Reviews for Speedster Eliminators Trailer
Magnatron The NR Fan chapter 1 . 8/6/2008
Wha, wha, wha? (Looks again) What! (unintellageuable murmering) This story has been up six days, and I'm the first to review?

A few minutes ago my sister asked me what I was so excited about. I told her that C.S. Bernard had posted a new chapter. And when she asked me who that was again I responded by making unintelageuable noises, and waving my arms frantically. Her response was simple "Oh Aiglon."

Do I need to go so far as to say good to see that your back?

I have a fancy that I'm your biggest fan. Why is that? well lets see. Aside from the three segments with Eggman,(For the benefit of others that read this review I'm a hopeless sucker for Eggman scenes with any potential at all for awesomeness) I didn't see anything in this first chapter of any real substance, and yet I couldn't be more excited. My other sister tried to ask me a question while I was reading, but decided to ignore me when I gave her a hyperactive response.

As always with your work can't wait for more.

Oh and just asking again, since your back, if you could find the time, could you please check out my Sonic Phantom story. I wrote it trying very hard to mimic your style in first person.

God bless you

I am the Eggman!

NetRaptor's Sonicverse! The world's greatest Sonic series!

P.S. Not that your work isn't just as good, it's just that her work is more of a series while your work is more allong the lines of companions to the games. While this one seems to have a more original plot. I can't wait to find out who some of them are.

P.S.S. Hmm this review seemed a little short. I'll try to make the next one longer