Reviews for The eyes of my lover
Nicholas chapter 1 . 9/20/2012
dude, write more chapters it been THREE YEARS sense your last update!
TheNerdOfHyrule chapter 6 . 6/24/2012
Wow! This was a very epic story! Super cute. :3
RisenOdyssey chapter 6 . 8/5/2011
PLEASE continue this story! It is amazing and I cant wait to find out what happens next. PLEASE dont abandon it!
Josh Dragonheart chapter 6 . 1/3/2011
nice work so far, can wait for the rest to come out.
ChaoticFlame chapter 6 . 5/12/2010
i feel like im in the story until someone calls me then im like holy shit! oh and i cant take any desapointing stuff like when i was reading this one i forgot the name of but it made me cry because it was also depressing i was like ugh i cant read this any more so then i started to read this one which this one is making me really happy i really like it its fun to read
ChaoticFlame chapter 5 . 5/12/2010
when ike made zelda bleed i was like what are u doing dude she wants her memorie back why do u have to be so crule. lol no but that fight kinda made me sad T_T
ChaoticFlame chapter 3 . 5/12/2010
ChaoticFlame chapter 2 . 5/12/2010
i enjoyed this chapter and gasp i get a cookie for reveiwing i love cookies! lol
Devon the Shipper chapter 6 . 11/26/2009
This is an awesome story. Please keep it up. I'd love to see this story continue.
AquaHime chapter 6 . 8/3/2009
Great chapter, please update soon! With more lemons too, if its not to much to ask. Thanks! _
Jigglywigglypuff chapter 6 . 8/2/2009
that was HOT! ] keep it up! can't wait for more
AquaHime chapter 5 . 7/28/2009
Jigglywigglypuff chapter 5 . 6/9/2009
oh i like this story so far ) please update soon and get to that lemon! _
shadows-of-ballance chapter 5 . 4/6/2009
Oh dam ike got fucked up holy crap...
shadows-of-ballance chapter 4 . 4/6/2009
well things are getting heated lol
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