Reviews for Harry's New Home
celine.sLineC-Line chapter 64 . 8/7
that was a very nice story
i enjoyed it
thank you
feauxen chapter 47 . 8/6
Oh good lord...this must be one of the best ways I've ever seen dreamed up to see Umbridge go down. Well done, my friend.
witherwings1972 chapter 64 . 7/29
Wow that's all i can say. it was extremely hard to put this one down.
Exosuho1991 chapter 64 . 7/27
A story filled with moments that had me laughing, in tears, filled with emotions, I can't explain how thrilled I am to have come across this story. Excellent work and magnificent style of writing.
sairalinde666 chapter 48 . 7/27
You my dear are a gift from merlin and the founders themselves. Im quite convinced that i burst a lung from laughing so hard. Miverva ate Umbitch, never thought i would say those three words, but there you. This is by far one of the best fanfictions i have ever read, truly a work of art. xoxo
Lonna Bowstripe chapter 16 . 7/27
Go Hermione! By seventh year, I want you to be the next Davidella Jones.
Stillheartdeep chapter 33 . 7/26
Did I tell you how much I love your mind and heart. You make me feel! I love that! Good person you!
Stillheartdeep chapter 16 . 7/25
If this is the way you write then I like your mindscape. I love ya Kbinnz!
marybeth.hp7 chapter 64 . 7/21
I really, really, really totally enjoyed both stories!
GoldenGryphon chapter 32 . 7/20
Love, love, love your writing style. It's easy to read and the story flows so nicely, plus you made me scare my cat (with snikering and assorted muffled noises) twice during this chapter. Thank you for allowing me to start my day with a smile - it's not everyone who understands that kumquats have next to no subtlety, and I have never understood why everyone is so excited by Potter Senior turning into a large stag. Harry was absolutely correct. He's a deer and they have no teeth that matter to young men. (They can be vicious creatures, but you never see Tales of Survival where random people talk about their harrowing attack by a deer. "And it tried to bite me, and tore the sleeve of my jacket, but I dodged it's hooves and used a chair to deflect it's antlers!" No. Being attacked by a large near-relative to a goat just ... )
Thank you for writing such a delightful and entertaining story.
Best thoughts.
AceOfSlytherin chapter 64 . 7/17
This story is my new canon. Ha.

I introduced my best friend to it, and she's read a few chapters, along with all the brilliant quotes I've sent her-there were a lot!-and I'm sure some of my Facebook friends will check it out, if they haven't already.

This was AMAZING!

Also, it's personally reassuring to see a mother making time to write. I don't have kids, but I am recently married, and I know kids take a lot of time and it's always encouraging to see someone with children still making time to write. So thank you for that, as well as a phenomenal story. It was not only a great read, but it was legitimately inspiring.
2AM chapter 9 . 7/17
Wow, Severus is such a drama queen at the beginning of this chapter. I love it!
LlamaPeople chapter 64 . 7/16
This is one of the best stories I've ever read. Every chapter was so detailed and had me hanging on till the very end. I absolutley loved your representation of the characters and the events and this is definitley one of my favourites!
AceOfSlytherin chapter 47 . 7/16

Also, I like how Snape, in his rage, publicly referred to Harry as his son, and no one-not even he-seemed to notice. Or they were just too terrified to bring it up xD also the fact that McGonagall is even scarier than Snape-which makes sense, because he's sparky and sarcastic and perpetually grumpy and makes lots of threats, but McGonagall...she's strict and stern but generally doesn't try to be SCARY. So when she IS scary...whew. Watch out. Like, even SNAPE acknowledges that she's terrifying.
Guest chapter 46 . 7/16
"I'm telling Minerva!"
The sound of Albus' pained "Oh, dear" made him feel quite a bit better as he stomped down to the dungeons.

YESSSSSSSS! I love the fact that both Snape and Dumbledore acknowledge that as a legitimate threat. They're such children and I love it xD And she's the mom hahahahaha!

I also found the mental image of Snape absentmindedly chewing on his quill to be absolutely adorable. Like. I literally squealed. So cute.

And I loved McGonagall's reaction to Harry calling Snape "Da" xD

And the fact that Snape was so worried that he snuck in to check on Harry (he's such a mother hen and it's so cute) and that he THOUGHT he was being sneaky and stealthy but she totally knew he was there xD but she didn't let him know.
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