Reviews for Harry's New Home
BarbyBells chapter 64 . 7/16
I loved it! A great story! You made me laugh with all snape's mental letters LOL xD
Guest chapter 41 . 7/13
I love this story because unlike some stories or Tumblr post, this doesn't bash James, instead it shows you a pleasant positive alternative where Snape could've been more than just a spy, and it shows you both the flaws and strengths of each character and how they perceive the world, which you do in the most beautiful way. Good on you writer good on you.
Oneofyourmanyfans chapter 17 . 7/12
An Ordeal.
I love children's narratives, and you do them quite beautifully.
Guest chapter 35 . 7/4
MerlinTheDivergentBadWolf chapter 64 . 6/28
Right, I have finally finished the story, and am here to do a LONG review! This story is great! 'Splat The Toad' was hilarious, as well as Umbitch, and what happened to her..? Hilariously terrifying! Hermione's dentist stories were extremely funny too. I loved reading Snape's mental letters, they were brilliant! I liked how you made Snape originally really dislike harry, and then they end up so, so close. I especially enjoyed all of the parts with Remus and Sirius in them, but I would have enjoyed reading about one of the classes that Sirius taught. More than just the summary. I think it is amazing how you managed to re-write all of the important plot points of the real books/films, and your ideas were very inventive and fun. I liked how Snape always found excuses for everything he does/feels with harrylike when Harry hugs him, his head is bony, but it makes it better to lean forward a little, and it is not his fault that it might LOOK LIKE he was hugging Harry back, when really he was just trying to relieve the pain. I think Harry was too needy and childish. I understand his situation and everything, but some of the things he says, my five year old sister says in the exact same way. Also, all the abbreviations in Harry's speech. Your Harry would sayan'," instead of "and," but you seem to have forgotten that real harry sounds quite posh, and would complete the word. I also agree with 'avaya29' in the comment below about the excessive amount of smacking. Wouldn't it possibly bring about flashbacks? I don't think Severus would take that chance... Anyway, this is a brilliant story, so well done! Congrats on the baby! xx
avaya29 chapter 64 . 6/28
This was a great story. Full of humour: I loved Severus's mentally composed letters, and Lord Vol-au-vent was just inspired. The characters are sometimes a bit over exaggerated for comic effect but it usually works well. Lots of good feels too: the bit where Severus nearly faints on hearing that Harry wants to stay with him is just beautiful; it's nice for once to read a story where Sirius and Severus become at least kinda sorta friends. I love the way Severus justifies to himself every single affectionate action he takes towards Harry, and the way they misinterpret each other yet it always works out.

But one thing really spoils the story, and that's the excessive amount of smacking that goes on. Smacking when the action already had a fully deterrent natural consequence, smacking 'to show that I'm disappointed in you' even though that was explicitly already obvious, smacking with a wooden spoon, smacking a 17-year-old, smacking in the middle of a battle, smacking in the bloody afterlife…! I'm disturbed by all the characters' acceptance of it, and the fact that it hurts less than the beatings Vernon gave Harry doesn't make it all right.

So what I should remember as a sweet and funny story of Harry finding love and and Severus being healed, I instead think of as 'that one with all the smacking'.
MerlinTheDivergentBadWolf chapter 29 . 6/26
Great story so far, though I think Harry is a little too needy. Well done right now though.
kingsholto chapter 3 . 6/25
I love that you were considering stopping here but somehow ended up with 60 more chapters lol
Guest chapter 64 . 6/20
Hey there!this is the second author I'm following and I promise u , this one is worth being printed. Totally. I loved the language. It seemed so legit, I tell you , especially severus. Great work! I'm a fan already. really crying at the epilogue
Rozy-chan chapter 2 . 6/18
I'm supposedly asleep right now, and dad is sleeping in the next room,
You can't imagine how hard it is to keep yourself from howling in laughter so you won't wake your -light- sleeping father
The chapter had me shaking so hard in suppressed chuckles, that I actually fell from my bed, this Snape is so awesome I could hardly stop the stars from forming in my eyes,while not really ooc, he is certainly not cannon either,
I should really sleep right now as I hadn't slept in over 63 hours, the joys of being an author and still taking your college entrance exams,
Well, anyway, off to read the next chapter
Thank you for the story
DarkPhoenixxx chapter 64 . 6/18
This story is just TOO GOOD! I love how you don't rush the relationship between Snape and Harry. I first read this story many years ago, before I even had an account, and I still remembered it today as one of my favourites. That's why I read it all over again :D

Thank you so much for this brilliant story!
Redbookbluebook chapter 64 . 6/16
This story is just, wow. I loved your story so much I stayed up til 4am reading it. I kept meaning to review chapters but I would get to the end and be right on to the next one. Your storytelling is so compelling, and I cried multiple times throughout reading this. This is the absolute best Snape raising Harry fic I've ever read! I loved the relationship that slowly grew between the two, hearing both of their sides, and of course seeing how the relationship benefited them both in different ways. I liked that Harry also got to have a familial relationship with the Weasleys as well. One of my favourite chapters was the battle against the 4 Ravenclaws where everyone came together regardless of house and defended Harry. You write fight scenes really well. I really enjoy how you wrote Percy as having a bit of a badass streak, and Davidella was a cool character as well. I liked Harry's friendships with other houses. I also enjoyed how you incorporated a lot of events from the books in new and interesting ways like Minerva helping Albus with the horcrux but and preventing him from wearing the ring, and using the elephants to drink the potion; very clever. When you said that the new teacher would be from the ministry immediately I knew it would be Umbridge and was psyched to see your rendition of her. The nickname of Umbitch was great, and Minerva eating her was absolutely savage; loved it. I did wish the twins had gotten to prank her, but that's my only complaint about this story, because everything else was absolutely perfect. Congrats on your baby who's probably like 7.5 now haha, hope that went well.
whydoyouwantotknowmyynameagain chapter 1 . 6/16
I really loved this story. If anyone could recommend other ones where Snape ends up happy that would be great. Thank you
becgate chapter 64 . 6/9
Awesome story!
pinkprincess jin chapter 16 . 6/8
we muggles take all this for granted.

yes, muggles are the best :))
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