Reviews for The Gift
GRANECLIPSE chapter 33 . 2/1
sencilla y llanamente
Djack chapter 33 . 9/25/2014

Maybe you'll find it amazing that its September 2014 there is still someone reading your stories and becoming a fan!

Iĺl be checking your work in here.

Kudos from brazil!
BlackRevenant chapter 33 . 9/5/2014
And done.

Best part was how so caught up in the bullshit that the girls forgot about the lexicon and the deaging ritual.

Especially when Lucas blatantly flaunting it.

Overall, I didn't enjoy myself, but I am not mad I read it. You earned however many reviews I gave you even if this is an older work. Especially since I realized that I have read your work before.

I was not a fan of this Shinji, but I liked the idea. Alot actually.

So yea. Not on my favorites this goes, but I'll be damned if I dont acknowledge its merits.

Thanks for sharing your vision.

BlackRevenant chapter 32 . 9/5/2014

BlackRevenant chapter 31 . 9/5/2014

BlackRevenant chapter 30 . 9/5/2014

BlackRevenant chapter 29 . 9/5/2014

BlackRevenant chapter 28 . 9/5/2014

BlackRevenant chapter 27 . 9/5/2014
Man fuck all these random extra women and shit.

ESPECIALLY when the Rei-Coven numbers 24 individuals.

Cause of these new and entirely unwanted chicks the ones I wanna see get pushed to the wayside. You cant have a plot or semblance of plot with actual drama and a massive fucking harem too.


6 more and I'm done.

BlackRevenant chapter 26 . 9/5/2014

Just... disappointment after disappointment.

I hate it when I find awesomeness personified and the story just starts pissing me off cause thet decide to gloss over stuff I want to see, or write the crap I'd prefer glossed over.

Thank you for not showing me any of that Maya shit, but I wished you'd have flushed that shit long ago.

Bleh. Few more chapters I cam stick it out.

I think.

BlackRevenant chapter 22 . 9/4/2014
Go Mari!

So so on the amulet. Has its benefits sure but I don't think "Alpha Male" suits Shinji really.


BlackRevenant chapter 21 . 9/4/2014

I hate you so much for glossing over fhaf Misato loving.

Hate you more cause Fourteen showed up only to get blown away by the damn date.

Hate you MORESO cause goddamn Maya.

And then your a sick fuck for the Almighty Bastard sending down some twisted mockery of Yui (she isnt actually Yui I know that) to aid Gendo and shit.

Goddammit I have such a love hate relationship with your work.

BlackRevenant chapter 20 . 9/4/2014
Head Bastard backed by Almighty Bastard might be a little scary. Ok alot scary.

Love the little philosophical tidbits thrown in here and there. Like how Order and Chaos as forces are neither good nor evil. It is the people/things done in their name that is tainted by such.

Waiting for the day Shinji and Urd stop dancing around and take the plunge.

Also wanna see Misato again.

And Fourteen for the first time.

BlackRevenant chapter 19 . 9/4/2014

I ammof two minds about Skuld. But I know she'll most likely punish herself for her own deeds soon.

You cant come up against a force like Belldandy and not want to beat yourself silly for even taking an action that would need her to forgive you for anyway.

Fuck. More Eva centric means Maya... dammit.

BlackRevenant chapter 18 . 9/4/2014
Here is hoping Skuld gets caught up in the Shinji-Mojo.

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