Reviews for Naruto's Greatest Heresy
ValaiNoctem chapter 1 . 9/22/2014
Hello, I just wanted to say I love this first chapter. It's not very easy to find a Jashinist Naruto story, I'm actual working on a Hidan raised Naruto story and I was wonder if I could borrow your commandments. I have been trying to write out my own but I get stuck.
Guest chapter 10 . 9/10/2014
Hoy fucking shit this is the most brutally descriptive thing I've ever read. Great job!
Exodia513 chapter 7 . 5/19/2013
Fuck... addiction. This story is addicting.
I'll flunk ALL the finals! Yeah!
Exodia513 chapter 6 . 5/19/2013
oh hot damn, this is getting good. Everything's falling apart and shit is going DOWN.
0w0... i love this story.
i'm so giddy to read this XD
DX stupid homework and finals week!
Exodia513 chapter 5 . 5/19/2013
Heresy to the max.
oh god, Hinata's "i have to protect Hanabi" thing reminds me of Itachi. Seriously, what can these older siblings do anyways?
I wonder how Naruto will get the Konohamaru corps's recognition.
What ever happened to those team 7 guys? Are they still on "grieve leave" over sakura's dad? All that action, murder and travelling, and more murder and traveling back, couldn't have taken only 3 or 4 days. They'll have to do missions sometime or Naruto's gotta kill 'em.
Speaking of teams, what of Hinata's team 8?
Exodia513 chapter 4 . 5/19/2013
Oh my, is Naruto going schism with the cult of Jashin? How is he gonna get himself outta it? Man, retraining him when he's mortal again is going to be b**ch.
You knowwhat i mean. It'll be a day at the beach, getting sand in your shorts is really annoying.
Exodia513 chapter 3 . 5/18/2013
Well, i liked how he seemed to manage to never get caught before now but is he really gonna kill neji? I thought he would have kept neji as a principle protector for hinata within the clan. personally, i would like to see the rest of the konoha 12 or 11 be recruted to Naruto's cause... but i wouldn't mind if we lost Sasuke as a casualty of war (or should i say Oto?). I say let Orochimaru take him and Naruto can kill him later on a mission, out of pit/spite or something.
I'm enjoying the bold Hinata. Mmm. That's some good stuff.
What if he just killed all/most of the bigoted hyuga in that last blood letting and now the "bigot" faction is undermined in the eyes of the younger hyuga? But maybe there are some still alive to be killed later as examples, perhaps?
Hmm, why don't we get some other clans involved? Other nations? More groups and strange opinions of what naruto does beside "support" and "reject"? Que the involvement of Akatsuki? Now through in attempted manipulation and you've got a hot mess brewing!
Exodia513 chapter 2 . 5/18/2013
Damn, i love horror and drama. There's nothing like seeing pure, unadulterated blood lust and murder to make you enjoy being alive. Isn't life such a delicate and precious thing?
Also it's really comforting when you're sad or angry about something (like low grades, a brake up, stuck in traffic, etc.) to think "well, at least i'm not being violently murdered or violated."
Fuwy to everyone who screams because of a horror flick or a little blood! If they can't see the beauty in death and feel honored (or at least happy to be alive), then they merely delude themselves. It doesn't have to be sad or scary but selfishness makes people think so poorly of death.
Can't they understand it? We were born to die!
I mean, why would we die if it wasn't another stage of life to marvel at?
Dynamite on Cure chapter 1 . 5/18/2013
Awesome. I so look forward to seeing how his "precious people" manage to over look their fears enough to love or befriend Naruto. Also i look forward to Dark!Naruto's degeneration into a goody-goody with a conscience again after becoming such a stone-cold killer.
Zexs chapter 11 . 4/19/2013
Please come back
konoitami chapter 2 . 1/29/2013
Oh my god, 'A fist to the ovaries'. I laughed so hard at that.
erching chapter 11 . 8/13/2012
any chance of ever continuing
Ppsh chapter 10 . 12/9/2011
Lol, I love this story. The thing with Kyuubi coming out when he loses his head is pretty funny and cool, and the general gore and butchering of characters tends to be pretty amusing. I have found the last 3-4 chapters a bit duller than it was at the beginning but it's starting to pick up again now that the Chuunin exams have started. There was too much angst before, it got boring.

I was a bit disappointed that Ino died, it could have been entertaining to have Naruto corrupt her. That and it felt a bit anti-climatic the way you got rid of her when you had the whole curiosity backstory thingo before.

I note you've said you don't know when you'll update... well, I'm adding it to alerts anyway. Maybe you will and I'll read the rest again one day.
you fail chapter 11 . 6/19/2011
You fail, you suck, you are a loser, and you need to find a way to make it right

Naw I'm just kidding
GameDemonKing chapter 11 . 4/25/2011
I understand what you mean. I too have been threatned by people that wanted to read my stories. Well I say to them, no way jose.
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