Reviews for Something Like Grace
kittykatloren chapter 1 . 12/5/2010
These are so beautiful! Every one tells a whole story. Perfect balance between angst and fluff. Wonderful job

- Kitty
cominghome28 chapter 1 . 6/7/2010
Ou, I really like the idea of this. I'm going to go through them one at a time.

1) This is lovely. I adore "...and because it seems almost as uncertain of things as she is, it makes her feel just a little bit less alone." It's a good way to start this off, because you introduce a random fact about her, and it ties into comfort.

2) This is so realistic, and I like that. Often writers make a whole lot of fanfare about that first kiss, and the events surrounding it, when in reality it's usually pretty awkward, random and unexpected. The concept of Matsuda just declaring they're going to kiss is great.

3) I think you meant here to write "so she pushes him out of bed." Interesting way of going about writing soft, and I love the imagery of mumbling into his chest.

4) Very interesting concept about knowing better than to describe something of pain. I like the distance being portrayed between the two, physically shown by her removing herself by the window.

5) I like this, but I think it would be better to write just "tosses a peel at him", it reduces wordiness and improves the flow of the sentence. A nice, cute moment to break up the sadness of the previous sentence.

6) The imagery painted here is great, imagining the two of them sitting by the window together.

7) Again, a cute moment here, and I like the subtle kindness. It isn't so much Matsuda shouting out "I love you" than noticing she likes chocolate and learning to bake. Very much in-character for him I think.

8) This hit really strong for me. I know that when Jean-Marie passed, often I felt happiness, but then I recoiled and asked "How can I be happy?" When I found a book I was looking for or holding a loved one I was happy, but I didn't understand how through the grief I could be happy. Really nicely painted here.

9) Nice way of bringing back the subtle angst of the piece here, and I like that I wasn't expecting this for the prompt. Very creative.

10) Another creative way of using the prompt. I notice you often come back to them lying together to bed at night. It's an interesting setting and theme throughout.

11) I love the idea of names being taboo. I know for me there are certain words. I can't say now the popular expression "God, if I have to do another article I'll kill myself," and for a while his name was taboo. Really nice concept to introduce.

12) Progression of infatuation to love, I think. I always like it when writers touch on that progression, because it is sometimes seen as boring and unimportant, when really after the fact we realize the moments were the most important of all.

13) Love, love, love this. Because of the fandom I was sort of expecting something about the multitudes of deaths and their grief, but you totally go past that and come up with something really thought-provoking. Definitely my favorite so far.

14) I like the idea here of only being intimate when they feel at their worst. I've had relationships like that before, and I could really see that working between them if they had gotten together in the fandom.

15) So simple, but it really brings to mind a lot of questions and ideas here. I like the thoughts conveyed by such a simple gesture.

16) Really, really cute, but the fluff is nicely set off by her weakness and her trouble walking.

17) Don't I know this feeling. I'm sure a lot of us do. I think it's always a very frightening moment when the walls come down and we're both completely vulnerable, but at the same time, it can be a really rewarding one.

18) Ha, reminds me of my own job. As a journalist sometimes, like right now, you sit around not doing anything, and others it's so crazy I can't even think straight. I like that you touch on his work here. Sometimes writers are all about the relationship between two people, and they forget about the very real and very influential outer forces, like work. Especially his line of work.

19) Nice imagery of wind and the sea here. Great way to implement the prompt and detail their relationship.

20) Like the phrasing of feeling "lopsided" without Matsuda with her. I also like what you imply just by stating that she has to beg to get out of the house: the conflict, the protectiveness and the power struggle born not out of malice but fear.

21) Again a nice balance between fluff and sadness. It's sad she's so weak, but then it's also cute how she is grateful she came back for him.

22) Wow, really nice concept here, instead of the typical idea of one of them being jealous of the others' friends because they fear infidelity. I love this idea of her being jealous of him, because we usually come to realize that even the best relationships have conflicts and some negativity.

23) This is so funny and cute. Nice way to break up the sadness, again, and just a humorous little peek into a day-to-day event in their lives. You might have noticed by now I'm very fond of showing what's special in the mundane.

24) Nice imagery of tasting grief, because sometimes I do think it becomes so strong and palpable it does have its own taste. I would say it's a salty one.

25) So, so cute here, the relative anonymity between them, of calling her "the girl in the wheelchair" and just starting to notice him.

26) So very familiar with this feeling, and something I myself have been contemplating lately. I've definitely reached this point, and I don't know if it means I'm jaded or I'm wise. Maybe some of both.

27) I've done this so many times, listened to the heart of a loved one and thought this very thing. I think a lot of us do.

28) Nice lighter touch here, not focusing on a seriously dangerous sickness but just his worrying over a cold.

29) Again, very cute idea of him singing in the shower, and a bit of the playful, lighter side of the relationship.

30) Love, love, love this. So maybe I'm a bit of a romantic at heart, sure, but this was just precious.

31) Another favorite. I like how you don't come out and say "she lost her memory," but you demonstrate rather than tell. Such a nice touch to these.

32) Kind of similar to the one before, but also cute. I like the description of him, because it makes him seem very young and innocent, but he is also a comfort to her.

33) Nice reversal of roles. Mostly it seems to be him taking care of her, but the deliberate reversal here is refreshing and sweet.

34) "because she's solid and she's safe and she can save him." Wonderful repetition here, and creates such great imagery.

35) "because he's been there too." Another great line here, drawing them together. I just love the twist, that she isn't crying just over grief, but because she can't remember.

36) So, so, so funny and cute. Something my father would do, I think.

37) Another lighter scene, and so funny. I could really see him doing this, pretending he's got everything under control and panicking, while she just rolls her eyes and smiles.

38) "but he's not sure if that's how their relationship works." Been there, done that, and you've really just described it so well right here.

39) Like the banter between them, and how they can tease each other. A very real part of relationships no matter how much pain or history there might be.

40) "blood of the dead" is very strong here. I like the idea of him almost treating her like a small, vulnerable child, when really she is an adult and someday she will have to face terrible things.

41) Definitely a nice "awwww" moment. So cute to think of him buying her a puppy, and then doing this as a way to say he loves her. Really in-character.

42) "and asks what his name is." Another great twist, and I really love the idea of him being an awkward teenager and scared, even if she's the one who lost her memory.

43) Nice image here, and I like the idea of his hand in her hair. A nice concept and description that not everyone would note.

44) Definitely know this feeling, and it's nice and fluffy to see it described here, but again with a nice balance of sadness.

45) "the dark-haired man who visits too much" is a nice way to describe him. I don't sense irritation here, really, just a bemused exasperation as she tries to understand who he is and maybe comes to realize his intentions.

46) The quotation mark should be after the comma (" can't stay inside,"). Love, love, love the imagery of "a cold kiss" because of the ice cream here.

47) I like that point in a relationship, where there's nothing left to prove, but as you mentioned here, sometimes it's nice to still have certain moments together.

48) Another mention of the imagery with the sea here, which really is very effective at describing her memory loss and what she's going through.

49) Hahaha, so much like my dad here too. He has a love/hate relationship with the cat, but he always smiles when he sees how much my mom loves her.

50) Nice ending here, and really nice image with the fireworks. I like the idea of not banishing the loneliness, but rather turning it into something new.
sinemoras09 chapter 1 . 12/14/2009
Wonderful! I love how you used the LJ meme and managed to flesh out something very real and true between Matsuda and Sayu. I ship Matsuda/Sayu like no one's business, so this was a real treat to read. Thank you so much for sharing!
gillian32 chapter 1 . 12/14/2009
really lovely work! _
teacupz chapter 1 . 9/13/2009
I love the waves and supernova! :)

but, I think the romance between them shouldn't be this... eh, brave? Matsuda seems like a shy one in the manga...

keep on writting!
great gospel chapter 1 . 7/27/2009
It was simply amazing. Your wording and imagery was just superb. My favorites were comfort name (this one really gets to you), heaven, moon, and waves. And there was definitely a good balance of angst and fluff. Great work. :)
el.predador.del.monte chapter 1 . 12/11/2008
I really love this...

You are a great writer.
Saros chapter 1 . 10/3/2008
It may seem to be a bit late, but I just deny imaging this amazing thing having lack of rave reviews.

So well. In this piece of art you truly achieved a perfect balance between dark poignant reality and dawning gentle hope for sunny future and domestic bliss. Though it tells about very trivial things, but that's what makes its real enchantment. I love numbers 20, 27, 43, the whole of thirties, esp. 31, 33, 34... and of course the grand 50, which confirms me in an unshakable assurance that sometimes, eventually everything will certainly come ok... *rolling her eyes dreamily*

Your brevity, your concentration on minute details, your true psychological insight - all these merits remind me, presuming to say, of Anton Chekhov's writing style. In this particular work, they were demonstrated -absolutely- splendidly.

*realized how rhapsodic that must sound, but positively refused to backspace any single letter*
keem chapter 1 . 8/30/2008
oh man, i've always nursed a sweet spot for this particular pairing, which is so rare, and even more rare to find well-written. and of course, you do not disappoint in the slighest! every single one of these is poignant and brilliant in its simple elegance. they are all wonderful, but i would have to say that my favorite 1 sentence prompt would be 26 - Forever; although the last one (50 - Supernova) comes in a close second, and was an excellent way to end it. you've got some powerful and prettily crafted imagery here. excellent work.

OH! OH! and before i forget (and this probably sounds remarkably silly, but...) i really REALLY love your title. i know that coming up with a decent title is probably the hardest part about forming a story, at least on my part, so ive got to commend you on such a lovely way of summing up your drabbles. so, good choice! onto my favorites you go~!

and on a completely unrelated note, i was browsing through your profile and i stumbled across my name! haha, i am so very honored to be mentioned! it's always amazing to be publically acknowledged by other (and in your case, unspeakably excellent) writers. thank you so much! :beams at you!:
Kudatsuo-chan chapter 1 . 8/1/2008
Mah! Anything Bialy-chan writes is definitely worth reading! I LOVE how this story sways between fluff and angst. It is very evenly measured leaving you with the lasting feeling of poignancy. Kyaa it is a very well written piece. Plus you have to love the Matsu-tan and Sayu-chan pairing, it is just so cute!

Sorry about the rambling hyper-ness of the review. I just had coffee, and as a person who is extremely sensitive to caffeine (well one cup has me bouncing off the walls all day!) YAY!

Thank you again Bialy. I will be looking forward to your next update.
K-9 Style chapter 1 . 7/31/2008
Wow. You know, I love these kinds of fics. This is completely believable, even sweet at times. I adore it! I've thought many times about how Sayu's and Matsuda's relationship might have evolved after the Kira case ended and I think you've painted a very believable picture. Almost exactly as I'd pictured it. Great job! Definitely going on my favorites list.
Gamecrazy 25 chapter 1 . 7/31/2008
Aw... I feel all nice and fuzzy inside.

I'm being steered into liking Matsuda/Sayu more now! It's a nice break from all of the dark angsty Light/Matsuda I write. Whoo for DN het! Nothing against slash, but BL/yaoi is abundant in the fandom. Nice to see something to break the monotony.

I really liked this! It was bittersweet because of what Matsuda and Sayu had to go through to get to being a couple, but overall it has a sense of hope to it! Good job!