Reviews for Harry's New Home
Guest chapter 16 . 5/12
Alessia Audibert chapter 44 . 4/23
There is something that I find really really interesting... I mean... Every time someone use the word fascist in these kind of situation it's fascinating for me... I Mena, why it's never Nazist? Because (too if I'm Italian, and hate fascism and Mussolini with all myself) I have a sort of idea that Hitler would be the ona that Everybody talk about... Because... You know... In the WW2 it was Hitler who were more importante than Mussolini... Hitler invented (if I'm not wrong) the concentration camps... And, do not misunderstand me, Mussolini it's been an horrible person, cause of him lots of people died and everything... But I would have thought that in the culture (more than more all the not Italians one) would've stay more the negative idea of the nazists... And that the fascists would've pass in the background (again, this is not to justify what they did, or say that they weren't that bad, because they were, it's just a cultural fact I find interesting)
BleachedSamurai chapter 8 . 4/6
Damnnit, the last bit, I had tears in my eyes, and that rarely happens. I love the story so far!
Bohaska chapter 64 . 3/28
I really liked the story and the jokes, but the ending, especially chapter 63, made me disappointed, as it didn't challenge Harry in any way, he survived because of luck, and he didn't really learn many life lessons, so it was anti-climatic.
SimplyJoJo chapter 6 . 3/24
reading this is to funny to me, like the sarcastic comments just make me laugh aloud. great story
JuliusMD chapter 64 . 3/16
thank you for writing Harry's New Home
JuliusMD chapter 31 . 3/13
"pulled into him"? is that how you intend to get rid of the horcrux in Harry?
JuliusMD chapter 2 . 3/11
laughing my ass off as Molly states "that's it. Dumbledore is senile" XD
Mouser1985 chapter 8 . 2/1
Great, I cried like a baby...beautiful chapter!
Onlyforbetareading chapter 1 . 1/31
Can I post this on Wattpad and Ao3? all credits to you
Diana P.W chapter 64 . 1/30
This has been a lovely read!
Hinata7 chapter 47 . 1/30
I have just spent 15minutes laughing at the ending of this alone and am still trying to explain to my friends why I cant stop! I will be finishing this today!
csheila chapter 63 . 1/26
Great sets of dialogue

But thanks for the epilogue. It’s hard for a good story to be
csheila chapter 62 . 1/26
I love the scenes with the folks. Both touching and funny

But it’s showtime, now. I am imagining the image from the Shoning
csheila chapter 59 . 1/26
Oh Jesus
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