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Guest chapter 21 . 8/23
Estoy muy entretenida con esta historia y mas ahora que entramos al climax de la historia, hace un año que no se actualiza pero no pierdo la fe, gracias esta genial.
Evilrelena chapter 21 . 8/17
I'm really glad you've continued the story and really up you still plan to update still because this is honestly my favorite Digimon story! .
Ichi Yagami chapter 21 . 8/8
Perdón qué escriba en español, pero wooooaaahhh, maldicion este es el último capitulo? Que capitulo me ha gustado mas, no puedo elegir por que todos estan justificados de cierto modo, me encanta cuando veo a taichi vulnerable, daisuke enamorado del superior, yamato, yo puede ver a yamato así, quiero respuestas a todas las preguntas, quiero a yamato besando a taichi, quiero saber por que sora y yamato som tan asperos. Me encanta tu taichi yagami y quiero abrazarlo! Sé buena, hace un año que no actualizas. Por cierto es sábado 8:21 pm y encontre esta historia el jueves en la noche y de verdad me costo trabajo dejar de leerla por mucho tiempo.
Starry Serenade chapter 7 . 8/5
tjordan014 chapter 21 . 7/23
Please update! I have so many questions
Guest chapter 21 . 5/23
I hope you continue this story, I've just found it and I love it.
Guest chapter 21 . 5/12
Really great! Really looking forward to the next update!
Angelfish369 chapter 21 . 1/19
I definitely read this the day it was updated, but couldn't leave you a proper review at the time (because it's too hard to type on my phone!), so it took me all this time to do so. On the bright side, I get to read from a few chapters back and re-appreciate the beautiful way you compose paragraphs, and unexpected but perfectly chosen metaphors and analogies.

Now for this chapter - so many things to guess at! Very ominous opening. does it talk about the future somehow? I think Daemon might be making a come-back? or maybe they will throw those mysterious monster into the world of darkness but they will come back stronger, as feared. the lone figure that walks - is that Taichi somewhere down the road? I think even maybe Osamu is actually Taichi. I went back to the chapter where Taichi was stuck in the room with the fire, and the figure he initially saw had wild hair. and the face is just an image. so gennai is conspiring something that will have to sacrifice taichi for the greater good, but taichi will go crazy and evil or something like that? but he won't die. and the fever and burning room all have some association with the new sun which is also the symbol of courage? ahhh I am so bad at guessing games, but that also keeps things every exciting :D

I am reading on one screen and commenting on the side (still wishing for a side comment box for ). Agumon shouldn't eat so much burnt stuff. oh well, human health problems probably won't affect digimon. I am jealous of how much they can eat!

undistorted spot randomly in the ocean...maybe there is some connection to the dark ocean after all? and koushiro really is a great friend. it's sad that despite all his loyalty and always being there and understand taichi, he just doesn't have that unspoken chemistry that yama shares with taichi. point to taichi for ambiguous message asking for help

I love how much even when a character is not talking, but you are writing in third person in their POV, you still talk in their voice. it's funny and sarcastic and individualistic

I really like how all of them in their own way can think calmly and be a voice of reason for one another, but when it comes to their own situations they really lose their heads. something else I picked up is how much fun all their adventures still are. you have a way of retaining the soul of what made digimon so awesome, and here where you write them as being years older, they still haven't lost that magic about them. it's really cool how you do that! what I'm trying to say is, the characters grew up and times have changed, but what made them so special in the first place is still there and hopefully will never be taken away even if life gets harder.

hmm...I wonder if their is some significance to how useless the sovereigns seem to be? what if after all this, we find out gennai is the true enemy? now I'm getting more suspicious of gennai! maybe there was a reason he wanted sora out in the distortion on the search instead of staying behind

yutaka is a true gem. maybe one of the reasons is that yamato would have left if he didn't feel so pressured about also ending the career of his other bandmates, but that was a really brave and selfless act. he is the most carefree person, and he seems to trust yama the most, that if yama has to bail for whatever reason then it is truly a good reason that he cannot share. I have a feeling this might get even worse though! say they do end up going on tour and yama is needed then? I really don't know how I feel about all this. reading yama's scenes stresses me out! he really has worked so hard to make it this far and has been presented an amazing opportunity that might never come by again. and it's the lives of his bandmates too. but he also can't quit being a digidestined because that's the fate of several worlds. can't wait to see how this plays out!

really glad to see yamato and sora talking to each other again and working on getting back to normal, or as normal as they can possibly be again. I liked how yamato reminisced those times back in junior with sora and her tennis skirt, and how he still felt something when sora pleaded for help. this, with other things I said earlier, again show that they have grown up and experienced stuff that people naturally will. it's very real and honest.

I don't know who's right! babamon seems totally crazy, but sometimes the crazy ones are not really. next chapter please! by the way, it's great that in your headcannon you even worked out what character they play in super smash bros. really shows your involvement and devotion to the characters!
CodeEater chapter 1 . 1/1
I over enjoyed this fic. I hope you upload it soon, I must admit I am such a huge fan of Digimon but it's fictions... but you are making me change my mind. This is a very good one. I love, no, I adore your Taichi and Daisuke. I think they have a lot of philosophy time for them. Hahaha. I hope Daisuke come out of the closet because that is the most healthy thing he could do... I hope he tells Taichi, and well maybe he doesn't feel the same way but he'd understand cuz that happened with him and Sora like 3 years ago.
Yamato, is NOT my favorite character and has never been but I really enjoy him here... he has many band and digital world problems, but he really try to solve them and that is what it counts. Regarding Gennai thing, well I must be honest and say I had not trust him since the start of the fic... always with secrets, and hiding stuff. I agree with Yamato. He is hiding something BIG.

Sora, well she has always been a neutral character for me , she cares too much and that's what I like about her but sometimes she is frustrating. I like her friendship with Taichi, I think it's one of these things DA2 didn't kept from season 1 and should have.

And Ken, It's probably obvious by now but I use to hate him in the anime like he did some horrible stuff but your fic and the way you explain his hurt Wow. I feel bad. You made me feel upset about myself. I shouldn't have judge him that way. Everyone commit mistakes. We're all humans.

The way he talked with Daisuke, well I was with tachycardia hehehe. I was REALLY proud. You know for me even when I watched the show I kinda suspected it he was gay but like it's a kids show it's not something you can talk too much, right?! Bullshit. Well. Since Daisuke's birthday and all this "boyfriend" thing and I KNEW he was gay... noone thinks like that of someone without really THINKING IT. You know?!

I'm proud of Daisuke, he's young, he is not always smart and he is sometimes a little irritating. But he's good.

Well. Your fic is great. I hope you upload it.


It's great :D
E chapter 21 . 12/18/2014
If I had to say it would be a bit of both and neither cus its clear no one is going to have the real answer unless they know everything that's going on, Gennai being Vademon's commissioner makes sense but its still leaves the question of why Babamon's minion was already there. something to ponder and things are reaching a boiling point also surrogate indeed.
OrangeBoxFox chapter 21 . 10/22/2014
Man, I can't wait for your next update! Your writing is phenomenal! The story has so many good points to be made and I can only wonder what is going down with Gennai, and Taichi/Yamato. Which, to answer your question I think Yamato might be on the right track here owo! Anywho good job! and thank you for entertaining oodles of my time! 3!
Artic Dragon chapter 1 . 9/3/2014
Loving this story, Taichi is my favourite Character ! hoping for an update soon
Lavenderangel chapter 2 . 8/29/2014
It's so hard to find well written Digimon fic, let alone in progress Digimon fic, that I probably would have loved this regardless. But considering it's Taichi centric, and Koushiro's a main player, you're just pushing all my buttons. Cannot wait to read more!
Tsukuroshi chapter 21 . 8/27/2014
I happened to come by this story by chance from browsing through Tumblr. I have to say, if the news about Digimon Adventures coming back in 2015 hadn't rekindled my childhood love for Digimon, your story sure did.

I love the plot and characterization, how the storyline slowly unfolds only to add more questions and suspense and how the characters struggle with their lives and their duty to the digital world, leading them to learn more about themselves and their relationships with each other (gah, sorry that was a mouthful).

So many things intrigue me about your story so far. (I've actually tried to seriously analyze the poem like an assignment haha). Is Gennai really manipulating them? How is Taichi involved in restoring the digital world/fixing the wall/helping make the new sun despite him being digitalised? Yamato: the band or the team? (numerous more rhetorical questions unnamed, lest I make a whole page)

I've always held a particular love for season 01 and 02 characters and I'm glad how most parts do the characters and the intricacy of the Digimon world justice. The balance between romance and friendship is highly refrshing.

I do hope to see more chapters soon, but no rush :)
annea101 chapter 21 . 8/25/2014
Donuts? How? Honestly both are right. But gennai has always been suspicious if you consider how he found out what he know.
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