Reviews for Harry's New Home
TDDeathHerself chapter 64 . 5/16
Your book was absolutely excellent! It kept me hooked and on the edge of mt seat while I read it! I hope your kiddo is doing well and I hope you continue writing!
Lumiellie chapter 9 . 5/15
(not to mention vaguely obscene-looking gadgets whose function Severus did not want to think about)

Guest chapter 64 . 5/12
I love the story! But would mind putting a trigger warning on the chapter with Professor Mcgonagall's um... Incident with Umbridge? If you could I would really appreciate it! Thank you!
silverkitsunepup chapter 64 . 5/12
I absolutely loved this story! It's so well written and I found myself both laughing and tearing up most of the way through. I have to say I particularly liked Snape's habit of writing letters to people in his head xD Also Harry was very sneaky! Even sneakier than Snape knew about, but he was also very kind and it was awesome to read how he managed to gain so many allies even without Snape's help just simply by being joyous, happy and generous self! But I must say that my absolute, absolute favourite part of this whole story was the character development both Harry and Snape went through. Seeing Harry go from an abused child, so wrongly-led by his relatives' treatment of him he was willing to believe and accept any atrocities sent his way, to a healthy, happy and loving child who is smart, gifted, friendly, loving and most importantly knows he is all these things was so gratifying! And seeing Snape go from a bitter, emotionally-repressed bat, haunted by his past and unable to let go of childhood grudges who feels his is incapable of being loved, to a loving father who knows his own worth (at least much more than he did) and whose past no longer confines him was amazing! Even if he is still a little bad at expressing his emotions xD I can't help but wonder if anyone other than Harry ever found out he was a horcrux? Oh I can only imagine how 'over-protective father of the year' what react to Harry's first girlfriend xD Or worse! How Mr. I-am-not-a-sentimental-Griffindor-thank-you-very-much would react to Harry getting married or the birth of his first grandkid?
Thank you so much for writing this! It was so awesome to read and you are an amazing writer! :D

P.s. Sorry for rambling '' But you really are good!
Guest chapter 64 . 5/2
Love love loved it! Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with us. Cheers!
BadWolf321 chapter 48 . 4/24
xFoximimi chapter 41 . 4/21
Okay Shape is the biggest tsundere in the entire world at this point! OMGEEEERD
thai.khue chapter 25 . 4/20
I love the humor in Snape's mind! :)))))) Thanks so much!
peteanderica chapter 64 . 4/14
One of the best stories on fanfiction definitely worth your time to read.
AkaiTsuki-KuroiTaiyo chapter 8 . 4/12
That scene with Lily's sweater was just so sweet! Such an emotional scene... I had tears in my eyes!
This is very very well written! You don't -by any chance- write professionally, do you? Because especially after this chapter... The way you manage to bring out the emotions of the characters and make them so much more alive is simply brilliant.
You should really consider writing as a professional if you don't do it already. Your books would definitely be a hit!
lilashannah chapter 64 . 4/8
it's amazing how well you write Severus! i truly loved this story. thanks for sharing!
AnyankaEllie chapter 64 . 4/8
Thank you for this absolutely amazing story ) I haven't read anything close to your version so far, and it truly was fabulous )
lilashannah chapter 11 . 4/6
the way you write snape's sarcasm and wit have me laughing so hard, that my children think I've lost my mind.. thank you..
Guest chapter 11 . 4/6
Sigh if only we had shampoos like that. Nth I try does much difference to my hair. So sad.
Romily chapter 47 . 4/5
that's what i call a final Umbitch solution.
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