on the cake :D

Pure brilliantness this line - “Sir? I think you might want to give Ironhide and Chromia a talking to. They’re going to get us discovered.”

How does he say that with a straight face? Lol. Lita's reaction was awesome too.

Phoenix13 chapter 1 . 7/31/2008
GAH~! Uh... Uh... Uh...

HOLY PRIMUS! I never expected something so absolutely PERFECT! Holy cow. How did you get him to be so exactly what he was in my brain? HOW? You sent some poor little sparrow on a mission through my ear canal and into the grey matter! YOU DID! LOLZ

I mean, the whole FIC is like the most perfect dream I can ever have. Truly. This is what I try to force my dreaming cells into producing for me, but they never do. I am ever so glad you wrote this. Absolutely. It's so 100% right, you're breaking my poor brain!

“Nice,” she commented, circling around him to get a better view of his toned, muscular butt. “Compared to other human males, you are…hot, would they say? Handsome? Sexy?”

Blazer, sweetie, I think you are my favourite femme of all time now.

"Optimus’s face was more gentle, masculine and yet almost beautiful, but Magnus had come out otherwise; handsome, hard-core, and utterly man."

ARGH! That is just SO how I picture him! EXACTLY! Perfect! Gorgeous! Pretty Optimus but hunky to-die-for Magnus. That is so right. Utterly man. Yeah. I can die now. I so can.

"Magnus had nabbed the eyes of every age group. Elementary girls pulled off arm floaties and hid sandy hands behind their backs as he passed; middle school girls, ever the clowns, tugged inconspicuously at swimsuits and tried to look as nonchalant as possible; high schoolers, really no better, tossed their hair over their shoulders and batted their eyelashes; college girls, certainly more sophisticated, smiled somewhat cheesily and occasionally tried to engage him in conversation (most nervously avoiding the seething Blazer); and even middle aged women giggled and cooed over the handsome youth in their presence."

! O.O Holy shit. Wow. I mean, you told me you'd be doing that to him, but that is so dramatic! Every woman? Let me go get a baseball bat... Heh. Good God, I'm glad everyone finds him so drool worthy, but he's MINE. MINE, I tell you!

"Primus, he was such a thing of beauty. Tall and muscled and broad, strikingly handsome faceplates lowered close to hers, his incredible form silhouetted against the stars."

I'm going to need to call for an ambulance in a second; and I don't mean Ratchet! I'm going to have a heart attack with all this pure male gorgeousness floating around. ::flutters hand::

"Timidly, she allowed her optics to rake over his body. Magnus was bulky, but he seemed to flow together better than Optimus or Ironhide. Broad, strong shoulders that looked like they could support an entire wounded battalion. Long, muscled arms that could probably crack Megatron’s head like a nut. Thick, powerful hands that could handle her body as well they could any gun. A wide, immense chest that she knew housed the most incredible spark Primus had ever granted life. A lean waist that teased into narrower hips, thick, tempting thighs, long, hard legs capable of speeds even a femme could be jealous of. There wasn’t anything particularly sexually stimulating about his feet-except that they were extremely fun to poke and tickle in the morning in vain attempts to get him up sooner. Tickling, at least, gave Blazer more of a rush than sitting there listening to him snore."

How did you know about his feet? He's always had a thing about his big feet, not liking them - that was in the UK comics, and I read that somewhere in the US ones too (I think). He also doesn't like to discuss how much he weighs (about 70 ton according to the UK comics). Oh, and AMAZING description of his physique too. I can read that over and over again (in fact, I already have! Heh!). I think Optimus himself is going to come up behind you and smack you upside the head. HE'S supposed to be the one all the fangirls drool over! He's being put in his place by my Magnus! ::bends over with laughter::

"Moments later found them completely engrossed in one another, tangled wildly amongst the trees. Ironhide and Chromia were infamous for rough and risqué intimacy, but they had nothing on Magnus and Blazer when they got into it."

I just about died when this started. Good Primus girl, you're really trying to make me keel over and need oxygen, aren't you?

"Magnus lunged at her, pinning her roughly beneath him, the naked spark in his chest throbbing excitedly"

GO MAGNUS! GET'EM BOY! Make little Magnus'!

"Magnus sighed happily, dropping his head down to brush his mouthplates over her spark casing."

Okay, I REALLY did almost break myself at reading that~! I dribbled my chai tea! I've never heard of anyone doing that before, it's great! Kissing the spark... cool... and romantic. God, Blazer, you're having all the fun here!

“…Don’t suppose you’ve seen the morning newspaper, you two?”

LOLLMAO! Yes Optimus sir, we did, Target is having a sale on half price Ultra Magnus toys with melted armor and smudged paint.

“Something interesting came up,” Prime continued almost lazily

No, no, Optimus, Magnus already CAME UP. And it was way more than just 'interesting'. This fangirl has steam coming off her head and shaking fingers! And spilt tea! Can't get a new one, Starbucks are closing nearly all their stores in Australia! Dang!

"He shifted his optics to look at her through his peripheral vision as if to say Up for another round?"

ARGH! I need a pacemaker! My heart! MY HEART! OMG, I would PAY MONEY to see another round of this! What's your account number? Oh hey, I'm going to write a one shot with Op and Mags cleaning their truck selves as holoforms in skin-tight jeans and lots of bubbles. Just to say thanks for writing this! Trust me, it's the LEAST I can do!

Magnus, you blamed IRONHIDE and CHROMIA? O.O

Do you WANT your interface ripped off and replaced with a hair dryer? Cripes. I knew he was brave, but that's pushing it! Well, Hide better not hurt my Mags, or there will be PAYBACK! Magnus isn't so good at reversing his truck mode. He might just run over a Topkick...

Thank you so much for this, Plenoptic. Truly. From the bottom of my fuel pum - uh, - HEART. I never imagined I'd ever get anything so beautiful and perfect out of a fic swap. Primus almighty. I think I can die happy now! Thank you! Thank you so much!
I play wid fir3 chapter 1 . 7/31/2008
XD! No more 'lake parties' after that!
flamingmarsh chapter 1 . 7/30/2008
wow that was hot! really really great this was. it was funny at the end how Magnus was trying to get Ironhide and Chromia into trouble.
optimus prime 007 chapter 1 . 7/30/2008
Oh Wow! That was HOT! s! Good thing my air conditioning was working! Poor Mags. LOL. I'd be interested in Ironhide's reaction to Magnus blaming the entire thing on Hide and Chromia. Magnus might find is aft turned inside out! Pfft! LOL!


ps: are we gonna get a hot steamy scene like that between Opt/Lita in TNS? ;)
Bluebird Soaring chapter 1 . 7/30/2008
So good to see Magnus getting some love ) And the ending had me in stitches to say the least! MORE!