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tineryn chapter 23 . 9/4
I know it's been a year and change, but I really hope you come back to this!
Starry Serenade chapter 23 . 8/16
chapter 24; yamatos fucking dead askdkkckdm
headry chapter 23 . 7/15
god I wish I had half your talent
Guest chapter 11 . 3/24
I was enjoying this fic. Then you did something which caused me no small amount of suffering. Twice. Goddamn you and go stab your dick with a rusty ice pick. Fuck you and fuck everything you ever cared about.
Guest chapter 23 . 1/11

I squeal every time I see an update. The story is sogood, the characterizations are sogood, the relationships, the turmoil, the pacing, SOGOODSOGOODSOGOOD, AND to top it all of it emphasizes Taichi, my favorite character. LoveloceLICE this story so much, I always recommend it to people looking for quality Digimon fics. I can’t wait to squeal for the next update, thank you so much for your dedication to this story over all the years, you are truly a master storyteller.
Tanya Takaishi chapter 23 . 9/7/2017
Have I said how much I love your writing? Probably, but its been awhile. I actually have read this chapter 3 times now and just hadn't gotten to read it on a computer where my hands can write a halfway decent review vs. my phone. I am literally so thrilled whenever I see you haven't given up on this story, because it literally is the most beautiful, funny, intense, real and well written piece I think that exists in the fandom. I love it. Your prose and dialogue both are always so easy to follow, but also unique and on point. I feel like I have to read your work the same way I read my favorite novels when I'm struggling writing my own things. Inspiring.

That being said, Taichi and Koushiro (every scene with them) give me life. Their friendship and dynamic in your story is one of my favorite things. The password scene, the giant squidmon thing (lol forgot what it was already), even the little moment in school was gold. That whole digiworld adventure to the island thing though, I feared for Tai's life and also was cracking up while he thought such odd thoughts in the brink of death. At this point almost dying is no longer surprising for him I guess hahaha

Kari's little breakdown at school was great as well. I love how her and Takeru somehow echo their brothers and how lost she is at this moment. So curious about the spore children's roll here.

Every scene with Yamato was heartbreaking. I feel for him the same way I did in season one, when he wrestled with so much guilt and confusion. That line in italics that Tai thought about him (I think - or was that a quote from prior dialogue? I really need to find time to reread to be sure) was a punch to the gut. The tension between Yamato and Sora, both from their failed relationship and the current issues, was so palpable and so sad. And then the ending here. Wow. I just felt everything he felt as the words ran through his mind. And of course when no one can find a trace, he runs smack into Baihumon. I don't know how long I can wait to see how this plays out.

Next time I'll try to review quicker because I'd like to have the time to point out certain words and lines I love. There are so many. Seriously, I hope you plan to write original fiction someday. Please inform us if you do.
crestofknowledge chapter 23 . 8/22/2017
*drags self along floor, desperate for more*


Assuming that Gennai didn't put some sort of program on the jump drive thing that doesn't lock someone out after a certain number of password attempts, can't Koushiro come up with some sort of password generator that loops through each possible combination given X number of characters? C'mon Koushiro, you're a can totally do that. Though they got the password right in the end...

Man, Yamato is having a ROUGH time. Well, everyone is, but I sympathize most with him. Even if he acted in a totally foolish manner with the Babamon situation, he was still the embodiment of his crest...anything for his friends. I guess I'll expound upon this more in the Chapter 22 review; I kinda jumped around here...

...I hope Hikari's lollipop wasn't poisoned or something...

I also just do not agree with or understand the Chosens' empathy toward the spore children. They're a bunch of assholes from the sound of it and maybe I'm just a cold-hearted jerk myself but geez... It's also partially due to the fact that I just do not care about them from a character perspective. Them and Iori; I dislike him in general as well.

The first half of this chapter was incredibly tense and uncomfortable. The tension is palpable, actually, and very frustrating, since no one is acting in a rational manner. Your dedication to that irrationality is impressive, by the way; impressive and maddening, so kudos to you. I've got mental blue balls right now waiting for the tension and madness to ease and you're doing a very good job of not letting up. This extends to Baihumon as well- he is unrelentingly merciless and lacks any semblance of empathy. I keep waiting for him to waiver but no...he's a stubborn muthafucka and he means business.

The second half of the chapter was also maddening, mostly because Taichi acted so stupidly in the boat...WHY GO INTO THE WATER AFTER THE OAR? Just paddle with one you dimwit! Look at what happened! JUST LIKE IN HARRY POTTER, who also touched the water and that ended just as poorly. I want to reach through the pages and strangle people when they do such idiotic things. Speaking of, this fic is very Harry Potter-esque (I think I mentioned this years ago); not in a knockoff or wannabe way, just in the sense that it's incredibly well-written and really invokes an air of wonder and mystery.

I may have to kind of take back what I said above; the cracks in Yamato's armor are blatant in the end scene. He's still REALLY good at hiding them around others though, hence my earlier frustration.

Masterpiece. This is a masterpiece. Thank you for continuing to write over the years, though I again selfishly hope that it's updated more than once a year! I know you're busy though, so I appreciate any and all updates to this!
crestofknowledge chapter 20 . 8/18/2017
It makes me SO SO SO happy to see you updating this fic! It's been a long time since I've read it so I'm currently in the reread process, hence why I'm back in chapter 16. I've been off in the Zelda world for a while and reading this has me remembering why Digimon will always reign supreme in my eyes. I also always get weirdly sad when I come on here and see stories abandoned with the author citing having grown up/gotten a life as their reason for the perma-hiatus. Hello people - growing up/having a life is NOT mutually exclusive with writing awesome fics. I also appreciate that someone closer to me in age is writing. Not that I don't appreciate the younger kids' writing, but I'm no longer 14 and no longer have a whole lot in common with said 14-year-olds (NO OFFENSE KIDDOS; keep writing please). ANYWAY. This is great; thank you times a million. This is still my favorite story on all of this site.

Also, if you don't update past chapter 23 soon I will LITERALLY die. Like...literally. Do you want to bear that responsibility? No, I didn't think so. So please please PLEASE plzzzzz don't make me wait another year. Does that sound like extortion? I think that came out way more demanding and threatening than I meant it to be.

I'll hopefully be reviewing chapter by chapter after this; I obviously need to go back and reread for the third of fourth time since you have single-handedly brought me back into the Digimon realm. But I figure this is as good a place to start as any...

First of all let me say that you've done an incredible job of characterization and character development here. One of my criticisms early on was that everyone seemed too similar...I love the snappy, nerdy, witty dialogue but for a while it seemed a little out of character and too high-level for Daisuke especially, though the other option -if we're being black and white here- of having him be some bumbling oaf usually makes me stop reading a story with said version of Daisuke present. Regardless, who he is now is great and it's clear how much work you've done to really build these characters and their unique relationships with each other, especially Daisuke/Ken and Yamato/Taichi.

I really enjoy how you write the day-to-day, real-world scenes like the ones that make up this chapter. It's clear how close the Chosen are and how much they value their friendships and you're able to do so without shoving it in the reader's face...showing, not telling is an apt description. The last scene with Daisuke and Ken was heartwarming (I'd figured Daisuke was gay but am still trying to figure out what Taichi's sexual proclivities are) and really highlights the strength of their friendship and the traits they value in each other. I have also been Mimi in that Jou/Mimi scene and pretty sure I have lived that exact scene myself...too relatable and it brings back some seriously awkward memories for me. I feel for you, Mimi!

I also appreciate the Japanese references. I know you live (lived?) in Japan so you're able to provide realistic references whereas I'd just be all "TOKYO! HARAJUKU! KIT KATS! KAWAII! BISHOUNEN" even though I don't even know what bishounen means.
Berry Doyle chapter 23 . 8/12/2017
Yeah, that was gloomy. But I can see how necessary it was.
Requiem17 chapter 23 . 8/10/2017
I've always enjoyed and wanted non traditional battle scenes, so the Taichi and an oar vs. giant squid I thoroughly loved. I also had a great time with the dialogue between Taichi and Kou at the beginning, especially the Paku-paku, hilarious, and the Moldova line at the end made me laugh aloud. Great job as usual! But I enjoyed this chapter more than most! Maybe because it was so centered on Taichi
Benedick Prospero chapter 23 . 8/6/2017
Gah I'm so happy this story updated again! The obvious place to start is I kind of love how you've kind of ever so slyly made Taichi and Koushiro this domesticated couple. While yes you could read it as just close friends they're totally more than that (even if they don't realize it yet). It's lovely. I also really enjoyed how you gave us a look at how having to constantly play peacemaker and team mom is wearing on Sora. It's like that song "I'm only human" especially without Biyomon there to be her rock Sora is really teetering on the edge and it's rough to see. Then there's Yamato who is being pretty typical Yamato, but this time without Gabumon there by his side gently nudging him to get out of his shell and make peace. Ugh these kids are hopeless without their partners. Going sort of out of order, but let's talk about the crown prince of hardheadedness Yagami Taichi. This kid is going to give his poor boyfriend Koushiro a heart attack one of these days. Buddy please get your head on straight and realize that your existential crisis about winking out, which leads to doing incredibly dumb things has an effect on others. And last but certainly not least let's talk about the two most frustrating people in this chapter: Takeru and Hikari. We all know how much you love your precious big brothers, but that doesn't mean you should be them! You two were supposed to be the example they aspire to, not get dragged down with them! Ugh you two need each other's comfort in this moment because more than anyone you might be the most attached to your partners! This isn't even your fight! You two are completely fine with each other so why fight a proxy war on your dense brothers' behalf. Once again this is where the partners would intervene Patamon would guilt the hell out of Takeru with his innocent nature and big blue eyes while Gastonia would get Hikari out of her own damn head. UGH! All of these kids better get back with their partners ASAP because they need to get their heads screwed back on straight! This truly is Sougo level sadism what you're putting these kids through!
Angelfish369 chapter 23 . 8/3/2017
I realized the only way to review your story properly is to write down my reactions as I come across them, so here you go:

Taichi telling Koushirou to shower and eat and not to feel bad if it doesn’t work. He knows how Koushirou can get and wants to let him know his appreciation as nonchalantly as possible. And that absolute trust in Koushirou – this really embodies their relationship as far as Taichi’s feelings.

Koushirou using Tentomon’s phantom to hear words of encouragement and care

Oh the winking out at school scene! Taichi not being able to stand dying know that he couldn’t save Agumon, and Koushirou’s resolve to fix everyone’s problems. It’s so hard to be Koushirou with everyone always depending on him. Let’s face it – everyone on the team matters but without Koushirou they would for sure get nowhere

Taichi struggling to support Koushirou who is so determined but doing it out of willpower more than anything, and his confusion over Yamato – just needing and missing him but their silence has stretched past the point of maybe never recovering

Miyako seeking out Taichi constantly for reassurance is interesting, because we hardly ever see them interact in canon. But it’s nice that Miyako finds him inspiring and convincing enough that she goes to him, whether he believes his own words or not

Mimi having to leave two days after that trauma is heartbreaking, because it must be so hard! Nice of most of the Chosen to show up and see her off though

Koushirou still lacks self-confidence – despite being the only one who can do anything at this point, he still needs Taichi to bring the meeting to order, as though he didn’t think the others would listen and take him seriously unless Taichi backed it up

Taichi and Yamato’s fight bringing tension between Takeru and Hikari…damn it make up already!

It’s so tough to see the group checked out like that. Guess it can’t be helped with how lousy everyone feels and how it’s just dragging on with no resolution. And then Taichi and Koushirou somehow feels that are the ones at fault for not being able to appease the group.

Yay for Koushirou’s weak hope! It seemed to have ignited a little fire in Taichi. I feel that as much as Taichi wanted to get Agumon back, at this point it is more about lifting the spirits of the group than anything. Except…how much school are they allowed to skip as minors?

I am so sad for Yamato being all alone and having no one! And he has reason to probably be the saddest of them all to start with, and then having no support because he doesn’t know what will happen if he does show up to a meeting. The others might have lost hope but having each other can somewhat keep that hope alive. But Yama doesn’t have that. Bless Sora for repeatedly trying despite hurting herself in the process

Ah Hikari’s guilt…but if she didn’t mysteriously dispel that spore creature in Asakusa, she would be dead right now. This Shin Jaewan character is intriguing and it will be fun to find out if he has an agenda.

Despite how much despair there is in this chapter, I still thorough enjoyed Taichi and Koushirou’s antics. As with previous chapters, Taichi just gets more sarcastic in near-death situations. It’s concerning but I am rather humoured by it

...and that's it! I am sooooo happy you persevered and finished off this chapter! I love it and need these kids to work things out and cheer up again ('s also fun to torture them some muahahaha!)
teengens chapter 23 . 8/2/2017
AWWWWWW YESSSSSSSS AN UPDATE! AND AN EXCELLENT ONE AT THAT. So glad you're still going with this fic and I can't wait for the next chapter!
nikanaka chapter 23 . 8/1/2017
This feels like the beginning of a new season haha your story is on my top 5 btw, loved it. And It's hard to find a good good fanfic like this.
Please, please update it ASAP
:) !
singwithin chapter 23 . 8/1/2017
So happy you're still updating this! Dyingggg to find out the mystery behind Tai's disappearing acts and more about the spore kids.
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