Reviews for An Inconvenient Romance
parisavaldez chapter 2 . 12/1/2016
omfg this is the best thing I've ever read
Guest chapter 6 . 10/8/2016
Hey! Reading after 8th book came out! So incorrect but so incredible! I can't blame you for mistakes, but god was this story good!
Cameronr19 chapter 6 . 8/1/2016
This was really good and kept me reading till I finished! I just wish they could have gotten together at the leaky cauldron, it would have made more sense. And I hate that Malfoy was made out to be a stereotypical gay slut. But you can't have everything, I still enjoyed it.
Perfectly Craptastic chapter 6 . 8/1/2016
Awww! This is the cutest story I have read about Scorpius and Albus! Also it is one of the best!
Guest chapter 6 . 5/26/2016
This is by far the best so and scour fanfiction ever i loved every inch ...if u have time make sure u can give these guyz a future
Kd chapter 6 . 5/26/2016
Guest chapter 6 . 4/4/2016
That last paragraph was so cute omg thankyouthankyouthankyou
Anonymous chapter 6 . 2/13/2016
I loved the part where Hugo explodes on Rose and Lily.
"'Javier doesn't want to date either of you! ... But Rose, you know who does? Frank Longbottom! Lily, you know who wants to date you? Everybody else! Now shut up about Javier!'"
Noradin chapter 2 . 1/12/2016
This is the most fun I had reading the epilogue pairings and resulting families, ever.
Most of the time thy are so unimaginative and dull.
sweetsandstoryz chapter 6 . 9/6/2015
Loved this story! I mean, just name your son after him, haha XD
STRFKER chapter 1 . 5/17/2015
"It was Scorpius f***ing Potter"
Lol think you meant "Scorpius f***ing Malfoy" though we're all still hoping
Guest chapter 6 . 11/23/2014
Good job :)
LeBonnel chapter 6 . 12/21/2013
I have had the most pleasurable time reading that great fanfic of yours! Really, i loved everything about it. The way you've imagined albus and scorpius personalities was trully interestint, as i usually read stories of them both turning friends as kids. Also, the plot really got me stuck to reading all the 6 chapters in a row. Thanks god i managed to read it all in onde! I'd have died of curiosity if i have started reading it in 2008! Anywat, once more, congratulations, i trully have loved your work. I've always loved this pair, and its awesome when we can find such a good storie of them. Cheers!
googlyeyes chapter 1 . 10/19/2013
well, in response to your A/N, i don't think AS/S and HP/DM are the same thing...
almostkawaii chapter 6 . 4/1/2013
You do NAWT know how many times I've read this story! I LOVE IT! It's so brilliantly fantastic; great work!
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