Reviews for Harry's New Home
atlantis51 chapter 16 . 3/3
Merlin! I still can't believe that Ravenclaw had people in it that were that freaking brutal to little Harry Potter! Amazing...
atlantis51 chapter 14 . 3/3
It's really amazing that Snape actually sprung Sirius from the Klink! As much as he always hated him? Wow. Harry really IS changing him! Even his hair! Gah!
atlantis51 chapter 8 . 3/3
I think Snape is caving, big-time! Harry is adorable, just huggable,such a sweet little tyke!
atlantis51 chapter 4 . 3/3
I'm impressed by the way you portray Harry's personality! And Snape is wonderful as a stern Guardian, but still has a heart, even if it is deeply buried! What a wonderful story, can't wait to sink my teeth into it!
atlantis51 chapter 1 . 3/3
I'm already in love with this story! Snape and Albus' conversation was brilliant!
hisnhers chapter 57 . 3/2
Back in hospital, typing difficult. Just know Im loving this fic and reviews will be difficult. Sorry. his
Marvella chapter 47 . 3/2
Possibly the most fitting death for Umbridge I have ever read! Your story is absolutely AMAZING!
iloveyou1234 chapter 11 . 3/2
Omg snape's hair
iloveyou1234 chapter 9 . 3/2
I love the humor in this.
hisnhers chapter 51 . 3/1
"...stalked... with all the outraged sensitivity of an offended cat." You MUST have kids and cats. Especially, with the wanting to stun them, send them back to bed, at 2! in the morning and claim it's all a dream. Yup, been there, wished for that... sigh. lol. his
hisnhers chapter 50 . 3/1
Harry's commentary on the 'goings on' in the Chamber... cute. 'uh, oh. I think Nagini just got eaten...' lol! My goodness what an eventful first year. Um, this IS still first year? Right? his
hisnhers chapter 49 . 3/1
Tinfoil hat? good one. However, they don't stop the whining from hitting your eardrums like claws. sorry to disappoint! his
hisnhers chapter 47 . 3/1
ROFL! "Suddenly, Albums was no longer the scariest person in the room... smartest moves... never mortally offending the carnivorous animagus." lol! I am laughing so hard I can barely type! his
hisnhers chapter 46 . 3/1
Minerva trying not to giggle is a sight I'm sure. She really did great drinking tea while Harry ranted and raved like a crazy person. (Did Harry really tell Minerva McGonagall to 'belt up!' ?)Then the corner as punishment for such a childish outburst. Would have loved cleaning our home the way Harry got to clean the Great Hall. Fun punishment and practicing spells at same time. Not bad. his
hisnhers chapter 45 . 3/1
This chapter had me crying. I felt so bad for Harry and Severus and then Albus starts crying! oh boy... "...two candy-lovers happily explored Albus' stash. He knew trouble when he saw it." giggle... Glad Harry is no longer afraid of Albus, unless Albus is bad again then Harry better kneecap him. Get Hermione to show hin how. his
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