Reviews for Harry's New Home
TheBookworm13 chapter 64 . 6/9
Awesome! Congrats on having a baby
tricorvus chapter 59 . 6/8
Oh holy crap. Stupid stupid Lucius!
tricorvus chapter 58 . 6/8
Minerva Party Pooper
Great story.
Rock on
ErynOctopea chapter 1 . 6/8
I loved this story so much that I did a fanfic for this fanfic. 'With The Witch Burnhilde'
tricorvus chapter 51 . 6/8
So, we've tackled canon first, second, third and fifth years... And in the next 14 chapters we're going to finish it up. You are amazing.
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tricorvus chapter 46 . 6/7
That was friking wild epic. The tantrum down to the great hall cleaning
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tricorvus chapter 44 . 6/7
I see clearly that this is Dobby's doing. "If he doesn't hand in his assignment, or does something outrageous like taking teachers notes, he'll be expelled ".
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tricorvus chapter 41 . 6/6
I don't have a reputation to uphold - waaaaa !
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Invisiblegirl16 chapter 39 . 6/6
Geez, even when your fic isn't *aiming* to bash Dumbledore, he *still* annoys me! Then again, people who always see the good in other people - even those who truly don't deserve it and have proven as much - *always* annoy me. It would do certain people some good if they threw their morality to the wind every once in a while.

At least Harry has Snape, because even in the book Dumbledore annoyed me. Like not telling Harry about the prophecy until he was fifteen - and that was only after him and the others had snuck into the Department of Mysteries. The old man said he wanted Harry to have a childhood, that was why he never told him, but the kid never had a childhood to begin with! He was a mere slave, a human house elf. I'm pretty sure telling him about the prophecy wouldn't have destroyed his innocence or anything, because what innocence? The kid saw one of his peers die when he was fourteen - and was crucio'd!

Sorry. I'm ranting, but damn! Even if he wasn't *trying* to be a manipulative old fool, Dumbledore should've lost Harry's trust at some of those points (then again, I refuse to believe that the kid had came out of the Dursley situation completely "normal". He spent ten - er, eleven? - years with them. This Harry is more believable than the original - though *your* version of the Dursleys sound much more cruel. And I enjoy the fact that the kids actually *act* like eleven-year-olds. I mean, they did in the book, but they were so gung-ho about the mysterious third floor and everything, that it's nice to see them acting like children. Like Harry's way of speaking, how he doesn't completely finish certain words - like not including the 'd' in 'and,' and how him and Ron were laughing at and mocking Lavender and Parvati's girl talk. And I love the friendship between the houses! Especially Draco and Hermione's without any muggleborn hatred in the way).

Wow, this was long. Anyways, great story so far! And Snape's plan was brilliant! (Though I suppose I shouldn't have expected any less from the Slytherin Potions Master.) I especially love how he used Bones' niece to pretty much blackmail her into coming. Harsh maybe, but very Slytherin indeed!
cztelnik chapter 64 . 6/6
This is a wonderfully long, completed epic HP Severus adoption fic. It continually brushed and skirted the edge of sappiness yet never fell over and the practical humor and logical retelling of the story was awesome. Thanks for sharing and I'll bet someday your protégé will enjoy this story.
tricorvus chapter 32 . 6/6
How can I review you when you keep being so freaking epic one chapter after the other?!
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tricorvus chapter 25 . 6/4
You just make me want to CUDDLE Snape!
You are a genius as an author and ought to be on the shelves at B&N
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Invisiblegirl16 chapter 16 . 6/2
This. Chapter. Was. Brilliant!

I couldn't stop smiling like an idiot, especially when Draco stopped Ron from being Crucio'd and Percy got all protective over Ron, because I was not expecting either of those characters to react in such a way. And I loved Hermione's speech about what Muggles can *really* do, because, when you think about it, aside from flinging hexes and jinxes, Wizards can't *actually* fight worth a damn, because they have wands and magic, therefore there's no need for physical confrontation (aside from the part in the Umbridge book - the fifth book, I think - when Harry attacked Draco after he began making fun of the Weasleys after the Quidditch match, but it's still a school, magical or no, fist fights are bound to break out).

And I absolutely love the House-unity! Especially between the Griffs and Slys - and how a *Malfoy* saved a *Weasley*, never mind one's a Slytherin and the other's a Gryffindor. And all for little Harry!
tricorvus chapter 15 . 6/2
Uh-oh... That doesn't look good...
Great chapter
Rock on
tricorvus chapter 14 . 6/2
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