Reviews for Harry's New Home
MsShadowsOra chapter 17 . 6/17
snape so far: no I hate this brat... I don't like him... why am I hugging him?! WHAT IS THIS PAIN IN MY CHEST!? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!
amazing story so far!
sebchan chapter 64 . 6/15
This whole story has been so riveting! I've fallen in love with it! Especially harry and snapes relationship! Hardy's comments about Voldemort being called voldesnort or sone other name and Azkaban as izzkibibble has kept me laughing! And SNAPE oh my gosh I've cone to love him even more! Irs a pity its ended but I know I'll have fun rereading it over! Your an amazing writer keep it up! And I know that is way late for this but congrats on the baby!
Severus Prince-Slytherin chapter 25 . 6/14
I really love your professor Snape and the story. it's really fun the way he is in denial
Guest chapter 64 . 6/10
excellent story and good luck with the baby
KawaiiKitsuneGirl chapter 64 . 6/9
this is my favourite fic in a long while. It has made me laugh out loud continuously, and I adore the characterisation, especially of the obstinate Severus who refuses to acknowledge his own feelings right up to the end...I understand this was written a while ago now, but congrats on your child (wait children as I read in the profile?) but yeah I hope they have all grown well and that they will be able to enjoy this story and others like it as much as I know I have. thanks again!
welfycat chapter 64 . 6/7
I read some of this years ago, but only now have returned to reread/finish reading after finding a link on a rec-list and recognizing the name of the story. I absolutely adore all of Snape's letter-to-the-editor of various journals and magazines and love how Snape and Harry worry that Snape isn't the best at being a disciplinarian (for entirely different reasons!). Thank you for sharing your wonderful story with all of us.
June Phillips chapter 64 . 6/7
Thank you so much for your fanfiction. I have really enjoyed the story. There are a number of things that I have enjoyed. I like the way you get into the head of Harry and Severus and how you show the different interpretation each has of any given situation. Each takes the perspective that he will not be loved and wanted. Of course this makes since they each come from abusive backgrounds. Although you added more physical abuse in Harry's life in comparison to the Harry Potter series, you were able to show how abuse affects a child's behaviors and attitudes. In the Harry Potter series, Harry seemed to fare very well despite his abuse. That particular aspect was not very realistic so I appreciated seeing the realistic emotional consequences of abuse in your Harry.

In the Harry Potter series, JKR was writing for children so children took on the adult responsibilities of fighting Voldemort. In your series you had the adults take greater responsibility which I really liked. I also loved the attention you gave to McGonagall. You showed her as a real confident and Powerful witch.

I found your references to the Talmud, if someone is coming to kill you wake up early and kill him first, very interesting. Your references to the Middle East conflict in that particular chapter were interesting and it really was a great comparison to the choices faced by Dumbledore and Snape while fighting Voldemort. I have to say, that with Snape taking on that philosophy, he was a bit scary in your story. On the other hand he was a firm but loving father. The development of the relationship between Harry and Severus was quite beautiful.

I like the way you kept certain characters alive that JKR had decided to kill. I am not against her decision, but it was kind of nice that you kept them alive. You had Nagini killed before she could kill Snape. You had McGonagall interfere with Dumbledore's putting on the ring. You also changed the situation in which Dobby helped, so he would not have to die. Also, you had the final battle take place mainly between adults away from Hogwarts. Of course in the Harry Potter series, the children were the stars so it made sense that they fought and died at Hogwarts. But I really do like that you had adults take on adult responsibilities, especially in the horcrux , you still allowed the children to act in heroic manners with respect to the troll and Nagini andthe Chamber of Secrets.

Thank you again for your fanfiction. I really enjoyed it and I feel a guilty reading such wonderful work without paying for it. I hope all is well with you and your family.
Mord-Sith Rahl chapter 63 . 6/7
I don’t know if you’re still active on here, but I wanted to let you know that this series is one of my favorites. The truth is that I had forgotten the title of them, and it has plagued me for so long because I couldn’t find it, until suddenly I did and I spent almost every waking hour re-reading this story (again) until my eyes hurt and my vision blurred. It was just as wonderful the...goodness...whatever count this re-read is, as I used to read it all the time before I took a break from fanfic and lost track of it. It’s truly an amazing story, and will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you. I hope you and yours are healthy, happy, and well. x
Taania chapter 64 . 6/1
Reading this 9 years since your epilogue - hope you and baby ( not so much baby now! ) are ok and everything worked out. Thanks again for the story.
Taania chapter 58 . 6/1
Thank you for this story. Love the snarky yet loving Snape, and his mental letters you various journals have me in stitches! I keep getting strangely looks from people when I snort at my phone. Thank you
D0 y0u even read br0 chapter 64 . 5/30
I'm always bad at leaving reviews on stories after the end.. Mainly because I'm so gosh darn emotional. This story has truly been amazing. I read the original one-shot a long time ago and loved it. Somehow, I managed to not realize there was a sequel, but the moment I did I ended up neglecting all my schoolwork to read the whole book. It has been a fantastic 15 or so hours. Although I've found myself having to resist fondly calling my siblings or parents some of Snape's endearing insults... Anyway, I hope you and your daughter are doing well. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for producing this amazing story and sharing it with the world. You're a fantastic author.
Vasillia chapter 20 . 5/28
Ch 20 made me laugh til I cried. Lord Volauvent-hysterically funny! Thank you!
Guest chapter 9 . 5/25
vickety chapter 64 . 5/23
This has been amazing! Your story is so full of laughter-I often laughed out loud. Thank you so much!
WasWoksa chapter 64 . 5/22
I am blown away. Snape as I've never seen him, perfectly in character but so dang adorable. Snarky internal dialogue, more laugh out loud moments than I've ever found in a piece of literature. The tongue in cheek parody of the original series is masterful. Frankly, I'd pay good money to see this version at the movies. And the heart rending earlier scenes with Harry and his recovery from abuse, and Snape and his tenacious self-hate. I just loved this. I'll be re-reading it for some time. Thank you so much for sticking with it.
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