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iOS 8 iPad chapter 3 . 1/18/2015
I love it
SamWinchesterfangirl chapter 11 . 10/16/2012
Well Sammy's getting better and the b*stard that killed his wife an child not only got the sh*t beaten out of him but he's also gonna go to jail for murder, ahh justice. :)
SamWinchesterfangirl chapter 10 . 10/16/2012
Ahh thank God! Richie to the rescue. I mean it's sad that he died but he saved at least 4 other people with that act. Rest in Peace Miranda and Richie.

As for her husband I think some repercussions for what he did would be good, though Sammy at Bobby's house also good
SamWinchesterfangirl chapter 9 . 10/16/2012
Ummm...I hate to be a party-pooper but what happened to Richie? Since he's most likely dead too.
SamWinchesterfangirl chapter 8 . 10/16/2012
Damnit Miranda you b*tch can't you see that this was what Bobby was tryin to prevent from having to happen in the first place, if you would have just let Bobby take care of Sam then he might not have ever ended up in the hospital!
SamWinchesterfangirl chapter 7 . 10/16/2012
*sadly* * sitting next to Dean and hugging him one armed* poor kid. You do know the despite how bad what the doctor said sounds, Sam's a fighter, he's not going to give up as long as he still has you. No matter how bad it gets he won't give up, he won't let any injury or ilness do him in because he has you to fight for Dean and because he knows that no matter what happens you'll always be by his side.
SamWinchesterfangirl chapter 6 . 10/15/2012
If that Sam is seriously sick as i think he is then i hope tht spirt b*tch burns! How dare she hurt Sammy and Bobby!
SamWinchesterfangirl chapter 5 . 10/15/2012
*stepping between Bobby and Miranda* look chick I get that you and your son got hurt by one of the lowest pieces of scum on the face of he planet but Bobby here, he's a good guy, he'd never do what your husband did, he only wants to help Sam.
SamWinchesterfangirl chapter 4 . 10/15/2012
*placing herself between Sam, Bobby and Miranda* Miranda, look I get that you are trying to help Sam here but Bobby was ans still is trying to help him, Sam is sick, he doesn't feel well and you fighting Bobby isn't helping the situation any. Bobby's just trying to help Sam feel better, that's why he put him in the cool water was to lower his temperature, Sam's temperature was getting too high and it could have been dangerous to let his temperature stay that high. Miranda, he's not your child, you died, and to me honest probally so did Richie but you aren't helping anyone by hurting Bobby.
SamWinchesterfangirl chapter 3 . 10/15/2012
Actually Miranda, that is not what Bobby wants, at least not from you, his one true love was Karen. Stay away from Bobby and Sam! Damnit don't you get that Bobby is trying to help the kid and you're what's preventing him from helping Sam.
SamWinchesterfangirl chapter 2 . 10/15/2012
How dare you try to hurt Sammy you freaking ghost!
SamWinchesterfangirl chapter 1 . 10/15/2012
Oh damnit! Sammy! Oh shit oh shit oh shit! Ghost bitch, you stay the hell away from him!
Dean'sGal1979 chapter 11 . 9/13/2012
And the bastard finally gets what he deserves... A lifetime in prison. On to story #12!
Dean'sGal1979 chapter 10 . 9/13/2012
Dean'sGal1979 chapter 9 . 9/13/2012
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