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AceOfSlytherin chapter 41 . 7/15
Again with the feels! That was...ahhh, I don't have words for how amazing and...feels-y that was! 3

If I were a crier, I'd probably be bawling or something lol.

Very sweet. Very cute. Of course, most of that was Harry's gift, and Snape's reactions to it, but I was also struck by the detail of Hagrid MAKING his gift for Harry...I don't know why that struck me so, but it did, and I think it was a very sweet and heartfelt/sentimental detail.

And of course I'm sure Hagrid will actually be OVERJOYED to have Harry visiting him and utilizing his gift, so Sev's plan won't be quite so satisfying ;)
AceOfSlytherin chapter 40 . 7/15
Man...every time you write Percy, I find myself hating him less and less...I think I'm actually starting to LIKE him!

Of course, he's still a horrid prat canonically.
AceOfSlytherin chapter 36 . 7/14


Oh, and I've really enjoyed the stuff with Remus and Sirius (especially Remus' serious/Sirius joke!) And I lIked seeing Ron act like a big brother a few chapters back-that was really cute.

But the changes in Snape are quite touching. His relationship with Harry is really sweet. And seeing him reconciling with the remaining marauders is cute, too-especially Sirius, since his relationship with him was waaayyy worse than his relationship with Remus.
AceOfSlytherin chapter 19 . 7/14
"Perhaps because you were on a business trip abroad?"

So sassy! Such cheek! I LOVE it! Pahahahaha!

Hmmm, I'd love to see more of Draco's home life...of course, this is about Harry-and there are plenty of fanfics featuring Draco-but of all the HP fics I've read, of all the authors I've witnessed, you're one of if not THE best. Of course I know how much time and energy a story takes, but if you find yourself in need of something to write about...I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to see your ideas regarding the Malloy family ;)
AceOfSlytherin chapter 18 . 7/14
I love the image of all the houses mingling. That's amazing. I LOVE it! I particularly liked the thought of Draco loosening up and messing around like most kids his age, doing silly things with his food and engaging in silly arguments.

And the image of the students going quiet to stare at the teachers because now THEY'RE having a silly argument about the importance of a sport, of all things-that was HILARIOUS. I let out such a loud laugh that I looked over in a panic to see if I'd woken my husband (it's 3:30am here). But no, he's still sound asleep lol. I can't help but picture Snape sitting there in a face-palm position because oh Merlin the faculty are acting like children haha
AceOfSlytherin chapter 16 . 7/14

This is amazing.

Draco tackling an older student. Draco and Ron GETTING ALONG. Ron relying on the twins, and the twins coming to his aid, no questions asked (all he did was yell for them, right?). Marcus Flint being awesome-and cooperating with Oliver, no less!


Marcus is actually how I ended up reading this story-this chapter was the first one I read (though, after reading it and seeing how amazing it was, I started from chapter one-and read this chapter AGAIN). I love Marcus Flint. He's just...fascinating to me. Like, we know JUST enough about him to have an idea of what he's like-big, ruthless on the Quidditch Pitch, disregards rules if he finds it necessary-but enough is left to our imaginations that we can really make him into almost anything we want. So I've been mildly obsessed with him since...I don't even know, at least since early high school (I'm 21 now-so at LEAST 5 years). The other day I was wondering about his teeth and whether there's a wizarding equivalent of orthodontics, so I took to Google and...ended up here, because of the part where Hermione explains dentists. I'm so glad I ended up here! I stumbled upon a treasure.

I LOVED seeing him portrayed as a prefect, protecting his "Firsties."

This entire story is amazing. I love getting in Snape's head and seeing him portrayed as, well, more like a human and less like a monster. I love Snape. Though my mental image of him is rather inconsistent-sometimes it's vividly Alan Rickman (they could not have cast a better actor for the role, despite the fact that he was way older than Snape actually is) and others its...more a figment of my imagination. Because Snape is actually only 30, I tend to project my own image of what he looks like...and my imaginings fluctuate between realism and anime and they're often somewhere in between's weird.

Anyway! I'll stop talking now. I honestly just wanted to say how much I love this story. It's amazing, and you're amazing! So far, this is my favourite chapter!

Also-am I correct in assuming that New Zealand speech patterns/slang/etc. are at least somewhat similar to British? I know it was colonized by the British at or at least around the same time as Australia, and while Australians have some unique slang they also have some in common with the British...but I have less exposure to New Zealanders/that culture,, I just noticed that you write it very naturally, and I was impressed, so that's why I was curious. I can use some British slang comfortably but you take it to a whole other level!
goddess-of-friendship chapter 64 . 7/10
This was sooooooo amazing! your writing is fantastic and your approach to the Slytherin tenancies is perfect! This is definitely one of my top 10 favorite fanfictions, of any category!
2AM chapter 59 . 7/10
Noooo! Poor Draco!
2AM chapter 57 . 7/10
*snickers* Dogfather. That is never going to get old. And that was such a cute scene at the end. I love this so much!
2AM chapter 47 . 7/10
Oh, wow... I did not see Minerva's reaction coming. So much more satisfying than the way Umbitch got off lightly in the books.

By the way I have been obsessively reading this story in my free time and I absolutely adore it. You've made me both teary eyed over Harry's life with the Dursley's and his interactions with Snape and laugh out loud so much my roommate started complaining.
Bewitchedgal chapter 64 . 7/9
I really enjoyed this story and I am a woman in my 60's. You have a wonderful sense of humor, drama and you tell a story real well. I am glad that Severus lived and that Dumbledore wasn't the shining star. In my opinion in JKR's book he had much to explain and much to make up for.
This is a very good read.
Bewitchedgal chapter 56 . 7/8
Thank you for doing something with Luna. I think JKR missed the mark. She created this fascinating and funny character and in my opinion didn't do much with her. I love the character Luna and while she seems to live on another plain-she can see through a brick wall as they say in Bree-and gets to the truth. Love her
Bewitchedgal chapter 44 . 7/6
When I was in grade 4 I had a teacher just like UmBridge. And unfortunately I was her target. She did everything to humiliate me-once she did not like my homework-my writing so I had to stand at the head of the class with my scribbler held high over my head. Other times she would make me kneel on the floor and use the seat of my desk to do my work. She took every opportunity to mock and belittle me. The kicker was her name was "Miss Meany"-so fitting.
Oh yes, she did this after I had been out of school for over a month. I had hepatitis and had almost died-no pity or mercy from her.
itsyobromagsters chapter 64 . 7/4
I have spent all of my free time over the last three days reading this and I don't regret it at allI could not think of a better alternative.
Evesgreenleaf chapter 64 . 7/4
Your story laugh and cry with humor, joy and sadness; all important elements of a great story
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